Photos are big files and a few hundred photos can eat through your 5GB of free iCloud Storage fast. If we turn off Photo Library in iCloud Backup and use My Photo Stream to back them up instead, boom! The limitation of My Photo Stream is that photos only stay up there for 30 days, but if your iPhone is on any Wi-Fi network, home or abroad, your computer will automatically download all your photos as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi too. In my opinion, your photos and videos are safer stored on your own computer (using My Photo Stream) than on iCloud Drive, as long as your computer is backed up too. If you cannot rotate your phone from your score cards to reveal your graphs, your screen orientation on your iPhone is probably locked. Once you have added some innings, your results will be displayed in MY STATS on your SCORE CARD.
Click the graph icons in the top right hand corner to see your statistics displayed in other graphs. To keep the cricket stats you input into My Cricket Average safe, we recomend you turn on your iCloud in your iPhone settings.
Your cricket stats will then be retrievable in the event that you break, loose or upgrade your iPhone.
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Wie bei Mac-Rechnern so ist auch bei iPhones und iPads der Wiederverkaufswert im Vergleich zu Konkurrenz-Produkten relativ hoch.
Zuerst sollte man naturlich eine Sicherung aller Daten erstellen, die auf dem jeweiligen iOS-Gerat gespeichert sind. Beim einfachen Wiederherstellen des iOS-Gerates mit iTunes werden die auf dem Gerat gespeicherten Daten zwar offensichtlich geloscht, konnen aber mit spezieller Software rekonstruiert werden.
Wie kann man iPhone vor dem Verkauf grundlich leeren und Menge der wichtigen Daten sichern?
Gerade heute habe ich mein iphone uber ebay versteigert fur 420€ und gerade bereite ich es fur den verkauf vor und lese diese naricht :)) ist das schicksal oder zufall ??
Note: If you need specific details on how to retrieve your WhatsApp messages from your iPhone, you should use the instructions provided by this guide. We are often asked by our customers what’s the best way to view and extract files from specific app like WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, Skype or Safari.
On the left side, you will see a list of all the applications that have been backed up in your iTunes or iCloud backup. All files are extracted in the format found in the iOS applications and therefore, sometimes these files are not readable to the regular user.

If you are one of the one billion active users on WhatsApp, you might want to know how to extract data from the WhatsApp application. Below you can see a screenshot of the recent searches PList file extracted with the iPhone Backup Extractor. How to recover an iPhone Restrictions Passcode from an iTunes backup in a couple of easy steps! Have you noticed that the Apple iOS software update service on iTunes has been rather unreliable today?
My Photo Stream uploads your photos to iCloud so they’re automatically downloaded on devices with My Photo Stream turned on.
If you turn on My Photo Stream on your Mac or PC (yes, Apple makes My Photo Stream for PC too), your pictures will automatically download to your computer when your iPhone and iPad are connected to Wi-Fi.
You’ll never have to pay for iCloud Storage again, but you will have to plug your iPhone into your computer every once in a while to back up your videos. I am passionate about helping people to grow personally and professionally using the power of technology. Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics. We are currently working on a project regarding language and cognition relevant to spatial relationships.
Backing up your cricket stats using iCloud Backup will also enable you to access you stats on other iOS devices.
Dementsprechend kann es sich rechnen, sein derzeitiges iDevice zu verkaufen und dieses Geld in den Kauf der neuesten Gerate-Generation zu investieren – doch vorher sollte man noch einige Schritte durchgehen, beispielsweise das iPhone loschen. Ist beispielsweise nur die Ruckseite stark defekt oder gar gebrochen, kann es sich rentieren, ein Ersatzteil zu kaufen und selbst auszutauschen. Ihr konnt auf dem Gerat loschen, was ihr wollt, es bleibt dennoch unter eurer id bei Apple registriert. If you already have one, go ahead and download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor for Windows or Mac. Selectively browse through them and choose the one from which you want to extract files and click on the Extract link corresponding to files, images, PLists or databases.
They are often presented in .PList files formats and you can view them by using the PList viewer feature from the iPhone Backup Extractor. Simply select the application from the left side and then choose to extract your images, all files, PList files or all databases. You will be asked where do you want to save your photos, choose the path, and the iPhone Backup Extractor will recover all the photos from WhatsApp.

If you want to recover your Safari history or check the recent searches you have done on Google, here's how to do this and more.
You could spend a zillion years uploading all those videos to iCloud Drive over Wi-Fi (upload speeds are typically much slower than download speeds), or you can quickly transfer them to your computer with your USB cable and be done with it. On the next page, I’ll show you exactly how to fix iCloud if your storage is full so you never have to pay for iCloud again.
Glucklicherweise lasst sich die Ruckseite sehr einfach durch Entfernen der zwei Schrauben an der iPhone-Unterseite austauschen. Habe nun 15 Gerate aus meinem Support Profile entfernt, manche davon sind schon lange verkauft und wahrscheinlich nur noch Elektroschrott. We have been able to recreate most of the scenes we use with our own original photography, however, there are some that are particularly difficult to capture in real life.
Accordingly, if you are the creator and own the copyrights to this photograph, we are writing to ask if you would allow us to freely alter and use your photograph in our research studies and potential scientific presentations and publications of our research without attribution. Please let us know if you would be willing to let us use your photograph in our research without attribution. Es ist ein grosser Unterschied, ob man Nachrichten an eine Nummer oder eine AppleID schickt, beide sind aber auf einem iPhone verknupft.
We do not have the funding available to personally compensate you for use of your image, but we would be most grateful for your contribution to our research and to an improved understanding of spatial language and cognition more generally. Or if you are not the original author nor own rights to the photograph, if you could direct us to the person who does, we would be very grateful. Der Inhaber der Apple id hat dafur zu sorgen, dass seine Gerateliste OK ist; derjenige der verkauft als auch derjenige der es kauft. Please let us know If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like more information on the research we are conducting. Das Horrorszenario ist ja, an mich gerichtete Nachrichten bekommt jemand anderes und derjenige ist bestenfalls nur genervt vom standigen iliebedu der Ex. Es konnten aber auch Geschaftsdaten sein.Und ehe ich es vergesse: Auf dem Rechner gesicherte und !verschlusselte!

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