When Western Digital (WD) released the My Passport Wireless back in the latter half of 2014 it attracted the attention of creatives, specifically photographers.
Unfortunately for these users, the My Passport Wireless had not been designed with heavy-duty workloads in mind. The My Passport Wireless Pro also boosts battery life up to 10 hours, a welcome improvement over the previous model. The My Passport Wireless Pro weighs in at roughly a pound, while measuring 5 x 5 x 1 inches. In related news, WD also announced the new My Cloud Pro Series of network-attached storage (NAS) drive. ThinkComputers Podcast #60 – WD My Cloud NAS, The Last WC101 Article, NVIDIA Pascal News & More! ThinkComputers Podcast #59 – Corsair Carbide 400C, GTC 2016, HTC Vive in Stores & More!
ThinkComputers Podcast #58 – Intel Compute Stick, Best Scratch Build of the Year, VR Virtual Desktop & More! Once you have your WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra all configured you will be brought to the administration panel.
Now that you have your NAS all configured and setup you can easily drag and drop files into the folders you created, but what about automatic backups and folder syncing? First we will talk about the WD SmartWare application, which is currently only available for Windows. The software makes backing up very easy as it organizes the files on your PC into groups and you can backup those groups. When you hover over the SmartWare icon in your system tray it will give you a quick look at what is going on with your WD devices.

WD Sync is an application that allows you to keep your files synced across multiple computers. The charming Western Digital 500GB My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive will save your PC or laptop's internal hard drive from bursting at the seams.
It might only be 15mm thick, but unlike other external hard drives, this one's ultra safe and dextrous.
Without the need for bulky external power adaptors, the WD My Passport Essential is conveniently USB-powered, making it ideal to take with you on your journeys. With this nifty device, you can hold up to 100000 digital photos, 120000 mp3 songs, 12000 uncompressed CD-quality songs, 40 hours of Digital Video (DV), 200 hours of DVD quality video, or 70 hours of HD video. Having the ability to back-up images from an SD card to a battery powered drive, while still being able to access the images via Wi-Fi (a portable server) seemed like a dream come true. The SD card backup process is torturously slow, and the built-in Wi-Fi app does not support viewing of RAW file formats that advanced photographers need. But another perfect improvement – and an ingenious upgrade – is the addition of a power bank to charge a phone or tablet off the My Passport Wireless Pro’s battery – essentially turning the unit into a 3-in-1 device capable of charging, backup, and streaming. This means that with compatible cameras that support wireless FTP transfers, you can do more than just look at images on the hard drive from your phone – you can actually connect the drive to the camera and save images from the camera directly to the drive wirelessly.
In other words, the unit is still small and easily fits into bags or coats with a spare pocket.
Like the My Passport Wireless Pro, the My Cloud Pro is part of the WD Pro series and it’s also designed with creatives in mind, but NAS drives are meant to stay put in a home or office, of course.
What's more, the WD My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive is pre-loaded with SmartWare backup software, and to fire it up, all you do is plug it straight into your computer's USB port.
Put some power in your pocket and store all your precious photos, music and videos onto its whopping 500 GB hard disk.

Give your computer's hard drive a break with the top-notch Western Digital My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive. Easily fits in a pocket, laptop bag, or backpack; One of the smallest portable hard drives on the market today.
To that end, those with less demanding needs were able to get good use out of the product, but by and large, creatives and photographers were left something more to be desired. Yes, that’s right, the My Passport Wireless Pro can function as a media server or wireless hotspot. Suitable for all kinds of PCs, and with the option to re-format if you have a Mac, the Western Digital 500GB My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive is ultra flexible. The My Passport Wireless Pro will come in 2TB and 3TB variants, with suggested retail prices of $230 and $250, respectively. Connect a camera, USB drive, or even the My Passport Wireless Pro to it, and it’ll automatically back up the content from the attached devices with one push of a button. WD will also continue to sell the original to less-demanding users who want a more affordable solution. The drive is also smart enough to know what files have already been backed up, saving you the trouble of dealing with duplicates.

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