1.Backup contact information to the program and check out anytime without connecting to the device.
2.Restore all contacts data in a minute from the backup file in case of phone break down or data corruption.
4.Export contacts to CSV or vCard file which can be directly transferred to other address books like Google Contacts, Yahoo Address Outlook, Windows Address Books and etc to enrich your contacts collection. 7.You are free to delete any contact information item and get sync on your iPhone immediately. 8.Sort your contacts list by standards like Last Name or Mobile Phone Number or other categories. 9.English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese interface languages are optional.
Question 1: I want to get some straight answer about how to fully backup my Samsung Galaxy S4’s data and apps to my computer.
Solution: MobileGo for Android provides an easy solution to backup your contacts, sms, music, photos, videos, apps, and calendars to computer. Select the Galaxy S4 items that need to be backed up on computer, such as contacts, photos, videos, music, apps, etc.
A file browser window will appear, select the content that you want to backup, define a location to save data, and then click “Back Up” button, the MobileGo for Android will start to backup all selected content as required. Transferring contact information from an old phone to a new one can be a huge inconvenience, so it’s nice to see that Verizon has an easy service to handle this for you. Once connected to PC, this iPhone Transferring application can instantly recognize your iPhone and show all its information, including type, capacity, version and serial number. The Refresh function can help you make sure that the iPhone files are always consistent with PC ones.

This function allows you to define what kind of iPhone files should be shown or not, which makes iPod to PC Transfer more convenient and user-friendly. You can easily export various files by different types and put them in different output folders. When you connecting multiple Apple devices to PC, This iPhone to PC Transfer allows you to decide which Apple device should be connected to PC. Well there is a no need to worry about and the good news is that there is a chance to back up your locked iPhone data from the locked iPhone.
After completing the installation process, launch the program and connect your iPhone to the computer. The software will automatically begin scanning your iPhone when you gave successfully entered the scanning mode. When the scanning process completes, all data found by the software on your iPhone will be displayed according to the categories.
There you will find the data that is existing on your iPhone and those deleted from your iPhone recently.
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Is there any way to backup all my data including contacts, pictures, sms, calendars and apps to my Mac? To be exciting, the smart program lets you export contacts to PC or Mac with ease, and you can edit the contacts names, phones numbers, emails, and notes.
After that, connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your computer with USB cable, the mobile phone will be detected by the software. It is completely new and completely new Mac OS with the flat new design to unify the look of Apple’s devices.

How to transfer, backup and copy Music, Playlists, Video, Photos, Voice meno, Contacts, Messages, etc. All info of your device will be listed, including device info, device data info such as music, playlist, video, photos, etc. Considering the pre-order sellouts and pent up demand and for the Verizon iPhone, I imagine this app will get a ton of use. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! With the backup Contacts file, you can always find the contact information of your friends and families. First of all you need to find a tool which allows you to recover data from the locked iPhone. You can preview them one by one and click “Recover” in order to save them all on your computer with one click. Then, you can turn on the button on the top to “Only display the deleted items” when you want to separate them. It may generate a back up automatically once you enabled the backup function on your iPhone. How to use MPT, Install & Uninstall MPT software, Sitemap, License, Privacy, Terms of service, Contact us. The app looks extremely easy to use, just backup your old phone to their cloud, then put your phone number into the Contact Transfer app to pull all contacts phone numbers and email addresses to your new iPhone.

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