Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members. Who had the courage to interrupt Donald Trump’s fear-filled acceptance speech with an alternative message, a positive voice of hope?  Medea Benjamin, co-founder and leader of Code Pink, rose non-violently from her seat and unfurled a banner with the message – BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS, the perfect antidote to the Trump campaign’s incessant words of hatred and exclusion.
Women Against War is a local affiliate of Code Pink, so we’ve felt particular pride in watching Medea and others from Code Pink who responded to the invitation, “Want to create beautiful trouble and make your voice heard? The day before the Republican convention began, Code Pink joined other groups in a protest march, wearing wonderful Lady Liberty costumes, a reminder that the Statue of Liberty is an important symbol of the US welcoming immigrants, including many of our families in the past. C-SPAN captured the scene when Code Pink activist Jodi Evans rose on the convention floor with the banner: NO RACISM, NO HATE. On the first day of the RNC, Code Pink activist Alli McCracken unfurled a REFUGEES WELCOME banner.
Code Pink was a powerful voice for a peaceful US global policy at the Republican convention last week and this week is joining with other social justice organizations in a series of protests planned at the Democratic convention. First you confuse refugees with people who are citizens of the country where terrorist acts have been committed. Second, you jump to conclusions when we still don’t know anything about the second man who took hostages and killed and injured two people.
Several French media reported that one of the knifemen was a local man who had spent a year in jail on his return from Turkey after being intercepted trying to travel to Syria, but had been freed on bail with an electronic tag pending trial for alleged terrorism offences.
Investigators are examining whether one of the attackers was Adel Kermiche, French authorities said, a young man who was under court order to wear an electronic bracelet for trying to travel to Syria.

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