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Low risk in project: No installation or customizing for the data source and the data destination required. Layer2 XML Data Provider included: You can connect Microsoft Access to XML-based files and web requests, and filter results using the XPath query language.
Layer2 RSS Data Provider included: You can simply pull or aggregate RSS news feeds into Microsoft Access databases. Layer2 Exchange Data Provider included: You can sync Microsoft Access data like contacts, tasks, calendar events, notes, and email bi-directionally with Microsoft Exchange using Exchange Web Services (EWS). Layer2 SOAP Web Services Provider included: Connect Microsoft Access to SOAP-based web services codeless with flexible parameters. Data type conversion included: Sync Access data with SharePoint links, lookups, managed metadata, and more with advanced options. Process integration: Raise change notifications and start workflows in the cloud, triggered on external data changes.
Flexible logging and alerts: You can log to files, databases, and Windows Event Log via NLOG. Free Shareware Edition: You can test the free Shareware Edition as long as you want or you can use in production with limited features. Flexible, cost-effective licensing: Personal or Professional Edition, depending on requirements. Content 3 Text?In the Layer2 Cloud Connector the data source or destination entity must be configured as follows to connect to Microsoft Office Access.
Content 4 Text?We have found the following issues and workarounds for Microsoft Access data integration:In many cases a local account is used for the Cloud Connector Windows Service with no access to attached file shares.
You can use Access SQL to query, but only syntax that is supported by the Microsoft data provider.
Access databases are the most easy way to sync data from SharePoint lists or cloud-based sources to your local environment one-way for backup, compliance reasons or any further processing. We have been using the SharePoint Business Data List Connector for several months now, and we really like it so much that we want to stick with Layer2 products.
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Right Content 1 Text??With the free Shareware Edition you can manage a limited number of items per connection. Please contact [email protected] in case you want to order directly via Layer2 based on quote, invoice and bank transfer to Germany. Sign Up for Layer2 Product NewsletterWe keep you up-to-date about new Layer2 product releases, added features and fixed issues.
Consumer cloud storage services can be accessed like any other service on your computer, with the only difference that these services are accessed over the internet.

Online storage: This method is used for conspiring and sharing files, documents or data with other authorized users and for accessing the same from anywhere. Online sync: Consumer cloud storage services allow you to sync all your media files across different devices. Online notes: The main players of online notes are Evernote and Workflowy, which allow you to keep notes and organize your to-do list online.
Jibe your favorite music using the cloud: This is a major use because there are quite a lot of music lovers out there who enjoy digital music exceptionally.
Share and access files: With consumer cloud storage, you get to share your files with anyone you wish and access all your stored files from anywhere and on any device.
Instant backup: Those of you who love clicking pictures with your smartphone would often end up having large number of photos in your smartphone memory, which you would not want to lose or delete. Manage document versions easily: Any file you create will have to encounter changes or updates sooner or later. Collude with your fellow workers easily: If you are working on an important project with your offshore team, or if you are a student working with a team on a school project, you will have to share data or files of different types more frequently. Secure your files using encryption: Consumer cloud storage allows you to encrypt all your files before you actually transfer them to the cloud.
Now that you've created a file with the DSN for your SQL Azure database, you're ready to link an Access database to tables in your Azure database. Just install the connector on a computer in your network, in the cloud, or even your laptop. Disconnected systems: A connection is only required for data sync– not for list or library usage. Please note that this provider is also included as sample source code to build your own provider. Start a specific connection sync scheduled in background (Windows Service) or on demand (e.g. Licensing per installation (no user CALs, not bound to any connected system, just a one-time fee - no data volume-related costs).
You can change, if required to access Access databases not only locally, but also on file shares. Looks like there are issues in some Microsoft data provider versions leading to errors on insert.
The cost associated with using a consumer cloud storage service depends on the amount of storage space you would require, which in turn depends on the amount of data you need to store on the cloud. These services offer an effortless and hassle-free method to store, sync, access and share all your files and data.
These changes and updates become especially important if the file is for professional purpose and only you will understand the importance of the changes made. This is to make sure that your files are secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

The latest version is Microsoft SQL Server 2016, though Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or 2012 can also work. Most providers offer pricing packages that charge you only for the amount of storage space you need, the lower the amount of space your use, the lesser will be your monthly fee. Most of you would want to protect your most favorite tracks and albums for years to come and in such cases, consumer cloud storage would server you best. You can simply add links to those files you wish to share and by doing this; you can make a spectacle of your photos, documents, videos, and much more. By doing this, all the photos you take will automatically and instantly be sent to the device of your choice. With consumer cloud storage service, you can easily and quickly share the files to your fellow workers, set permissions, or provide authorization to all your team members to make changes on the stored files. In both cases please make sure that the database can be accessed from current user context.
The amount of consumer content stored on the cloud was 7 percent in 2011 and this percentage is expected to reach 36 percent by 2016. Consumer cloud storage can be accessed easily and you can use it to share your files with other people and access or fetch back those files on various devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. It is merely impossible to share these files through email, as these are files of large sizes and most email providers allow only specified sizes of file attachments.
The application runs where your data resides today - on a server or client inside your corporate network. Select source and target folders, make use of additional no-delete, no-insert, no-update options. The user context is the currently logged in user (in case of the Layer2 Cloud Connector Connection Manager is used) or the service account (in case of scheduled background updates). While your laptop, smartphone, or MP3 player allows you to store only a specific amount of music files, cloud storage allows you to store unlimited media files, of course with a reasonable monthly or annual fee.
However, consumer cloud storage makes it easier to manage the different versions of your files or documents. But, with advancements in technology, consumers started using multiple connected devices, most of which contain built-in cameras.
The version control feature offered by most cloud storage providers enable you to manage all the changes made to your files easily and updates them instantly on the cloud.

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