Apple CEO Tim Cook announced some of the new measures on Friday, in an interview for the Wall Street Journal, and said that they would be enforced in two weeks. At the beginning of the month, signing into iCloud from a new device could be done without the owner receiving any notification.
However, the new standards have been implemented, at least partially at the moment, and a notification is delivered when the service is accessed from web browsers. In our case, it took about ten minutes to receive the alert, which informed that our Apple ID was used to sign into iCloud.
If the action occurred without your consent, the advice is to reset the password for the account. Hacking the celebrity accounts was an event that drove Apple towards adopting a better security policy for its users, and also made users come up with jokes about iCloud; you can have a few laughs by checking them out. Are our iCloud files at risk of being hacked even after they were deleted on our Apple device?
A series of high-profile stars including Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kate Upton and Ariana Grande have fallen victim to one of the biggest celebrity privacy breaches in history, resulting in photographs and videos apparently showing them in the nude being widely circulated on the internet. If there weren't such tragic events leading up to the unprecedented court case involving Apple, the FBI and DOJ, the whole San Bernardino iPhone government access affair might look like a complete comedy of errors at this point. The iPhone 5c in question that was actually purchased by the San Bernardino Department of Health was, like many Apple devices, linked to an iCloud account belonging to the shooter. Unfortunately, according to federal officials, a San Bernardino county IT worker performed a password reset on the Apple account just hours into the investigation and thus blew any opportunity for forcing an auto-backup of the iPhone's existing data to iCloud. So the FBI is apparently now trying to pin the situation on a lowly county IT worker, adding insult to injury, rather than admitting the blunder that potentially necessitated them trying to strong-arm Apple into breaking the iPhone's password failed attempt lockout mechanism. When editors at a technology website can't figure out how to set up a basic feature, you know something is wrong.

This is plenty of time for an attacker to make changes to the account that could lead to hijacking it.
The San Bernardino gunman's locked iPhone could indeed reveal information as to whether or not they acted alone or were supported by others. Unfortunately, the gunman, Syed Farook either intentionally or unintentionally didn't have the phone set to synch to iCloud for at least 6 weeks before the shooting on December 2, 2015. I'm a big proponent of users taking on more technology responsibility, not being subject to the whims of the IT priesthood. And it could offer a wealth of information beyond that, that could possibly even save lives some day in the future. But when you become shadow IT or a consumerization user, you're taking on a higher burden.Yet many people fail to do that. This amount of time exceeds iCloud’s Photo Stream facility, which keeps images for a maximum of 30 days before they are deleted. However, the slippery slope of legal precedent that will be set, if Apple ever does give in to the U.S. All they had to do was power up the device, connect it to a known WiFi network (presumably the San Bernardino Dept. However, when photos that have been uploaded to iCloud are deleted from a phone, they are not necessarily deleted from the online storage. Magistrate Judge's court order to unlock the iPhone 5c that has caused such a stir, literally has the country divided on what the true right legal and moral course of action should be. This iPhone has caused such a commotion that somewhat comical offers and color commentary from eccentric "Cybersecurity Legend" John McAfee and the Republican candidate for president with no shortage of opinion, Donald Trump, have weighed in on the affair.
But when you upgrade to iOS, chances are very high you'll mess up your iCloud settings and end up with a major compatibility break.

That happened to the editors of Macworld UK, who lost their ability to collaborate using iWork documents. It also happened to my far less technical sister-in-law and her husband, who both lost their iPads' iWork documents.In both cases, the problem was user error compounded by lack of sufficient guardrails by the vendor.
This is not an iOS 8 or Apple issue, but if it happens in that environment, you know it'll happen everywhere. It would not allow me to use Pages till I said OK, and I was afraid to say OK for fear of losing files or other bad consequences.
He said OK, then answered another question he can't remember, and that's when the damage was done, he thinks.Some people have reported that the documents eventually come back if you wait long enough after updating the iWork suite to the iOS 8-savvy version. So far, that hasn't happened for my sister-in-law or her husband.The underlying issue is that Apple has only partially implemented iCloud Drive -- it's available for iOS 8 and for Windows 7 and later, but not for OS X (that will come with OS X Yosemite's release next month).
Lots of people who upgrade to iOS 8 won't know that, so they'll be stuck, as you can't reverse the upgrade. OS X users are especially hard hit, but Windows users must also have the right update, which isn't always automatically installed or easy to find.A  In my in-laws' case, it's likely their iWork documents never were backed up to iCloud to be recovered -- not to their computers, either. One of the promises of iOS is that you can use your device as a stand-alone system, no ties to a computer via iTunes necessary.
Their farm is also in an area with poor broadband coverage, so it can be weeks before local documents get synced to iCloud, if iCloud sync is even on (they're not sure if it was before the upgrade).

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