May 13, 2013 By Adam Whether it’s a bright sight of Flickr or DropBox, stockpiling photos on internet-based safeguards isn’t something new that iOS users have been cottoning to. Although the feature-rich application has already been making Android users quite a lot happy, it has now popped up to help iOS users enjoy the rich functions. Once up on Cloud Drive Photos, the app will enable the pictures to be facilely accessible from the iPhone or iPod, desktop, or any web browser. However, what makes Amazon’s latest addition grab a few extra points is the security that comes along with it. Well, since clicking pictures and making new memories has become an integral part of our daily lives; the amazing Cloud Drive from Amazon hopes to refurbish the whole interaction in the most seamless way.
Although the app is now made available to users across the world, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos requires iOS 6 or later to function properly.

While iOS photography aficionados can seamlessly click a lot of photos on their device, here’s something that should revamp the experience indeed for better. Integrated with a highly neat and intuitive user interface, the app enables users to seamlessly store their thousands of pictures in the Amazon Cloud for easy and quick access.
The app, which has been made available for Android powered device since last year’s November, also allows users to upload their images to Cloud Drive from their desktop and access them with utmost ease on their iOS powered device. The app, which features a simple yet interesting layout, provides iOS users with utmost security for their photos – ensuring their cloud storage is completely safe and secured. In fact, the app not just saves photos to its potbelly, but also ensures thorough protection for them. Interestingly, Amazon has just introduced its latest Amazon Cloud Drive Photos application for iOS users – which will not just add more space to their storage needs, but will also refurbish their experience in a completely unique way.

At the same time, Cloud Drive also lets users pick their photos from their Cloud Drive Photos and share them with their favorite amigos via Facebook, email or other applications.
Just to notify, users will be getting to enjoy 5GB of storage for absolutely free while any additional storage would require them to fork out.
Prices for extra storage start at $10 a year – whereby users will get 20GB (sounds good enough, doesn’t it?).

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