Even though nearly half of American adults age 18 and older suffer from prehypertension or hypertension, high blood pressure isn’t diagnosed the same way for everyone (1).
High blood pressure occurs when the force of the blood being pumped through your arteries is too strong (2).
Over time, extreme hypertension can cause blood vessels to become inflamed and even leak fluid or blood.
Additionally, the condition strains the heart so much that it can eventually lead to heart attack and heart failure (3).
A systolic reading of 180 mm Hg or higher OR a diastolic reading of 110 mm HG or higher may indicate that a crisis is occurring.
If your reading is abnormally high, wait a couple of minutes and measure the pressure again. 40 is, in many ways, a very young age, but high blood pressure becomes more dangerous after this point.
Because blood pressure changes according to the time of day, your emotions and your activity level, it’s important to monitor it throughout the day, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with hypertension.
If you start to notice that your blood pressure is getting on the high side, consult a naturopath and nutritionist to change your lifestyle immediately.
Start by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetable and decreasing your intake of salt.
It’s also important to control your weight and exercise frequently as well as avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. A power outage that lasts a few hours is often nothing more than an inconvenience, requiring some flashlights and a little patience.
To make matters even more challenging, today’s home gobbles up electricity like never before. When looking into a generator purchase, one of the biggest challenges facing the curious consumer is proper sizing. To jump-start the sizing process, generator manufacturers like GE, Generac, and Kohler all feature handy sizing tools on their websites. Of course, homeowners who are still uncertain about matching a generator to the home using an online resource or prefer talking to an expert can always consult one.
Electronic items like plasma TVs, computers and the complicated controls often found in today’s HVAC systems can be sensitive to the power used to run them. To further minimize the effect that the frequent test runs have on the peace and quiet around the home, most standby generators enable the homeowner to set the time of the day that the generator will perform this function.
The increased affordability of the permanent generator systems could see more homeowners, especially elderly ones, considering this option over the less-convenient, less-powerful portable generators. In addition to all the improvements in power output, sound attenuation and affordability, the modern generator is also getting a technological makeover. Homeowners away on vacation can access their generator online to run a diagnostics and check that the generator is prepared for an impending storm or outage. The septic system is designed for a certain amount of people living in the house and there are more people living in the house than anticipated.
Garbage Disposal Use:  Using one can cause excessive solids which will require you to pump out the tank more often. Department of Agronomy at Purdue University further noted in their report that failing septic systems cause raw sewage to leach into groundwater and surface water. I knew that septic tanks needed regular replacing, but I had not thought about how that time frame could change based on how many people were living in the house!
Microsoft’s famously successful (and still popular) Windows XP is now well over a decade old. This effectively means that XP will be left to slowly become unsecured, unreliable and incompatible with new hardware, but you don’t have to abandon ship immediately. The end-of-support announcement has put some users into a panic, as it sounds ominous if you don’t delve into the details.
The discontinuation of security patches is the most damaging part of terminating support for XP.
All end-of-support means is, well, “end of support.” No more patches, no more security updates, no more technical support from Microsoft itself.
All of this is basic stuff you should’ve been doing already, but it’s even more important now that XP will be taken off life support.
A better option is to use a backup utility that images your entire drive, such as Acronis True Image. Paranoid users should grab a Windows XP install disk as a contingency plan in case other recovery options fail. There are also some fan sites that can assist with common problems, such as Mark Salloway’s Windows XP Resource Center, Paul Thurrott’s Supersite For Windows (check the XP section), and MakeUseOf (again, check the XP section). Cron is a deamon (program that runs as a background process) used to automatically execute scheduled jobs or scripts at regular and predefined intervals without user intervention.

Cron is primarily used for jobs needing to be executed over and over like log rotation every week or a report email sent out every morning. Crontab (CRON TABle) is a simple ASCII text file which specifies jobs (cron entries) and times when specific taks is to be run. Similar tool called "at" can be used to execute jobs which are processed by "atd" daemon, but scheduled tasks are executed only once. The purpose of the site is to provide useful IT tutorials and other ICT computer related information. If want to boost Your professional career and knowledge studying for industrial certificate, use Pass4sure preparation tools.
Other symptoms may include a severe headache, severe chest pain, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, seizures, unresponsiveness, and severe anxiety (4,5). Instead of opting for quick-fix drugs, use home remedies that won’t have undesired side-effects.
While you can’t change things like your age, genetics, or medical conditions (like kidney disease, thyroid disorders and sleep apnea) there are many steps you can take every day to improve your numbers (6).
Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. But when a major storm knocks out electricity for days, life without a generator can become real bleak, real fast. Also, many home also contain sensitive, high-tech appliances and electronics that can be inoperable or even damaged by “unclean” power from a generator. Consumers enter the square footage of the home and check off from a list the appliances, devices or systems,such as the refrigerator, microwave, central air, and TV,that are to be powered by the generator during a power outage. Some manufacturers recommend it, like Jake Thomas, product manager for Generac, who says,The best way to choose a standby generator is to have an electrician size it. To ensure that the generator will provide immediate power during an outage, units are programmed to run themselves for a short amount of time on a regular schedule. A permanent standby generator that starts automatically during a power outage powers the home’s vital components and can be purchased for an affordable price can seem like a sensible investment for any home, but particularly for elderly homeowners who might find an interruption in power to be as much a safety and health concern as an inconvenience. In today’s “smart home,” advanced controls and wiring connect the home’s subsystems (lighting, heating and cooling, security, etc.) to one another and to the Internet. This kind of remote access feature adds additional assurance to homeowners that their generator will be ready to operate when needed. Rather than forcing the homeowner outside to check on the status of the permanent generator, Generac’s wireless remote monitor feeds real-time information from the generator to a small, battery-operated control device that can hang on the wall or be placed in some convenient location.
According to the Department of Agronomy and Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University, half the houses built in Indiana with septic tanks systems are over 30 years old. Over time, and if not pumped, solids can clog up the system or overflow into the leachfield, causing backup and pooling effluent.
It makes sense though, that the more often the septic tank is used, the more often it will need to be replaced. However, I have never been very good at doing the required maintenance either, so that could help.
We live in Florida and when we get a tropical system stall out over us dumping 6-8 inches of rain over a couple of days we always end up with back up.
While about 30 percent of Windows users worldwide still rely on XP, an operating system as aged as XP can’t be supported forever, and thus, its discontinuation date looms. Here’s what you must know to keep XP going while minimizing the risks associated with using the OS once support for it concludes. We’ve encountered users who think that XP will simply stop working, users think thought they’ll be “forced” to upgrade, and users who believe troubleshooting XP will be virtually impossible after April 8.
New attacks are constantly developed, but XP computers will no longer be receiving patches to counteract exploits.
You’re on your own, so you must take every precaution to keep new exploits and viruses at bay.
Manufacturers will take it as a sign that they, too, can start forgetting about the operating system. Round up all of the software used by your motherboard, video card, sound card, printer, monitor and any other hardware.
This includes security software, disk management software, performance tweaks, and anything else you consider critical.
Strangely, Windows XP lacks a native tool to make recovery CDs, so manufacturers often shipped PCs with recovery software that fills this gap. This creates a backup that saves not just your files and folders but also your operating system and all relevant settings. Eventually, you’ll need to upgrade or replace hardware with newer equipment which doesn’t support XP, or you’ll fall victim to a security flaw Microsoft never patched.
Here You can find easy step by step guides about Cisco, Linux, MS Windows, Networking, System administration and Information technology in general.
Find your practice exams and study for your next test, whether it be Microsoft, Cisco, CheckPoint or any other industry standard technology.

Food spoils, mold grows, and basements prone to flooding are robbed of their working sump pump and begin to take on water. Whether it’s educating the public on proper use of a portable generator or instructing consumers on how to properly size for a permanent generator solution, the generator industry has its work cut out for it.
Briggs & Stratton recently signed on to manufacturer a line of GE-branded residential standby generators. To test Kohler’s Sizing Calculator, an imaginary home measuring 2,000 square feet was inputted.
But generators all produce something called harmonic distortion, which can confuse or even damage the plugged-in sensitive devices. Homeowners shopping for a backup power generator should consider a generator with a THD of five or six percent or below if sensitive electronic devices are going to be powered. While this mode provides peace of mind to the homeowner, it also means a regular interruption to the peace and quiet around the home. But, as Giampetroni points out, “as the power has gone up, the prices have gone down.” Four years ago a 12-kW standby generator would have cost close to $4,400, not including the necessary transfer switch, which could have added another $1,000 or more, or installation costs. From the device, homeowners can run a test on the generator or check to see if the unit needs maintenance. For a couple months, there has been a sewage smell coming out of the bathroom sink, and now it is coming out of the kitchen sink. If you clean yours every three years, then I will start doing the same, thanks for the tips!
No features will be disabled, no upgrades will be forced, and even technical support will still be relatively easy to come across. You’ll need to consult your manufacturer or your PC’s manual for instructions on how to use it. You’ll be able to re-install XP exactly as it was before with all updates and software intact.
Make sure the version on the disk matches the version of Windows you have installed, and that you have a valid registration key to use with it.
This can be very useful if we have some tasks that have to be run periodically at certain times or dates, so it can be used to automate system maintenance or administration.
Not only are they making it easier for homeowners to choose the right emergency power solution, the solutions are keeping up with the needs of the modern home. Among the items to be powered during an outage were the refrigerator, microwave oven, range, TV, personal computer, central air, dehumidifier, fan, security system and a few other essentials.
The total harmonic distortion, or THD, of a generator will determine the potential for issues with high-end or sensitive electronics during a power outage. Some of Kohler’s newer models of standby generators have Ethernet ports to bring the generator online. Literally millions of articles have been published about tweaking or fixing XP, and they won’t disappear overnight. Make sure your browser, as well as any relevant plug-ins (like Java), are constantly updated to their latest versions, and make sure you’ve backed up your data with software like Crashplan or Cobian. You’ll need it if a driver is ever corrupted, you install a new driver that doesn’t work, or you have to re-install XP.
With some planning and perseverance, you can likely squeeze another year or two out of your existing setup. Plummeting temperatures and a home without heat can be a deadly combination, especially to the oldest and youngest residents in the home. Both standby generators (also known as “permanent” generators) and portable generators are rated by their kilowatt (kW) output.
The Calculator tallied the total wattage of the selected units as well as the start-up volt-amps and determined that the Kohler 15 kW Residential Generator would be a good fit for the fictitious home. The decibel (dB) level of a generator is another comparison point that manufacturers are addressing in newer models. According to Giampetroni, a connected generator, used in conjunction with Kohler’s OnCue Home Generator Management System software, can send an email or text message to the homeowner or installer when the generator comes on. To match a generator to the home’s needs, a homeowner can begin by totaling up the wattage needs of the appliances that will be powered during an outage. Generac’s Quiet-Test® feature lowers the generator engine speed during the weekly test-run, reducing the noise to the level of an idling car. Special attention needs to be given to the startup wattage of bigger appliances like refrigerators, which are always going to use more than the running wattage.

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