For 2013, discretionary spending proposed by President Obama is 31% of the total US budget. As can be seen in the chart below, Social Security, Unemployment, Medicare, and Medicaid make up the lion’s share of entitlement spending. Recent Commentsecowheelz on nCycle: Revolutionizing the Future of eBikesrain8 on Solar Panels: The Next Generation? This week, the unelected bureaucrats at the Department of Health and (in)Human Services announced that as a result of their defining the meaning of affordable, for the purpose of enforcing the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obama-Care), they may not be able to subsidize the difference in costs between some individual and family plans.  If neither the employer nor the employee can afford to cover the difference, spouses and children would go uninsured. The Democrats, through Obama care, are creating the very thing they insisted they were going to fix, except that it will now cost exponentially more and the uninsured will not be victims of their own circumstances, they will be priced out or pushed out of the insurance market by the very legislation they were promised would guarantee them coverage. So now that we know you will not get to keep your coverage, it might be a good time to ask if you still think you’ll keep your doctor, or hospital, or even your job, as employers are forced to cut other costs to comply with the health care costs forced upon them by the state? You might also want to consider if your benevolent masters, the ones who are arbitrarily kicking women and children off their health insurance, will also cut drug therapies, procedures, or any number of other things you might need to ensure your quality of life, because they happen to be too expensive, and as far as the state is concerned, you’re not really worth it. In popular media, the stereotype of a Native American is easily recognizable: tomahawk, bow and arrow, feathers in the hair, and a thirst to scalp you. Another common misconception is that Native Americans were primitive people, and many people view their society as similar to that of a third-world country. Another popular myth is the a€?peace pipe.a€? Just about every movie, book or TV show that features interactions with Native Americans seems to require that someone smokes a pipe with the natives. If you ask most people where Native Americans live, they would probably tell you that they live in a teepee.
The first image that comes to mind for many people when they think of Native American healthcare is a medicine man dressed in very strange, colorful garb performing bizarre rituals, mainly because of movies and their knack for making up literally everything and selling it as fact.
Also, some natives such as the Iroquois believe in a a€?Great Spirit,” and also believe in another spirit that is somewhat like the Christian idea of Satan. As proof that many people still have ugly feelings toward Native Americans, even after how marginalized they have become, there are myths that they are living on government handouts, and do not have to pay taxes. Many people are under the impression that all Native Americans live on a€?Indian reservations.a€? As you might have already guessed, that is not the case.
It’s reading articles like this that makes me glad I went to school in New York State. On number 9 its pretty laughable not to call NA savages as I since my childhood have gone to pow wows and we know even before the European settlers were here, NA were considered savage as most of the tribes were at war before the European settlers arrived! Actually based on anthropological findings (bones with weapon blows, for instances) native Americans were more violent per capita than Europeans. You should add that misconception to the list too, we are still here and growing in numbers everyday. If you have been recently in touch with some top bloggers and internet marketers, especially those who are into Affiliate Marketing; you must have been advised at least once to enroll yourself into some good Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.
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Unfortunately, since most people only know of them through said popular culture, the worldwide perception of them includes an incredible amount of errors and misconceptions.
In Canada, they have used terms such as a€?first nations;a€? while it is less offensive because it does not refer to them as a€?Americansa€?, it has still not been completely accepted by the native people. Unfortunately, as with so many things in life, there is no simple answer to this question.A It is unlikely that all of the natives will ever agree on a scholarly term to be used for all of them, because there are hundreds of different tribes and they all have different opinions.
This view could not be farther from the truth; the Native Americans had a very advanced society with medicine, trading, farming, and many other things that were common in European culture.
Now, they do sometimes smoke a drug called peyote, though it is not something that is generally used for recreational purposes. Due to popular culture, many people think of Native American medicine as primitive, but when the Europeans first came to America, their medicine really wasna€™t any more advanced than that of the natives, just different. Many people will claim that they have an ancestor who was an a€?Indian princessa€?, usually evoking laughs or other similar reactions if a real native is around to hear it.
Native American religious beliefs are extremely in tune with nature, but they clearly do not worship it.
Under certain circumstances, in some states, which usually require some combination of living and working on their reservation, some Native Americans are exempt from paying state taxes. As of 2008, around 40% of Native Americans were living on reservations, which of course is not even half of the population.
While I am sure a few still do, as many races have negative veiws of each other, I don’t think this is a commonly held belief anymore, certainly not in most modern entertainment.
The NYS middle school curriculum mandates a year of NYS history that covers more than just the European settlers.
Not to mention all of our brothers south of the border made by the white man who are int the millions.
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You can always use Google to find if any specific Web Hosting Company offers the Affiliate Program or not. With Web Hosting Companies offering several opportunities, little hard work can help you earn big from Hosting Commissions. Then those people who meet eligibility tests may make demands on the entitlement system and the amount of spending is therefore determined by demands on the system under the eligibility rules enacted by congress – not by a precise figure set by congress. Three way Silver medal tie?175jfs on What a great learning experience!Alan Vervaeke on Free the Nipple but not Free to Carry. This is made more difficult by the fact that there are so few of them left, making it difficult for them to have a voice and dispel the myths surrounding them.
And some of the tribes who went to war only did so after the Europeans came to America and upset the balance of things, often trying to take land from the native people who had a much different idea of land ownership.
They just did things differently, and it is important to understand that different does not necessarily mean primitive. Peyote is more a ritual drug, used mainly in religious services and other similar applications, for this reason, it is actually legal for Native Americans to use it in the USA, just not anyone else.

Even before so many of the natives were killed, a good many of them did not live in teepees at all. Also, many of the herbal remedies used by the Native American people have been found with recent study to be very effective, and some drugs were only discovered because scientists decided to test some of the plants the natives had been using for ages. The reason for this one might be because of Disney movies, or poor translating, or possibly an old derogatory name for light-skinned African-American women. Native Americans have incredible respect for the Earth and all of nature, but they do not worship it specifically. However, all Native Americans must pay federal income taxes, and have had to do so as long as they have been citizens of the USA. In addition, there are currently 334 reservations, and about half of all the Native Americans who live on them are concentrated in the ten largest ones. The majority of people think that the NA were not savages by now that should be on your list as wrong; your interpretation is somewhat based on how people are supposed to feel bad for what happened to the NA culture but they were savages as history shows this!
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In essence, congress may change eligibility rules but not directly the amount of money allocated to the system. The Udder Hypocrisy of an FTN ActivistBruce Currie on What a great learning experience!Ed Naile on I was wondering too! In truth, most would prefer you use the name of their tribe, of which there are untold numbers. The length and depth of the propaganda to make the natives look savage was incredible, and it worked completely. The French had a fair amount of respect for the natives, and mainly traded furs with them; they understood that the natives were not lesser people than them.
There were many different forms of dwellings used by different tribes in different regions.
While we dona€™t know for sure where this misconception came from, it definitely is not true. Some Natives would worship a corn god, for instance, but they were worshiping a god who would help with the yield of the crop.
The truth is that most Native Americans are extremely poor, and are getting little if any help from the federal or state government. The conditions in these reservations are not particularly good much of the time, so it is not surprising that many do not wish to live there. IIRC, 6th or 7th grade covers it and the class dispelled many of these myths in this very article. I have no idea why people try to make NA not savages just because of the massacres that happened to them.
The Europeans invaded native lands and yet, even today, the most common image of a Native American is a warlike stereotype. In fact, they understood that there were some things that the natives had a better grasp of than they did. Teepees were mainly used by natives who needed to travel regularly, because they were easy to break down and take with them, but many tribes had much more permanent dwellings. Chiefs were not ordained from birth; they were generally chosen for their excellence, and their family might have been well-treated but they were not royalty.
Having tribes at war (which again is true history) and then all of a sudden Europeans show up with guns and new technology, you dont think that the first indians to see them wouldnt want to make an alliance with them during uncertain war times, which could be anytime? Our history is always changing due to what people now are taught to think about NA culture, we understand the horrors that happened but do not want history changed because other minorities,whites,blacks feel bad for us.

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