Just about everyone has heard of Dropbox, they might have been the first cloud storage solution. If you’re a heavy Google user, Google Drive is a no brainer, as it is integrated with everything. G Cloud Backup backs up a ton of information, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs and files.
As you can see from the image above, Verizon's version features the carrier's branding instead of Samsung's logo.
We look at what Verizon and Yahoo shareholders will get from the deal and how it will affect users, some of whom have been loyal Yahoo users for two decades.
The nearly $5 billion deal doesn't include what are arguably Yahoo's most important assets: ownership in Yahoo Japan and Alibaba.
Many are wondering why Verizon, a broadband telecommunications and cellular network company, would have so much interest in Internet media companies. Yahoo shareholders might not be getting much for the assets the company just sold, but it's actually what some of its biggest shareholders wanted. While Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says she wants to see the acquisition through, it appears likely that Verizon will fire her once the deal is closed. While neither Verizon nor Yahoo has said what its plans are for current employees, their prospects are insecure to say the least. With Yahoo under its roof, Verizon could become a much stronger competitor to the likes of Google, Facebook and other major Internet advertisers. Verizon's $4.83 billion cash acquisition of internet giant Yahoo will make the telecommunications company one of the biggest owners of web content and advertising assets in the world. This report, Critical Capabilities for DR as a Service, was published on December 15, 2045, and written by John P Morency and Christine Tenneson, analysts at Gartner, Inc.
View SummaryGartner has identified eight critical capabilities and four use cases to provide rankings on the DR as a service (DRaaS) offerings from 14 selected service providers.
DRaaS has become mainstream in 2015, rapidly growing from an estimated 18,000 active DRaaS production instances in 2014 to over 30,000 in 2015.
A growing number of DRaaS instances include hybrid configurations (that is, a combination of virtual and physical servers).
Identify which DRaaS providers' RPO and RTO most closely align with your organization's recovery requirements. Ensure that your DRaaS provider due diligence includes provider policy for cloud resources service usage.
Evaluate providers' experience with failing over and failing back data center configurations whose size and scope (that is, computing platforms, applications and storage capacity) are similar to yours.
DRaaS providers reported adoption and strong interest across a large number of verticals as the number of knowledge workers has increased and dependence on application and data availability has a direct impact on business performance. These improvements are reflected in the fact that the average scores of every provider that participated in both the 2013 and 2015 assessments (that is, Axcient, Bluelock, IBM, NTT Communications, Sungard Availability Services and Verizon) were either modestly or higher in 2015. HOSTING Cloud Replication 3.0 - HOSTING was removed, as the vendor focuses on a self-service model exclusively, which is inconsistent with the managed service delivery focus of the Critical Capabilities report.
Sometimes you’ll want to turn off iCloud sync on your PC while you edit or update your contacts. Well there are plenty of cloud storage apps and services out there, but which ones are the best? Dropbox gives you 2GB of storage for free, but by referring users, following them on social media, etc, you can bump that up to 20GB of free storage. Especially if you’re a user of Microsoft Office, as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other Office apps are integrated.
Microsoft’s Office apps are also integrated, but not as well as they are with OneDrive.
Copy offers Chromecast support, so you can play files from your Copy account through the browser or through the app.
Additionally you start out with 1GB of space, and you can earn up to 10GB of storage for free. Those that are Amazon Prime users get unlimited photo backup, with other storage plans beginning at $11.99 a month from Amazon.

Which is plenty of space for all of your photos, videos and other files that you might want to toss up to the cloud. The Galaxy S5 branding at the bottom is also new, and ensures that you never forget what device you're rocking. The gold Galaxy S5 is slated to launch on May 30 on Verizon's network, although it will be offered at a few select indirect retailers. The company will be able to add all of Yahoo's core assets, including its popular media brands, Tumblr, Yahoo Finance and search. In fact, the companies say that after the deal closes, a new firm will be formed that will hold stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, now worth much more than $30 billion. Marni Walden, executive vice president and president of the Product Innovation and New Businesses division at Verizon, will lead the combined firm. According to its CEO Lowell McAdam, Verizon has been engaging in a strategy since it acquired AOL a year ago to connect "consumers, creators and advertisers." Most importantly, he wants to create another revenue stream for Verizon outside communications. While advertising ultimately drives the revenue, Verizon was quick to note that at AOL it kept popular brands, including the Huffington Post, so it could drive more users to its services. Those shareholders, including private equity firm Starboard Value, have said that Yahoo's core business was practically worthless in terms of its earnings potential and growth prospects. Verizon, after all, has said she won't head Yahoo once it's folded into Verizon's business, and Yahoo's most outspoken board members are not all that fond of her. According to several reports, when Yahoo inked its deal with Mozilla to become the default search engine on Firefox, the companies included a clause that would allow Mozilla to back out if Yahoo was sold. AOL's Tim Armstrong, who helped make the deal with Yahoo, said that he sees several "synergies" between the companies that could benefit Verizon. Verizon will have well over a billion people hitting its sites each day the company will offer the combined advertising platforms of AOL and Yahoo. The companies confirmed the deal on July 25, saying that they expect the deal to close in early 2017. IT leaders should use this research to identify and evaluate DRaaS providers with capabilities that align with their organization's recovery needs. In many cases, DRaaS pricing is increasingly shifting from a subscription-based plus fees model to utility-based pricing. In many cases, hybrid recovery configurations require a custom RTOs service-level agreement, especially when the number of in-scope servers is on the order of hundreds. In the first, the service provider is responsible for managing VM replication, VM activation, exercise management and servicing customer disaster declarations.
Many DRaaS providers profiled in this critical capabilities research have moved to a more channel-centric sales model to increase their reach.
This is because service customers lacked a recovery data center and also because DRaaS freed up the time of the IT staff in these organizations.
Moreover, although service providers reported adoption across a wide range of verticals industries, they largely reported no need to have vertical-specific offerings or sales initiatives. At that time, provider service functionality, SLA management, pricing and operations management maturity was not nearly as developed as it is today.
This was generally the case in all four of the critical capabilities use cases and shows that DRaaS has very much become a mainstream service business in 2015. HP declined to participate because of the timing of the DRaaS Magic Quadrant kick off and HP's joint partnership announcement with Symantec.
When you’re ready to re-enable iCloud sync, follow the instructions above, but this time enter your Apple ID and password in the iCloud account window. We’ve gathered up some of the best cloud storage apps available on Android today and have made a great list of cloud storage services that you should definitely check out. Additionally they can back up your camera roll nicely, so that you’ll have those pictures available on any platform.
OneDrive also features auto-backup for your pictures, which are stored securely where no one else can see them.
Additionally it features PhotoCopy, which is like the automatic upload for pictures that we see on many of their competitors in this list. Verizon Cloud will back up your  contacts, photos, videos, music, documents, text and media messages and call logs to the cloud.

While it’s not as giving as these other services, it does give a slightly better experience comparatively. Pricing information hasn't been detailed yet, but it is likely this version will cost the same as other color variants of the Galaxy S5. More importantly, it also gets all of Yahoo's advertising technology, including Brightroll and Gemini.
It's unclear what Yahoo will do with these assets as shareholders await opportunities to cash in. Walden's charge will be to combine the two companies' assets, find "synergies" wherever possible and ultimately build out a more profitable advertising business, according to the companies.
With AOL and Yahoo, Verizon can serve content to devices and sell advertising across its network, all while providing communications services to more than 100 million people around the United States and abroad.
It plans to do the same at Yahoo, which according to the company, has 1 billion monthly active users across all its services, including Tumblr. Furthermore, Yahoo needed to find a way to unlock the value in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan holdings. Once Yahoo is officially sold, Mozilla reserves the right to walk away from Verizon and still get about $1 billion over the next three years. It will be able to offer those content and advertising platforms to what is effectively a captive audience of users on its wireless networks. Upon closing, the newly acquired Yahoo properties are expected to be combined with another Verizon property, AOL, which itself was one of the original giants of the internet's early days. Because of the strategic shift by many DRaaS providers to a highly channel-centric sales model, the number of provider channel partners in the market reselling DRaaS services is also increasing steadily. In the second, the provider role is relegated to just VM activation and shutdown, and the service customer is responsible for managing replication, exercise management and recovery operations following a disaster declaration. However, larger organizations are now increasingly evaluating and (in some cases) adopting DRaaS. What is also noteworthy about the 2015 Assessment is that Customer Experience was added as an assessment category. Mega makes it easy to share folders and files with your friends and other contacts as well.
By selling off the core business to Verizon, Yahoo is now free to do that and potentially reap the billions in cash it has locked up in its ownership of Yahoo Japan and Alibaba. If Mozilla opts to stay with Verizon, it'll get $375 million per year for as long as their contract lasts. Expect some serious Yahoo layoffs and other cost-cutting measures as Verizon integrates the Yahoo properties into AOL.
Combine that with Yahoo Mail and some of its content talent, and the company could become a much stronger force in the Internet and mobile advertising worlds. It wasn't long ago that Yahoo, founded in 1994, was one of the web's most popular search engines, a major advertising platform and the default home page for millions of internet users around the world. Today, large enterprises account for more than 13% of production DRaaS instances but will account for a larger percentage over the next few years.
However, some DRaaS providers have launched vertical-specific DRaaS offerings, such as for supporting healthcare industry regulatory compliance, and also specific DR-related professional services that are generally independent of specific vertical industry (for example, business impact analysis facilitation, recovery plan development and exercise plan orchestration). Yahoo, which once received an unsolicited offer from Microsoft for $44.6 billion, is now a shadow of its former self that sold for less than $5 billion today. Wider adoption of DRaaS can be largely attributed to the broader proven viability of public cloud-based solutions. Looking ahead, Verizon will have to see what it can do to get the most value out of its Yahoo assets by retaining as many of its diminished following of users and look to the future in hopes of remaining relevant. Today, Gartner estimates the size of the DRaaS market to be approximately $1.3 billion, with a related CAGR of approximately 30% over the next three years.
This slide show discusses what Verizon and Yahoo shareholders are getting from the deal and how it will affect users, some of whom have been loyal Yahoo users for 20 years.

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