Cherry Mobile Amethyst FeaturesCherry Mobile Amethyst uses a dual core processor clocked at 1GHz to run apps and games.
However, you shouldn't expect too much with Cherry Mobile Amethyst when it comes to gaming. There's a 2MP camera at the back with an LED flash and a VGA snapper at the front so you can still enjoy video calls. Indeed, the CloudFone Thrill HD is one of the first few smartphones from local manufacturers to offer the latest version of Android, and its affordability means you get to enjoy the new features and improvements in performance without burning through so much money. The CloudFone Thrill HD officially sells for Php2,999 and comes with a free back cover and a pair of Spotify earphones. As the naming convention suggests, the Inspiron 14z has a 14” display with a 1366×768 resolution. HP laptops have Beats audio in them and it seems that Dell has responded by having Skullcandy make the speakers for the Inspiron 14z. One thing we noticed with the Inspiron 14z is that on one side, the ports are protected with a plastic cover while the single USB 3.0 and audio port on the other side aren’t.

The Dell Inspiron 14z is already available in Moon Silver but will eventually be joined by a Fire Red variant later this year. However, Cherry Mobile urges you to try Cherry Mobile Amethyst and you might find treasures. Combined with the 256MB of RAM, it can run the most commonly used apps like Facebook and Flappy Bird. One eye-catching phone in particular is the CloudFone Thrill HD, which runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box.
Dell has also included Wave MaxxAudio 4.0 to add even more control to the Inspiron 14z’s speakers. For what you get, the Inspiron is a good system especially if the audio system works as advertised. Where it really excels is having a speedy 4G LTE connectivity, allowing users to browse pages and stream videos at a faster rate.
The GEO 400LTE is not to be confused with the GEO 400LTE+, which has virtually the same specs except for having double the amount of RAM.

Unlike most Ultrabooks, the Inspiron 14z benefits with a DVD-RW drive integrated into the Ultrabook.
Unfortunately, we were not able to test the audio quality of the new Inspiron so we can’t say if the Skullcandy speakers are an improvement from other speakers.
However, there are obvious points where Dell has cut some corners to meet their price point such as the flimsy, plastic-y keyboard. This makes it even more of an entertainment system where you can insert a DVD to watch movies. Comparing it to the XPS 14 which was launched with the Inspiron 14z, the difference in the construction of the keyboards is plainly evident.

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