Getting started on the NeatConnect is pretty simple and those who prefer to use cloud services exclusively simply needs to plug the device into a power outlet and follow the setup instructions on the integrated touchscreen.
Speaking of cloud services, the primary cloud service designed for the NeatConnect is NeatCloud, which is a cloud storage solution hosted by Neat. As far as issues go with the scanner itself, I did run into a couple feeding and detection issues with some extra thin receipts as well as some business cards printed on plastic, but overall it wasn’t a huge problem for the majority of the documents, receipts, or business cards I tested. Overall the NeatConnect Cloud Scanner along with the NeatCloud service is probably one of the easiest, most integrated solutions out there for those looking to finally take the first step into a paperless future. I’d say they are cool because they are so much different than we are.  They act differently and tend to have several different stages (where they can look completely different from stage to stage) – where a baby human looks similar to an adult human!  Also I think they have the ability to be small and still ‘bug’ us as they can bite and sting us and we will feel it for days! Some butterflies such as the Monarch and Pipevine Swallowtail eat poisonous plants as caterpillars and are poisonous themselves as adult butterflies. No butterflies are so poisonous that they kill people or large animals, but there is an African moth whose caterpillar’s fluids are very poisonous. If you go to a butterfly conservatory (an indoor place where they let butterflies live and they raise them from caterpillars) wear brightly coloured clothes as they will think you are a lovely flower and hand on you!!
The smallest butterfly, the Pygmy Blue (Brephidium exilis), is found in the southern United States.
The male butterfly makes and gives off a pheromone – a ‘you will fall in love’ smell that attracts the female butterflies!!  Think of it as a type of cologne that your father might have worn that your mother liked the smell of!
When will a caterpillar turn into a chrysalis, is it in a little amount of days of a big amount of days? The color pattern on the upper wing (dorsal) surfaces often differs in many species of butterflies. Another good way to tell the difference between male and female butterflies is by behaviour. Some species lay one egg at a time, others lay eggs in small clusters, while others lays hundreds at a time! The eggs are usually laid in a protected location on or near the plants that the soon-to-be caterpillar will eat. It is just easier to fly from flower to flower to get food.  Think about being a little insect and having to climb up to a flower rand then back down to the ground – over and over again…. A butterfly has compound eyes: each eye is made up of about 6,000 tiny parts called lenses, which let in light.
Butterflies don’t eat since they do not have mouths!!  They use their proboscis to ‘slurp up’ a tasty treat – such as nectar from flowers, rotten fruit or even dung (that’s a Fancy word for poop!!) – yep they tend to like yucky things too!! This really depends on what Butterflies you want to attract!!  Remember you may also want to plant food that caterpillars can also eat!!Check out this cool webpage that has lots of great steps and ideas to create the Perfect Butterfly Garden. They do spread pollen around like a bee or ant but it is not on purpose!  When they are drinking the sweet nectar they rub against the stamens (long sticks with pollen on end – like a Q-Tip) and the pollen because it is so sticky gets stuck to their bodies.  As a butterfly or bee flies to another flower it rubs up against other stamen and transfers the pollen.  A pollenated flower gives us our fruits and vegetables!!

This is a question that I had and one that Medea has asked in the past.  I had to look it up to!!  So here is a great website that answers that question with picture examples!! Thanks to Ms Dunsiger for letting me sneak into your classroom virtually and interact with your students.  They are awesome – as are you!!
The catepillar can kill by their fluids which is a toxin (poison) or they actually eat meat (like other insects). Once Frank Glue came to my school!He told evreyone how to tell a female monarch butterfly from a male butterfly! I like how you explained  how you know  which is the man butterfly and  which is the girl butterfly. Given the fact that I now have close to probably 1000 business cards, boxes of documents, and years of receipts that I most likely won’t ever be needing, I naturally accepted. Up top there are three loading slots, each slot designed for a different function – documents, receipts, and [business] cards. Files scanned to alternative cloud services have the option of being scanned into various formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc. Unfortunately, my own business card was one of the problem cards as the left side was slightly cut off when scanned, but overall it did fairly well as long as the cards are printed on a more standard cardstock. Of course, you could opt out of using NeatCloud’s services altogether and just use the Neat software utility along with other cloud services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc. Using the opening to the long slot on the bottom right of the product, thread one end of the cable into the slot and slide to the left. Males are often perching or patrolling in search of females, and females spend a lot time searching for plants on which to lay their eggs. Most eggs are attached to the plant with a fast-drying glue-like chemical that the female butterfly secretes along with the egg.  Eggs are usually laid on the under surface of a leaf or somewhere near the host plant. No one teaches then they just try it and do it!  This type of thing is called innate behaviour (a way of being or acting that our brains and bodies just know how to do – like breathing – no one taught you to breathe and you don’t have to think about it – it just happens!). Puley is editing the video of our monarch named Rose that hatched at our house!!  He will send it when it is ready! The butterfly has a long chambered heart that runs the length of its body on the upper side (its back).
Covered in stiff spines that are housed in potent poison glands, they are aggressive and sting when touched, however unintentional the contact. My students were THRILLED to see their questions in your post, and they loved reading your explanations as well. If that’s not enough, you can also remove the piece that houses the three slots and simply use the guide to choose a perfect paper size. The NeatConnect also offers a SD card slot at the front of the device, which is useful for those who regularly carry around a SD card, but I think they should’ve probably swapped that out for a USB port instead since most people tend to carry around flash drives rather than SD cards.

For example, the Monarch butterfly lays its eggs on the bottom of the milkweed plant which its caterpillar will eat.
It pumps hemolymph (it lacks the red color of blood) from the rear of the insect forward to bathe its internal organs – which will give them oxygen so they can do their work. This can result in immediate swelling of the affected area, severe nausea and a nasty rash that takes days to clear up. Neat has implemented a number of options which can be selected directly via the touchscreen as well such as the option for single or double sided scanning, scanning quality (up to 600DPI), color or B&W, which cloud service to scan to, etc. Scan quality defaults to 300DPI, which I think is perfectly fine for those scanning documents and such.
The material is flexible so you can bend the bottom 'arm' out a little with your finger to make a bigger opening for winding. Other butterflies, whose caterpillars eat poisonous plants such as milkweeds, pipevines, and passion vines, are distasteful and can cause birds that eat them to vomit or spit them out–never to try another. The Mourning Cloak adult and some related tortoiseshells and anglewings that hatch in early summer may live almost a year. Many butterflies can taste with their feet to find out whether the leaf they sit on is good to lay eggs. Like I mentioned earlier, NeatCloud is pretty much a cloud version of the Neat desktop software, so you’ll be able to individually review all your scans, input any missing information from those scans, and file them via the filing system.
While this pricepoint shouldn’t be a huge problem for business users who plan to scan regularly, $500 plus a monthly subscription for the typical home user who only scans a couple bills and receipts every month seems a bit excessive. Monarchs and Swallowtails may live about a month in the summer, but the Monarchs that migrate to Mexico or the California coast may live up to 6 months. Files can then be searched for, viewed, downloaded, or synced with the Neat desktop software making it probably the easiest digital cloud filing solution on the market. I think what Neat really needs to do is develop a free service tier for home users with limited scanning needs while also offering different paid service tiers for business users with heavy scanning needs. The shapes include spherical, oval, and pod-shaped; the colors include white, green, and yellow.
Business users also have the option of generating expense reports, tax reports, as well as spending reports, which makes things easy for when tax season rolls around.

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