In this week's spotlight: a pair of projects that explore the way the brain interprets a series of images. Center of a Shape ScienceExperiment with a simple science technique that can help determine the center of a shape.
Stay Up for the Perseid Meteor ShowerCatch the Perseid Meteor Shower and pair skygazing this week with hands-on student science projects. Back to School with Science Buddies' Google Classroom IntegrationScience Buddies' Google Classroom Integration allows teachers to more easily create and manage STEM assignments.
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When was the last time cooking was this easy—or this much fun?We've all seen these great gadgets.
But how many people know how to make full, delicious meals with great timesaving machines like the George Foreman Grill?Now, there's The As Seen on TV Cookbook, the first comprehensive book bringing together mouth-watering recipes for all of our favorite cooking gadgets.
You won't believe this incredible collection of over 150 family-pleasing recipes!Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks—The As Seen on TV Cookbook has it all.
Start the day off right with Spiced Donuts made in the Donut Express—healthier and cheaper than store-bought! Need a great menu for a dinner party—but still want to be able to spend time with your guests? Whip up some quick and delicious Coconut-Grilled Swordfish on your George Foreman Grill—and have them begging for more!But wait, there's more!

The As Seen on TV Cookbook also includes such extras as a nutritional analysis for each recipe and fun facts and trivia about all the gadgets, their inventors--and the infomercials that made them famous! Or that Ron Popeil's Veg-O-Matic II is enshrined in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution?

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