As much as I was enjoying the Alcatel Glory Dual Sim Android phone, it was starting to be annoying to me. If you’re on a tight budget but want a smartphone that can perform as good as other quad-core phones from other local brands, you might want to take a look at the CloudFone Excite 450q which is currently the most affordable quad-core phone in the market at just P4,999.
The 4.5-inch display on the Excite 450q has a resolution of 854 x 480 which gives it a decent 218ppi pixel density.
Perhaps the downside of this phone and the big difference from other current quad-core phones in the market would be the 512MB RAM. What you’ll get with the CloudFone Excite 450q is a quad-core dual-SIM phone which you can use for your basic Android smartphone needs without having to spend too much. Ok naman sa mga games, medyo pixelated un camera khit n 5mp tpos ang hina kumonekta ng wifi nya. Ever since that handset hit the market, I've been regularly receiving emails from CloudFone fans asking me when its follow-up will become available. Well, today, the local electronics company finally grants all the wishes of its loyal fans by announcing its new flagship smartphone, the CloudFone Thrill 530QX! Quoting our friends from CloudFone, "Nowadays, devices left and right are getting bigger screens, bigger processing power, and bigger memory; but does it actually make them better?
The package includes the unit itself, the charger, earphones, microUSB to USB connector cable, USB On-The-Go cable, warranty certificate and the user manual. With depth of 11.8 millimeters, CloudFone Thrill 530QX is a tad thicker than most Android smartphones in its price range currently out in the market. According to the company, "Boasting a 4,500 mAh battery, CloudFone continues to come up with devices that people can actually use and enjoy without the worries and burdens of being tied down by their chargers and power banks. Apart from its large and crisp display, good cameras, and big battery, one thing I like about CloudFone Thrill 530QX is that it comes with USB On-The-Go support and even ships with this free cable, which you can use to directly plug your flash drive to the handset and transfer files.
Considering everything that this release offers for just Php 9,999, I really think that it will do very well in the market. For ₱1,699, you can already own this smartphone and enjoy the free internet and free Facebook access promos of the different telcos.
Written by Daniel Gubalane - tech blogger, freelance web developer and former Physics teacher. Our friends from CloudFone have just emailed me an exclusive update about the availability of their latest Octa Core Android KitKat smartphone -- and off hand, it appears to be perfect for budget-conscious consumers who are not willing to compromise on their handset's internal hardware.
At a Php 5,000 price range, most people would be lucky to get a decent-looking 5-inch quad core smartphone with fair photo-taking capabilities, adding in perhaps an average specs list up its sleeve. However, in its quest to bring the latest technologies within reach, CloudFone pushes forward in creating the CloudFone Excite 501o, the most affordable Octa Core smartphone at the time of its release - something that was once unheard of. With the MT6592 processor, CloudFone ensures that its chipset doesn't cheat its users with just two quad cores, but delivers true octa-core with eight actual cores capable of running simultaneously. The people behind the popular device in the Philippines, Cloudfone is bringing back their bestdeals sale due to popular demand from its growing avid consumers. For example Cloudfone Thrill 530qx is priced at only P7999, it has P2000 discount from the original retal price of P9999; Cloudpad 800qw can now be bought for only P3999 from the original price of P5999.
To purchase any of the listed Cloudfone devices, you can visit leading mobile phones stores, and kiosks nationwide. Cloudfone’s second wave of bestdeals was announced on October 20,2014 on their official Facebook page.
Quad core phones from local brands are fairly new but they’ve been in the market for at least a few months now. Update: Cloudfone got in touch to clarify that the flip cover is an optional accessory and does not come bundled with the Cloudfone Thrill 450q. I like how Cloudfone has thrown in a few extras the power bank and screen protector with the Thrill 450q.
The pre-attached screen protector is also a nice extra and is something that not that many local phone brands include with their phones. On the left side of the device, you’ll find the long and slim volume rocker that runs along the silver accent strip. At the bottom, there’s the microphone pinhole, lanyard eyelet and a small notch to help with prying off the battery cover. At the back, you’ll find the noise-cancelling mic, 12mp autofocus camera with LED flash, the Cloudfone logo and the loudspeaker toward the bottom.
The phone strikes all the right chords, featuring a slick and sleek design that is just as about form as it is function. The Cloudfone Thrill 450q sports a 4.5 inch QHD (540 x 960 resolution) IPS display, giving it a pixel density of 245ppi. Yet there it was, navigating through the UI like butter, giving me as much performance as the MT6589-based phone that I had prior to the Cloudfone Thrill 450q. Here we see the Cloudfone Thrill 450q comparing favorably with the HTC One X, which was the Taiwanese phone maker’s flagship phone from just a year ago. In Antutu, the Thrill doesn’t compare as favorably with the HTC One X and instead performs more along the lines of a Galaxy S2. If gaming and GPU performance is all you care about, then the Nenamark benchmark result is probably all you’re interested in.

The FM Radio app is different from stock Jelly Bean though, and there’s an app called Sound Center, which is basically a pre-installed equalizer with a lot of preset sound profiles.
Smartphones should never forget that they are supposed to function as phones, first and foremost. BSI is all the rage among locally-branded smartphones these days and the Thrill 450q certainly isn’t going to be without it.
The glare reflecting off from the bar refrigerator was strong enough to affect the rest of the shot. One of the first games I played to test the gaming performance of the Cloudfone Thrill 450q was Dead Trigger because I could easily switch between low, medium and high graphics settings to see how well it would perform on each one. Another game I like to test my phones on is Temple Run 2 because lag-free response is especially important in this kind of game that relies on the quickness of your reactions.
The Cloudfone Thrill 450q is equipped with a 1,800mAh battery, which isn’t that big compared other locally-branded quad core smartphones in the market. Thankfully, Cloudfone bundles a 4,400mAh power bank with the Thrill 450q’s standard retail package. Cloudfone Thrill 500x and Thrill 500x+ Spotify Edition Smartphones Come with Free Headphones and Headsets! The Snapdragon MSM8225Q is Qualcomm’s latest budget quad-core chip and is being used in phones like the Starmobile Icon (P7,990) and the CloudFone Thrill 450q (P8,999).
But if you won’t be gaming much or install a lot of resource-heavy apps, this phone should suit you just fine. It's that best-selling Android smartphone with an extraordinarily large 4,160 mAh Li-Ion battery pack delivering up to a whopping 42 days of standby time and around 3 days of regular use? They say that they want its successor to have a bigger display, to run Android Jelly Bean with a Quad Core processor, and to have an even bigger battery pack. Your device won’t be able to use any of its flashy features let alone turn on without it. It also has a massive 5.3-inch IPS LCD with qHD resolution underneath an ergonomic glass touchscreen enhancing your image-viewing, video-watching, and mobile gaming experience. The phone appears to have the stock JB user interface with a few tweaks here and there especially in the camera application.
Frankly, I think its design is a tad too simple (at least when placed vis a vis thinner phones with lush metallic accents) and the qHD resolution of its 5.3 display is a bit on the low side but then again, the real beauty of this handset is the fact that it allows you to do more and it gives you peace of mind in knowing that it won't run out of juice in the middle of the day. The standards of today’s devices have limited users to using smartphones that have been stripped down and cut-off of neat features to fit what their money can afford. For only Php 4,999, everyone can now get more bang for their buck and all the power it packs.
Coming in black and red with dashing in style, the device’s rubber leather-like texture lets you hold and grip the CloudFone Excite 501o to fit right in your hands in all its 5-inch beauty. The CloudFone Excite 501o's 1.7 GHz Octa Core processor enables extensive processing power while maintaining efficient power consumption, allocating your device's resources properly, the way it should be. Bringing Android for All, CloudFone makes sure there is no longer compromising true smartphone experience for your budget constraints," our friends from the Pinoy handset company shared. Popular smartphone models such as Thrill, Excite, and Ice can now be bought at a more affordable price. Some phone models also come with freebies such as free extra big battery, back cover, and free leather case.
However, it’s only been recently that Cloudfone launched their first quad core smartphone, the Cloudfone Thrill 450q.
The power bank is especially nice, not just because the Cloudfone Thrill 450q doesn’t have that big of a battery, but because you can use it to charge other devices as well.
It comes in both black and white and sports a silver accent strip along the edges for a bit of character. The screen also has a lot of nice technology built-in, and it shows in the bright and vivid images that it’s able to produce.
This is likely because the Thrill has a qHD screen vs my MT6589-based phone, which had an HD screen.
It simulates a number of effects into a single scene and simplifies the results into a single FPS-based score. There’s a bit of bloatware in the form of the Cloudfone app and Cloudfone Store app, but I can live with that. The Cloudfone Thrill 450q does the job of a phone quite admirably, featuring a spacious screen that isn’t cumbersome even for smaller hands the way phablets are. The color accuracy is pretty good despite the day being pretty cloudy, and the light reflecting off from the wet streets shows off nicely. Despite the lighting not being optimal, the camera was still able to capture a good deal of detail, particularly the grill pattern of the protective barrier around the court. I had to take several of them before I got one that was decent enough to use for this review.
Being the sadist that I am, I played it on the highest graphics settings first and found the frame rates and response to be playable. Like Dead Trigger, it also features an adjustable graphics setting, and again, I played it on max settings.

The power bank packs enough juice to charge the phone at least twice and can be used to charge your other devices too.
And for Php8,999, you’re not just getting the phone and standard set of accessories, but a bundled screen protector, flip cover and power bank along with it. The loudspeaker is a little weak, but it doesn’t sound like it comes from a rattling can. The chip is also very similar to the MSM8625Q (only difference is the radio technologies supported) which is being used by the Samsung Galaxy Win Duos and Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0.
We beautify and swagger up the latest phones yet do nothing about its massive power consumption. It's because 530QX has practically the biggest battery you can get on any smartphone out in the Philippines today.
Right now, I'm just excited to have more time with the device so I can test and observe exactly how long its uptime actually is. Its semi-rounded edges maintains its luxurious-looking contours while making sure that users get to use their device comfortably without feeling the bulk, allowing them reach every corner and panel as they browse their Facebook timeline, scroll their Instagram news feed, or finally get through level 501 of Candy Crush.
No more lagging and freezing when switching from one app to another, get faster graphics and more realistic gaming, and take great photos to share with your friends on all your social media accounts. At Php8,999, this 4.5 incher is priced to compete with the big boys and Cloudfone has even thrown in some nice freebies to go with the standard retail package. The optional flip cover is nice and replaces the standard battery cover and adds a protective flap that covers the screen.
There’s also an LED notification strip just below the navigation buttons so you can tell if there are messages and other notifications that need to be checked without having to wake up the screen. A qHD (540 x 960) screen has fewer pixels for the GPU to process (518,400 vs 921,600) compared to an HD (720 x 1280) screen. The Thrill 450q scored a 36.3fps, which is comparable to an HTC Sensation XE (with Beats!).
The primary camera is quite respectable, and I put it to the test on a rainy day to see how well the BSI sensor would do in less than optimal lighting. I’m a bit disappointed that you have to find a really good light source before taking a shot in really low-light environments.
The music listening experience is also enhanced thanks to the aforementioned Sound Center app that functions as a system-wide equalizer. Surprisingly, it performed admirably well considering it isn’t exactly the best GPU you can get on a locally-branded device. The lag was barely discernible and most casual gamers won’t mind that sort of thing in favor of prettier effects. This time, the response time was pretty good, although I noticed the slightest bit of stuttering in the frame rates. The onscreen action is frenetic and lower end phones tend to stutter when you do anything aside from drive in a straight line. When bought separately, these bonus accessories would sell for a total of Php2k on their own, and since a lot of smartphone buyers would buy them shortly after getting the phone anyway, it’s an especially smart buy. Whether it’s about processing intensive gaming graphics to make sure your gameplay is uninterrupted, powering up each pixel of your glorious 5" IPS touchscreen as you enjoy watching on your large display, or managing your multiple tasks throughout the day -- rest assured that your device can still keep it coming.
But what are you really getting for the money and does it provide the performance people have come to expect from quad core phones?
This brings the actual display closer to the surface, making an already clear and vivid IPS panel that much better. Call quality was also satisfactory, although the earpiece could have been just the teensiest bit louder. As a result, most headsets from popular manufacturers won’t work with out locally-branded smartphones. Cranking it down again to medium settings eliminated that at the expense of the visual effects.
Here, the Cloudfone Thrill 450q performed admirably, with only minimal slowdown when I drifted into corners. On my typical usage, which mainly centered around calling and texting, WiFi constantly on, with around 30 minutes of gaming, the Thrill would only last 9 to 10 hours. This is a pretty standard core specs which every modern smartphone should have at a minimum.
The gameplay was so smooth I actually finished the entire game from start to finish just on this phone!
But unlike other quad-core phones, the 530QX allows you to do more with your phone without actually compromising the overall performance you normally get from a midrange smartphones. It also has a number of nifty and cool features which further enhances every user’s experience.

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