Disini kami membagikan versi portabel dari Adobe Animate Cc 2015 ini, jadi anda tidak perlu menginstalnya ke pc atau laptop. Easy to operate resources directly from their mobile devices, thanks to Creative Cloud Libraries.
Last updated on November 9, 2014 0Tweet Adobe is a well known company for delivering great softwares right at your doorsteps.
Saat ini para developer website pasti ingin menggunakan animasi yang dapat digunakan di desktop dan juga mobile. Yang perlu anda lakukan hanyalah mendownload dan langsung dapat menggunakan program Adobe Animate Cc 2015 Portable ini di laptop atau komputer manapun yang berbasis 64 Bit. Choose brushes, colors, graphics and other resources for creativity, placed in libraries, and use them in Animate and other applications Creative Cloud.
The new trading platform Adobe Stock allows you to search for images and vector graphics royalty-free, license and manage them in the application of Animate.
Use in your web projects Animate any of the thousands of fonts Adobe Typekit, choosing them directly in the application. New brushes for vector graphics allow you to change the direction of the strokes after their drawing and change the scale to any resolution without loss of quality. The ability to export with adjustable resolution provides excellent video quality on the screens of the latest televisions and monitors with a resolution of Ultra HD.
You can easily draw accurate vector paths and curves to optimize the preview projects in real time. Optimize existing projects due to changes in the size and adapt to any resolution, including a HiDPI display, Retina and 4K.

Attach audiocable to the timeline and manage them easily, this will ensure perfect synchronization without writing any code. Rotate the canvas around any point while drawing, like you could with an ordinary sheet of paper and a pencil to create perfect angles and lines.
Easily create rich, interactive promotional materials and other content with your own HTML5 Canvas Animate templates that you can edit in any code editor. You will be able to easily manage complex animations, looking at adjacent frames painted in various colours and with different alpha values.
Karena seperti kita tahu bahwa teknologi flash tidak dapat mendukung pengguna dari mobile, dan alternatif terbaiknya adalah menggunakan animasi berbasis HTML5 yang dapat dilihat di desktop maupun mobile. Ingat ya software Adobe Animate Cc 2015 Portable ini hanya dapat berjalan pada windows 64 Bit. Libraries sync to Creative Cloud, so you can create linked resources if you change this resource you’ll be able to update all projects.
Choose from 45 million resources, save them to Creative Cloud Libraries and use in their projects. Salah satu program terbaik yang dapat membuat animasi berbasis HTML5 adalah Adobe Animate Cc 2015 Portable yang gigapurbalingga bagikan kali ini. With its debut in 2013, everyone went nuts as because of Adobe Creative Cloud now people can’t purchase the software and they need to buy subscription for a month or an year and need to pay for the software till they use. If their subscription ends they need to pay again to renew it else they won’t be able to use it.
But if the Adobe Creative Cloud series was not launched then this version would have probably been named as CS8. But now we can do nothing except reviewing these new softwares.

The best thing in CC is that now Photoshop can detect missing fonts and ask you to download it or replace it with a different one. You can even see the preview of different fonts just by hovering over them.Other than that, overall performance has been improved with new features like radial blur and enhanced smart objects. Smart guides have been made smarter to which helps you to align all the elements in a straight line as well as give information about the spacing and size which will help you to make better designs by using uniform sizes.There is a new focus feature, the selection tool which will mask or select only the parts of the image which have sharp focus. But sadly it is not able to perform that great, as in portraits it fails to identify the parts properly which results in not selecting the subject’s hair.
In an overall, it can be said that this tool is not much effective than quick selection tool.Illustrator CC 2014Illustrator CC 2014 Illustrator got an awesome update which was made for the pen tool. Most of the people who work with Illustrator have to guess the curves which would be made using pen tool but luckily, people can now see preview of the curve which would be created by the pen tool.If you work in print then there is good news for you as the new updates for table is here! You can now easily arrange the tables and reorganize them by just dragging and dropping the columns.
Although it is not something which people use every day but still as it’s an update, it was my duty to cover it.Another interesting element added in Illustrator is automatic scaling of the effects. Photoshop has been given a special interest in this version but other applications are great too! Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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