As an Apple user, you will now be able to save up to 100,000 songs on your cloud, which is much more than the earlier 25,000 limit. December 16, 2014 by Mohini Singh Leave a Comment It’s been three months since iOS 8 was released and we have all had time to play with the new operating system. For third-party Apps that access iCloud, Apple is offering App-specific passwords that would allow users to generate unique one-time passwords to sign into iCloud securely.
Following a recent NPR report that shared security flaws in major email services with Apple, Apple had confirmed that it would soon begin encrypting iCloud emails. Apple has sent out letters to its developers testing the iOS 8 Beta and OS X 10.10 Yosemite informing them that it will be wiping all CloudKit-based data stores on July 7th. WWDC has kicked off and Apple has already unveiled a new iteration of its cloud storage service, called iCloud Drive. May 25, 2014 by Manjari Soni Leave a Comment Some great features have been added to Apple’s productivity suite ‘iWork for iCloud’. July 18, 2013 by Mohini Singh Leave a Comment If you lose your iPhone or have to revert to factory settings because of an issue then you lose everything installed on it.
April 3, 2013 by Mohini Singh Leave a Comment For those users who don’t get along with their keyboards or have a difficult relationship with Siri, here is a tool which lets you write with a flourish of a finger.
January 23, 2013 by TheAppleGoogle Leave a Comment Apple today announced Q1 2013 financial details. Apple provides a tool to let you manage iCloud and how it syncs with Windows.There are five checkboxes available that let you choose to sync email, contacts, and calendar items with Outlook, and keep your browser bookmarks and iCloud Photo Stream synced.
Checking the Mail, Contacts, or Calendars & Tasks checkboxes adds iCloud as an additional account in Outlook. With a little cleanup to weed out any duplicates the contacts and calendar added to Outlook work fine. You can clean up data to free up space in iCloud.The iCloud Storage section lets you see at a glance how much space you are currently using, and how much is still available.
If the free 5GB from Apple isn't enough, you can purchase more iCloud storage space.There is a button to "Buy More Storagea€¦" at the upper right.
If you haven't already set up iCloud on your Windows PC, download the iCloud Control Panel for Windows and get started. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Few features in OS X Mavericks will fundamentally change your computing experience as much as iCloud Keychain. You need secure login credentials to be able to engage in e-commerce and other online activities, but keeping passwords straight can stump even the most advanced computer user.
Apple provides a handy and secure way to deal with this problem already, but it's somewhat hidden from view: the Keychain app in the Utilities folder. Web site password utilities are nothing new to OS X - they've been around for years, but they require users to know of their existence. Are you going to use iCloud Keychain when you download Mavericks, or is this more control than you're willing to give the operating system? The 2013 iPhone 5c takes the 2012 iPhone 5 in a less-expensive, more fun direction with colorful unibody polycarbonate shells in red, green, blue, yellow, and white.

Yes, it costs less than what Apple typically charges for a new iPhone, but the iPhone 5c is in no way typical. September is just around the corner, and speculation is flooding in as to what the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will look like.
If your iPhone 5c won't charge, the problem could be one of two things; the battery or the Lightning dock itself.
Apple has raised the limits on iTunes Match and Apple Music library for matched songs to 100,000 songs.
While it has brought with it exciting new features, there are some settings which seem to have either disappeared or need additional set-up to work. Using an app-specific password also ensures that your primary Apple ID password isn’t collected or stored by any third party apps you might use. The free service from Apple that can be accessed through Apple’s iCloud website has updated all three Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Use Your Handwriting does exactly what it says: you can write messages and notes in your own handwriting, as bad as it may be.
During the earnings call, Apple also announced that iCloud now has over 250 million users using the service.
Below the checkboxes is a display indicating how much iCloud storage space you're using along with a button to manage it. I can add a new contact on my iPad, or ask Siri to set up a meeting for me from my iPhone, and those updates will automatically populate to Outlook after a few minutes. For Bookmarks, the only option is whether to sync bookmarks from Internet Explorer or Safari--sorry Firefox and Chrome users. You can click the "Manage" button to get more details and either free up or purchase more space. But, I appreciate knowing that new calendar events, contact items, and pictures are kept in sync between my iPhone, iPad, and Windows PC. At best, you forget and need to reset your password every time you visit an infrequently-accessed site.
Keychain, integrated well into the operating system itself, keeps track of credentials like AirPort passwords, root certificates, RSA encryption keys and more. The only piece of information you will have to remember is the security code that's imprinted on the back side of your card. By offering iCloud Keychain as an alternative, Apple is exposing the same kind of technology to everyone who downloads OS X Mavericks when it comes out this fall. In short, I think there's still a place for password apps, but the dust hasn't settled yet. It also sports a better LTE radio with support for more bands in more places, and an improved FaceTime. Since I've been using the iPhone 5s almost exclusively since then I wanted someone else, someone who's been using the iPhone 5c day in and day out, to write the follow up for Apple's other new phone. Something that would sit below the flagship line and make Apple even more competitive in the mainstream market. While the phones are past their prime, Apple has a strong brand presence in India, leading to healthy sales of older iPhones.

While this occupies many minds, I believe what – If anything – happens to the iPhone 5c will make more of a difference to Apple as 2016 approaches. If you'd rather fix it on your own instead of buying a new iPhone, you've come to the right place. If you have been unable to find an existing setting or make a new feature work then worry not, TheAppleGoogle is here to help. Just tap to add a new note across ten categories – ranging from work to holiday – and write as much as you like and as quickly as you can. Back in October, the company reported that it had 190 million users and this latest reports clearly indicates the widespread use of the online cloud based service.
At the very bottom is a checkbox to add the iCloud tool to the Systray at the bottom right of Windows for easier access.
There is also a button on the ribbon at the top to manually refresh from iCloud if need be. I can see how much space each backup is using, and delete any of the backups if I'd like to free up some space. At worst, you end up using an insecure password that opens you up to identity theft and other modern problems. Now Apple's extending the Keychain concept in OS X Mavericks by making it iCloud-based, secure, and best of all, synchronized between your iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks devices.
Safari will help you generate secure passwords that you don't have to remember - iCloud Keychain fills them in for you whenever they're needed. It's another way that Apple is trying to keep Mac users safe and secure when they're online, and that's a good thing.
Once Mavericks is out in the world I think we'll be able to do a more balanced look at iCloud Keychain vs.
Plus, it ships with iOS 7, Apple's completely redesigned mobile operating system, made to match it in color and style. But on the outside it has new candy-colored shells that perfectly match the new palette presented in iOS 7.
But, I already have my own domains and established email addresses, so I have no intention of using the iCloud account. You can also see how much space email is using--which for me is negligible since I'm not using it. Not only does that make the iPhone 5c easier for Apple to manufacturer, it makes it even more interesting to an even wider range of potential customers. Color is so personal, so distinctive, but more colors mean more to choose from, and can also mean a more difficult choice! If you're having trouble picking your particular spot on the iPhone 5c rainbow, we're here to help!

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