The best thing that could happen to Philadelphia and Charlotte -- and to the tired, oppressed employees of US Airways -- would be for this colossal failure of customer service to simply roll up and blow away. Case in point: A photo essay in the Metro section on October 3, 2004, about the delivery of a new Torah scroll to Congregation Khal Chasidey Skwere in Brooklyn, shows a photo of a bearded man using a magnifier to look at an etrog, an Israeli-grown citrus fruit that plays a central role in the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Critics of the Administration, frustrated by the inability of their political leaders to come up with a message that effectively reaches the public, instead attack the successful use of these communications tools by the government. We present the latest Lubetkin's Other Blog Podcast, a broadcast featuring a panel discussion about blogs and blogging from the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey.Show notes are below. Like most bank customers, I always thought cashiers' checks were "money good" because of the cashiers' check status. The etrog must be considered perfect to be used in the festival, and the man is examining it for the required features, mainly the pitot or stems, that must be intact on either end. That's a bogus attack and the public should understand it for what it is.The Public Relations Society of America, the largest professional association of public relations practitioners, has made it very clear to its 28,000 members and students that the PRSA Code of Ethics and Professional Standards requires clear disclosure of the origins of video news releases to the broadcast outlets that receive them. To my knowledge, there was no binary program distributed on the disks,so there is really no way they could carry a virus. I left on Saturday afternoon for the airport for what I thought would be a 3:15pm flight to Cincinnati. The Times' caption says in part, "Yitzchak Mayer Youngeworth, bottom left, examined a fruit for its adherence to dietary laws last Sunday at a stand in Borough Park."Pardon me, but the Times of all papers ought to know that etrogim are not eaten, so "dietary" laws have nothing to do with this examination. Companies are deathly afraid of having a conversation with employees and (heaven forbid!) customers that is honest and useful to them.She does like the blog at General Motors being attributed to car-building legend Bob Lutz.
Once we do that, it is up to broadcast news directors to ensure that they tell their audiences where they got the report.When I was a radio newscaster in the 1970s (LOOONG time ago!) there was an 800 number at the US Department of Agriculture where you could download audio news reports featuring interviews with USDA officials and experts. Does anyone here havefirsthand knowledge of a virus, or are we just reposting the same bogus alertover and over again?Stop the rumors, please. Fair use of copyrighted material used to mean you could make a few copies of an interesting article for friends and colleagues. Hah!When I got to the airport, I checked my bag, made it through security with about half an hour to spare.
Two emails and a voice mail left with the Times' corrections desk have never been answered.You can't find the photo essay on the Times website.
Like newscasters at many other radio stations, needing extra content for newscasts, I used these reports.
Now, everything has a price tag on it.Another tactic that news media are using is the "free registration" approach to invading your privacy. Glitman says the newspaper is very wary about protecting its brand by keeping a separation between news content and reader-provided content like blogs and wikis.

They always signed off saying "I'm so-and-so with the US Department of Agriculture." What's the big deal?One of the saddest signs for the decline in network TV news recently was coverage of the floods following heavy rains in Southern California.
I responded to her that I would be happy to negotiate an arrangement for IBM to continue using the term.
Wea€™ve really seen that stand out with our clients that they like seeing communicators whoa€™ve taken a risk and gotten another kind of experience.a€?The biggest challenge for new professionals is juggling multiple client projects and managing time, said Mary Kate Breslin of The Brownstein Group. Two of the traditional TV networks, CBS and NBC, used purchased video footage of the damage caused by the flooding. If you follow the link to their website included in my posting, you'll be asked to give up a lot of personal information just to read the article, which I could have included on this blog as a PDF file -- if I wanted to cough up the $600 license fee.
For more information on HIPAA compliance concerns regarding healthcare blogs, contact Howard Yermish at World Wide Web Communications Recording and Editing EquipmentOlympus DS-2 stereo digital recorder: This portable digital recorder delivers stereo audio files in WMA format or the proprietary Olympus DSS format. They boarded us around 3:15pm and then about 10 minutes after boarding, the pilot told us we would have a short delay for maintenance. There was no on-air announcement that the video didn't come from CBS or NBC film crews, just very small visual "bugs" on the screen as credit lines that most viewers would have missed.What a state of affairs when two news organizations that were once worldwide in their scope now don't even have a video crew in Southern California! McPeak spent two and a half years running an environmental remediation project, an experience completely outside the communications career path.
It will also record directly to WAV files, but at a significant reduction in the available recording time. There was something wrong with some kind of a€?trailera€? on the vertical stabilizer, but the good news was that they had the part in stock and they had the book a€“ presumably the instruction manual for installing the part. We record the programs in WMA format to maximize the stereo recording time at about 2 hours and 15 minutes. That didna€™t engender great confidence in the passengers.A few minutes later, the pilot told us that the ramp was being closed because of an approaching thunderstorm. I learned an enormous amount about construction, about labor unions, about all those things that I never in my life would have imagined. This was bad news for two reasons: first, the maintenance crew had to stop working on the repair, and second, because the plane we were on didna€™t use a jetway, but stairs.
The most important thing is to just do something else.a€?Long related the experience of a colleague who was having difficulty getting a communications budget approved.
We had to sit in the plane until the thunderstorm passed.Two and a half hours later, the rain subsided, but the pilot informed us that he had good news and bad news. The colleague decided to engage in a closer relationship with the chief financial officer of the firm.
The good news was that the ramp was now open again, but the bad news was that the flight had been cancelled.They let us off the plane, and I went immediately to a nearby customer service counter where we were directed.

The closer collaboration led to greater understanding of the role of communications on the CFOa€™s part, and resulted in a tripling of the communications budget, she said.Junior staff members need to be given opportunities to participate in the information-gathering phase of managing an issue, not just in the writing process, said McPeak.
The young woman there rebooked me on a flight leaving at 6:05pm making a connection in Charlotte with a Delta flight to Cincinnati later that night.
At the other end, I had to sprint again from the bus to the B1 gate, but when I got there, I learned that the Charlotte leg of the trip was delayed almost two hours, and wouldna€™t make the connection for Cincinnati. If you sell something online and the buyer wants to send you a check for more than they owe you, be suspicious. Before you deposit such a check, pick up the phone and call the bank that issued the check.
She told me these would go to Cincinnati on the next available flight (which was actually the one she was booking me on Sunday morning). If you must deposit the check, don't ever wire money to the prospective buyer until your bank tells you that the check is completely cleared.
And of course since I had expected to fly from Terminal F, thata€™s where my car was parked, and I had to walk from Terminal B all the way back to Terminal F. The security check-in line extended almost all the way back across the bridge to the garage. I made it through security and then discovered that the gate assignment for the flight had been changed from Terminal C to Terminal A.So I walked down to Terminal A. When we arrived in Charlotte, they didna€™t have a jetway a€?drivera€? so we sat for about 15 minutes staring at the jetway inches away from the plane.Had to walk again from Terminal B to Terminal E at Charlotte to make the connecting flight. The baggage office was closed, and had a sign saying, a€?if wea€™re closed, go to the US Airways ticket counter.a€? There was only one young woman working at the ticket counter, trying to cope with the disrupted passengers from a flight to Charlotte that had just been cancelled. She said she was alone and couldna€™t leave the counter, until she realized there were about 10 of us whose luggage hadna€™t arrived.
A young man who had just started working for US Airways four days earlier (a€?Ia€™m not even in the computer yet,a€? he said to me) opened the baggage room, but my bag wasna€™t there.He called for a supervisor, and she eventually arrived at the ticket counter and took my information.
My bag was not showing on the list of bags held at Philadelphia or Charlotte, so they really didna€™t know where it went.It's now late Tuesday evening, and I still have no information from US Airways on the whereabouts of the bag and the luggage cart. WHen you call their baggage claim call center, you get a very cheerful automated voice, "Alex the Baggage Specialist." But not only can't he find anything, when he says he's going to transfer you to someone who can help you, he transfers you to a BUSY SIGNAL!!! Not even to a music on hold queue where they tell you every ten second how important your call is to them.

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