Although you can still buy Creative Suite 6 or the individual components, Adobe is saying that it is phasing out stand-alone licenses (i.e. Creative Cloud requires subscribers to connect to Adobe at least once a month in order to maintain access to Photoshop, Premier et al, as well as all of the files created with those apps. The only reason why small businesses and individuals refrain from using Cloud Storage is its cost. The biggest advantage of using Cloud storage is its ability to provide with extensive storage capacity. It’s not only about taking the backup of Data, in case something goes wrong Cloud storage services offer features that help you restoring your whole data into the cloud storage using any of the previously taken backups.
When you compare Cloud Storage services from a standard web hosting or file sharing service, than Cloud storage appear as a pretty expensive one, but the advantages it brings to any business is priceless and therefore every business should consider using Cloud Service to make the data of their company more reliable and secure. News and Events- See our recently updated (July, 2016) SAN-NAS StorageBuying Guide with our latest block and file storage performance information. I was talking with another cloud storage gateway provider today and I asked them if they do any sort of backup for data sent to the cloud.
Replication does a nice job of covering a data center or hardware failure which leaves data at one site inaccessible but allows access to a replica of the data from another site. Another approach is to have the gateway provider supply some sort of backup internally using the very same cloud storage to hold various versions of data.
This problem can be solved in many ways, but just using cloud replication is not one of them. Listen up folks, whenever you think about putting data in the cloud, you need to ask about backups among other things. My iPhone has said that Pittsburgh's weather was going to be thunderstorms since the minute I arrived. After the game, they wheeled a stage and some giant speakers onto the field for a concert by =gasp!= Kool & The Gang!
I was also a bit intimidated, because I'm more of a "casual collector" who just buys stuff I like and doesn't really know anything about the hobby.
The vast majority of the collectors who attended were kindhearted, encouraging, helpful people.
Needless to say, I'd very much like to get my pin collection better organized and attend more events. So thank you to the terrific staff at Hard Rock Pittsburgh for inviting everybody to your cafe for a great meet-up!
They close down the Roberto Clemente Bridge when there's a game, which makes for a nice walk.
This time our seats were on the "Club Level" which has restaurants, billiards, lounges, and ice cream! But there was a concert, and I totally admit that it ended up being ten times more than awesome. After an action-packed day of excitement like this, my "real life" is going to seem really, really boring. I didn't know what could possibly top the Ke$ha concert last night, but darn if we didn't try! After packing up all my crap and stowing my luggage, Becky picked me up for a day of fun and excitement that only Pittsburgh can offer. Breakfast was at a cool, old-fashioned diner and consisted of crepe-pancakes, scrambled eggs, and Lyonnaise potatoes. There may be two packs of smokes on the counter, but you still can't smoke in the restaurant!
At Wholey's Market, which is much like Disneyland with it's animatronic cows and pigs and such.
Becky takes her life in her hands when she gets friendly with the ferocious Wholey's Market Bear! Happy pinatas at the Mexican market want you to beat them with a stick until their guts fall out. Becky spotted this sleepy moth hanging on for dear life in a flower bed outside The Church. It's pretty remarkable in a photo, but really needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Yesterday Becky took me to Randyland, which is a photographer's dream come true in Pittsburgh. Thanks to the non-stop excitement of four days in Pittsburgh, it was going to be a Bullet-Sunday-On-Monday kind of situation. But then, miracle of miracles, AFTER NEARLY A YEAR OF WAITING, Apple has released a bug fix for the out-of-sequence messages problem. When I saw the "IMPORTED FROM ITALY" line on the bag, I assumed I would be buying the flavorful pasta that I get when I'm actually visiting Italy instead of the boring cream-based shit we call "Alfredo Sauce" here in the states. Today he decided to speak out against homosexuality in front of The Human Rights Campaign's headquarters. Since same-sex marriage was legalized here in Washington State back on December 6th, more than 2,400 gay and lesbian couples have gotten married. The nice thing about blowing all your hard-earned money on world travel is that you know places. If they were to ever do a retro made-for-television movie I would watch the shit out of it. It looks like most of the stuff going on here is under-the-hood improvements, which is fine. This basically means that everything is set on three-dimensional layers, so as you move your phone around, the different planes move to communicate depth.
The idea is that "Smart Signs" will slow traffic so that everything flows more smoothly during peak traffic times. So what fucking difference does it make if, instead of paying for these very expensive digital signs, there were much cheaper traditional 60 MPH painted signs on the side of the road?
And so a Seattle-based band I like, The Local Strangers, played a Very Special sold-out show at The Triple Door tonight. Which is like taking Amazing, sprinkling it with Awesome, then deep-fat-frying it in Magic. When it comes to our inevitable arrival at a paperless, all-digital world, I'm a big supporter. And I'm in Boston for one day so I could attend a party for a very good friend who had some extraordinary news that was worth celebrating. From there I was off to a wonderful little shop called The Printing Office of Edes & Gill. And then it was time to head out to Somerville so I could meet up with Justin, an online buddy I was very glad to finally meet in person.
Since my ride to the party missed their flight into Boston and was going to be late, I was left with a couple of hours to kill.
Still needing to kill some time, Dave and I decided to take a walk through the Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall.
My friends finally landed, so it was time to say goodbye to Dave and head back to my hotel so I could get cleaned up. Adobe MAX, the Adobe conference in LOS, ANGELES has announced its next generation of software, not Creative Suite 7 but Creative Cloud. Since the release of Adobe CS6, the company has invested it’s energy into the cloud server system which other leading software giants, (Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Steam) see as the future. Creative Cloud will operate much like it does currently, a monthly subscription plan catering to your needs as well connecting the subscriber to the online community (which Adobe has bolstered), automatic updates and 100GB CC storage for your files.
The updated Adobe Premiere Pro CC includes new editing features, customizations and improvements to workflow; Powerful colour systems, with the addition of the Lumetri™ Deep Color Engine, to easily apply rich colour grading looks to your sequences. Adobe After Effects CC features a faster render time and some exciting new features for motion graphics and visual effects artists.
As for the flagship Photoshop CC, the current announcements cater to photographers with new sharpening technologies and designer workflow upgrades.
But if they do away with disc bundles and only have downloads- I think cheaper or older visions will be much harder to come across. As this will be a ‘cloud’ application does that mean you internet connection to access it? Write for usWe're currently looking for writers that can write articles, reviews, event coverage, interview, and more. Advertise with usIf you want to spread your message to an engaged audience, we offer a range of advertising options.
Our AuthorsOur articles & tutorials are writen by a team of experienced animation professionals from all over the world. RSS FeedsWhether you are interested in podcasts, videos, or simply want to stay on top of news, Skwigly offer you the chance to pick and choose the feeds you want.
About SkwiglySkwigly is an online animation magazine - we cover news, tutorials, podcasts, videos, events and host an animation showcase & chat community. Creative Cloud for Teams is Adobe’s volume licensing solution for businesses, studios, design shops, agencies, companies, offices, schools, and other organizations. What makes Creative Cause for Teams really different and unique: Administrators can manage it all from a simple but powerful web-based Admin Console to centrally purchase, deploy, and manage all seats within your organization.
Some other benefits of CC for Teams include: Achieving a lower cost of entry, taking advantage of predictable budgeting, simplifying compliance management and reporting, helping ensure usage rights with assigned seats, rigorous built-in security, and treating software purchases as an operating expense. All these plans are available directly from Adobe, and there is no minimum or maximum on number of seats you can purchase for your team, group, or SMB. So in a nutshell, Creative Cloud for Teams does everything that the standard CC edition does, but takes it to the next level for multiple people collaborating and working together smoothly. Do you have any questions about Creative Cloud for Teams?  Check out our extensive Creative Cloud FAQ, or just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast! We have several pieces of equipment in our shop scattered all over the building, each with an attached computer: Large format printers, laser engraver, CNC router, etc. So to cover an office of seven computers with the software, having two users, you would need a total of four licenses for Creative Cloud. Then in the future you could hire up to two additional employees or staff that could use those 4 existing licenses simultaneously.
Our 501c3 non-profit organization (Greater Wichita YMCA) is considering the Adobe Creative Cloud Team package for maybe 6 or more users.

If we purchase the Team version for three people, can we all be using the same app at the same time?
We are a team of 2 people and usually work in Photoshop, illustrator, indesign, After effects, and Acrobat at one go.
Now my question is, for 4 macs (2 office + 2 home), how many licences do we need to purchase? You can pick up a copy for about $600 or about half that amount to upgrade from a previous version. Or, put another way, Adobe is moving to pay forever software — your files and content are only yours insofar as you keep paying Adobe to use them.
Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date.
Storing this kind of huge data is practically impossible using internal or external devices. It is usually the Cloud Service provider`s responsibility to provide the maintenance services for the data storage systems. Whereas in the physical storage drive`s scenario one has to take backup of the data manually which is a time consuming time for some.
Furthermore, this restoration process is fairly simple and brisk that it does not require much professional expertise. This is one of the reasons why snapshot technology is in the DNA of our cloud storage gateway at Nasuni. And even though I've amassed thousands of pins over those years, I've never once gone to a pin-trading event. As I've found out from comic book collecting, most of the "pros" simply don't want to waste time with newbies, and past attempts to fit into that crowd were met with failure. I picked up dozens of pins I needed to fill in my glassware collection of hurricanes, martinis, and shooters. I swear, whomever is in charge of predicting the weather in Pittsburgh needs to be smacked around a little bit, because this is getting ridiculous. Sure, I liked a few of her songs that hit the charts, but she always seemed like a trashier, low-rent version of Madonna dipped in glitter, and that's not really my thing. My plan was just to hang out with Becky and drink beer, which would have been a great time even if there wasn't a concert. From the minute I saw all the bright colors and craziness that is so beautifully splashed across everything, I knew I wanted to play around with some HDR photos to see what I could capture.
But there was so much Pittsburgh that it's ended up being a Bullet-Sunday-On-Wednesday situation. I'm not the kind of guy who jumps on the lawsuit bandwagon because, often-times, I think the lawyers are the only ones who really benefit. Remember when buying Apple was a guarantee of quality that was a step above what you'd get from other tech companies?
Yes, I was pissed that it took them so damn long but, hey, at least we finally had a fix, right? So imagine my disgust when it ended up being that same bland, tasteless, watery, slop I can get out of a frickin' box. One of the current news items making me much angrier than usual comes from a Michele Obama fundraiser. No gay man I know obsesses about gay sex as much as anti-gay crusader "Porno Pete" LaBarbera.
It was yet another embarrassing "press conference" that nobody gives a shit about, because this kind of bigotry and hatred just isn't playing well in 2013. In high school it was a constant battle with my parents as to how long I was allowed to keep it. Like when you're clicking through news stories and some random headline pops up about the Ajaccio Football Club getting a new coach. Early to have the alarm wake your ass up at the crack of dawn so you can drive three hours to work. As a Certified Apple Whore, it's required by law that I post my thoughts on all the stuff Apple talked about in the keynote speech of the 2013 World Wide Developer's Conference (watch it for yourself right here!). But there are a chunk of notable usability enhancements as well, so I'm hopeful that I won't have as many problems with Mavericks as I had with Mountain Lion.
So now that Apple has run out of big cats to name their OS X releases, they're going all mavericky and using surfing locations. Am I being insane, or is this just a re-do of the "labels" feature that we've had on the Mac for decades? I love it when Apple gets riotous applause for something that they should have been doing all along.
Now here is where things start to get interesting, and where Apple is innovating with something that's more than just window dressing.
At first, I was thrilled that Apple came up with a system-wide notifications solution because I had always had some problems with the third-party solution called "Growl." The honeymoon didn't last, however, because notifications were just irritating distractions that you could never really do anything with except dismiss.
It is unquestionably the best bit of tech I have ever owned, and the size, weight, features, and speed are amazing. I finally gave up on Apple ever releasing a new Mac Pro a year ago, and am now using an iMac that I'm quite happy with. Having access to all your stuff wherever you are with whatever device you have is the future. I was scared to death that Apple was going to copy Microsoft's "Live Tiles" which I fucking hate to bombard you with information that is ultimately no more helpful than the little red badges Apple is already using.
And here is a situation where I can fully appreciate Apple taking their time to get it right rather than blasting out some battery-sucking "LET'S MULTI-TASK EVERYTHING!" bullshit that renders your phone useless half-way through the day. The demo of the new "Photos" started out by showing how the average iPhone user has a mess of thousands of photos piled up that makes it tough to find anything.
Yeah, it's all visually beautiful and shit but, if the back-end is still totally fucking crap, what difference does it make? I may be one of the few people who actually likes Siri, uses her often, and thinks it's an invaluable part of the iPhone experience.
There's one thing I saw in the keynote that has completely haunted me about the new design, and I love it more than sliced bread.
But, in reality, the signs are always 10-20 miles per hour faster than the speed anybody can actually reach. It was Very Special because they were accompanied on some of their songs by the Passenger String Quartet. You can keep track of them on their Facebook page or sign up for The Local Strangers newsletter and get free music on their website. I really hate having to cart around a stack of cards and bits of paper when traveling, because it's entirely too easy to forget something or, even worse, lose something important. The place I like best, SeaTac Park, has long had online reservations that can be verified with your email address instead of having to print out a confirmation. And the steps towards making it work are more complicated and time consuming than carrying cards and bits of paper. Yes, a day trip across the country probably seems odd to most people, but I make trips like this all the time for work, so it's old hat to me.
That ended up being the Boston Athen?um, which is a beautiful private library that allows the public to look around. Along the way, I saw Boston's beautiful old State House building with a spot of sunset light on it. However, Whilst CS6 bridged the gap, offering much of the same in the physical disc bundles and continuing the CS line (with obvious major updates to its software). Creative cloud will still have desktop applications, however this next generation will rely more on networking, making it easier to back up your work, update and share online, with the added bonus which strengthens Adobes security. Adobe has promised the next generation will enable online collaborations of projects, which must appeal to animators and freelancers providing whom you work with also has subscriptions to the Creative Cloud. The updated Illustrator CC feels more appealing to the needs of digital artists with a new way of editing ‘type and vector’ designed for mouse, stylis and multi-touch hardware.
However the details are shaping up to be very exciting, opening a new wave of possibilities on the platform for Visual Artists and Animators. They tried to sell me the Cloud, but each time I asked what would happen if after a year or so I unsubscribe- do I keep some programs? I want to know whether there’s additional cost if we were to assign licenses to additional users (freelancers, interns), and scale back if we the users are finished with their jobs. We also have an older version of CS that we chose not to upgrade, as it’s not used terribly often. And some time we work from home as well, now i want to access CC in the office and at home as well – so 2 Machines in the office and 2 Machines at home. When the new version of Adobe’s industry-standard content creation tools ship on June 17, it will only be available by subscription only — welcome to Creative Cloud. Individual app subscription prices are $20 monthly for new customers and $10 for existing license holders. Recently this concept has been transformed into a more sophisticated form which is usually known as Cloud Storage. Despite of its high cost, Cloud Storage offers great number of advantages that make it a much better solution for professionals and companies. This not only saves you time, and cost, but increases the reliability and security of your data to a great extent as well.
To access the data one has to just connect to the cloud server via internet and perform any required operation on the data. And if you forget to take the backup at some point of time, you might face a critical data loss.
The Snapshots allow users to go back to any given version of their files and provide the extra resiliency you rightly mentioned in this article. After waiting 35 minutes for my 20 minute train, I was back at the South End and ready for bed.
Mostly because Seattle didn't have a cafe for most of those years and I could never manage to fit a pine event road trip into my schedule. I had no idea who he was, but once the music started I did realize that I knew of his music. But if AT&T gets sued because they PROMISE high-speeds, but then LIMIT the speed on your device, then SCREW THAT.

The First Lady was speaking when all of a sudden some asshole decides to heckle her over government contractors discriminating against gays and lesbians. The guy regularly goes to gay events so he can "document" the "disgusting and immoral behavior" he finds there. Now-a-days, I prefer to drink water that's as close to freezing as possible and loaded with ice to keep it that way. Not only was it entertaining, but Stefanie Powers and her massive pile of feathered hair was almost too good to be true. He gives a good presentation, represents Apple well, and inspires confidence in his company, which is all that matters.
Sure, "tags" look easier to manage, locate, and work with, but this is hardly revolutionary stuff.
Granted, Apple's handling of multiple displays has always been miles above any other OS, but it's still been pretty broken. OS X is getting very smart about using precious battery-sucking CPU cycles only when their needed, which should really help with battery life quite nicely. You had to find the app alerting you, fire it up, do your business, then go back to what you were doing when you were so rudely interrupted. That being said, there are times when I'm traveling where I would really appreciate having a much smaller machine to lug around.
Fortunately, Apple is smarter than that, and just tweaked Notification Center with a new look and some new toys. Nope, Apple's approach is to give us a "smart multi-tasker" that learns how you use your phone and assigns CPU threads appropriately.
In video games and animation, this is called "parallax scrolling" (or something like that), and it's some visual trickery that really pays off. I always have to remind them again when I leave so I can get the discount and, if I forget, then I'm shit-out-of-luck.
They also have a small exhibit of wonderful works that explain their part in the creation of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I haven't seen him since Davedon in 2009, so this was a happy (if not totally bizarre) coincidence. It would seem as of June 25th, Adobe plans to push its Creative Cloud Service from an option, to a must have.
New advanced ways to publish work, creating online portfolios (Behance ProSite), codeless integrated Websites (Adobe Edge) and even digital magazines for iPad using Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). If there are seven computers, how many more ‘seats’ do we realistically need to buy with just the two users? Do i need to purchase separate licenses for my firm, cant i use my personal license in my own company. Due to the funds and pricing difference, i want to have 2 or 3 individual licenses in my name and will be using them on separate machines in the office at the same time. You might see many people claiming that Cloud computing is not really worth it, but in this article we will try to shed light on some of the key advantages that Cloud Storage brings to us which makes it a much better option compared to other traditional methods of data storage.
Therefore, this feature of cloud storage makes the life of big corporations a whole lot easier. And whenever something like this happens, the first thing that flashes through my mind is what an incredibly huge douche the heckler is for disrupting EVERYBODY ELSE'S PEACE. But, odds are, he just likes to look at half-naked men and add them to his private video collection. I thought that Apple had seen the light when they put tabs in Safari eons ago, but better late than never. Now, at long last, they've decided to do something about their busted shit and they bring the house down? And using memory compression over hard disk virtual memory is truly behind-the-scenes magic that's going to have all kinds of yummy ramifications.
Speed and efficiency are always welcome in a browser because it's always running (at least on my Macs), so the battery savings should really add up. Sure there are third party add-ons like FantastiCal that help, but the Mac needs a serious native calendar and scheduling app. Just like with Aperture, buying iWork almost immediately makes you feel like you've purchased abandonware. Though I have to admit that my favorite part of the demo was Craig Federighi's slam on Samsung's inelegant "tap-to-share" solution. Siri can be stupid as a box of rocks with simple requests that she should be able to handle.
Your imported Cinema 4Dlite objects can be edited in AE after importing, by changing its settings in the effects bar once the Cinema 4Dlite effects has been mounted. Art and Scatter brushes can contain imported raster images, so Designer can create complex organic designs quickly, with simple brush strokes.
Few years back nobody knew about the Cloud Storage services except for a few large organizations and not many companies were offering this service as well, except for Amazon and a few others, but now the trend of Cloud Storage services is on its peak. They seemed perfectly happy to just add a trade back into their trading pile if it meant helping you fill a hole in your collection. How I wish all these bigoted assholes would just shut the fuck up already so we doesn't have to deal with their obvious overcompensation.
It's just a hot, angry mess on my head, and the sooner I can grab the clippers and shave it all off, the happier I am. So you search your blog to find out when that was, only to discover that it was just two-and-a-half years ago.
Notifications are actually smart enough to let you act on them directly instead of just sitting there like a dumb shit. Sure, you run the risk of installing an update that has a huge bug, which is why so many people wait for a while before installing new updates, but I am not one of those people.
Unfortunately, we're still taking baby-steps here, but I guess any improvement is a good thing.
I'll reserve comment on the new design visuals until I've actually seen them up-close-and-personal, but my initial reaction is mixed. It's the little touches like this that makes Apple be Apple, and keeps Apple Whores such as myself in a constant state of geek heaven.
And if it keeps up, Apple's going to eventually lose to a company that's more like Apple was than what Apple is now.
The new "Info Card" with travel times, forecasts, and contextual info is pretty slick (though it seems a bit pale compared to the way Google handles this on their Android handsets). Hopefully it will make it less likely to accidentally be in video mode when you're trying to shoot a photo. Their rock-solid reliability could be an interesting option if Apple doesn't get their shit together.
Apple Maps is horrible at locating businesses, and it's still giving me fucked-up directions from time to time. The fact that iTunes Match subscribers don't have to deal with ads is kind of a nice bonus. The filters are a nice addition if you like that kind of thing (and, obviously, a lot of people do), but I'll still be using a more feature-rich third-party app for photo manipulation. This is an area where Apple should literally spare no expense, because it could be the one area where iPhone completely trounces the competition.
Well, Mary Elizabeth Williams has written a brilliant short article on the subject that I consider critical reading and the final word on the matter.
Until Apple can vastly improve the data driving the app, it's always going to be second-ran to Google. Something as critical as frickin' EMAIL deserves a bullet-proof user experience and rock-solid operation in addition to a pretty interface. The guy is funny as hell, and has a conversational tone when he's presenting that sucks you in and compels you love Apple and the things they do. I just hope they work better than their current "share sheets" which don't post my photos to Facebook or Twitter half the time I use them. If Apple can't deliver the whole package, they should just get the fuck out of the email business. Seriously, the keynote is totally worth watching just to see this guy at the top of his game. Fortunately, Jony Ive and his team have finally gotten rid of this crap so that iOS7 looks sleek and modern.
Give us all the Star Trek computer experience of our fantasies, and THEN you can take a minute to catch your breath. It kind of pisses me off that people were clapping over this one, because it feels like Apple is being rewarded for bringing back a feature they never should have fucking removed in the first place. One of the major differences between consumer machines and pro machines is that you can open the guts and configure the thing the way you need it for the kind of work you're going to be doing. But Apple has lived up to every criticism by choosing design over functionality, and it's a load of bullshit. If nothing else, I think it's a consistent visual language that competitors lack will help keep Apple at the top of the heap. Never mind that Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and the rest of the known fucking universe allows video streaming, Apple doesn't. When I bought my iMac, I worried I was making a mistake, and a new Mac Pro would be released that would work so much better for my needs.
Will Apple fix the myriad of problems that prevent developers from integrating iCloud into their apps?
The fact that Apple is working so hard on getting The Cloud done right is meaningless if they can't see the forest for the trees. We finally get keychain syncing back, but it almost feels like too little too late when services like Dropbox and solutions like 1Password stepped up to the plate when Apple wouldn't for so damn long.
THEY decide what's important to their users rather than responding to what users find important and are actually doing.

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