There are a lot of popular cloud storage services these days, but my personal favorite is SkyDrive. If you’re an Office 365 Home Premium subscriber, you’re automatically entitled to an additional 20GB of storage on SkyDrive. What puts me off is the fact that I haven’t found a way to point Skydrive to my different folders. It integrates with all of my devices and apps, including Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Office, and more. But if you want to keep everything in the cloud, you’ll probably want to increase your total storage capacity. At $99 per year, it’s not exactly the most cost-effective way of increasing your storage capacity, but it’s a nice bonus if you already need a copy of Office 2013.

But chances are most people won’t have access to all of the above, so additional storage tiers would be greatly appreciated.
As his title implies, he wrote about all things from Redmond, including Windows 8 and Windows Phone. For example, I separate my data into different partitions or hard drives – docs, images, videos, etc. It has some GUI faults and sometimes can be buggy but the ability to sync any folder is priceless and the Custumer Service actually works even for free users (saved my life once lol). In fact, I use it so much that I’ve now moved all of the data on my devices almost exclusively over to SkyDrive.
It should be noted, however, that you can only have one Office 365 subscription tied to your Microsoft account at any time, so you can’t stack subscriptions to gain even more storage.

He is currently carrying a Windows Phone 8X by HTC and a Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablet. Everything – and I mean everything – is synced to the service, with the one notable exception of temporary files like installers. A setup like this great, since I know I’ll always have access to my data wherever I am.

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