You can now move games saves, profiles, achievements and other data you want to Cloud Storage.
Now you can log into your Xbox Live account and have everything you stored in Cloud Storage available to you. If Microsoft provided the private cloud management application, would you deploy the Xbox One in your datacenter? When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox 360 in May 2005 on MTV, several of my System Center colleagues and myself joked about how one day the Xbox would replace the racks of servers in the datacenter. No need for the keyboard and mouse when you have a touchscreen, or even better, the Kinect technology. Kingston and its HyperX brand of PC hardware and accessories has become synonymous with the video game space thanks to the company’s drive to outfit the best gamers across the globe with the most affordable high-quality gaming equipment on the planet. On August 13, 2014 Kingston will release a new version of the HyperX Cloud headset line with stark white and black coloring for Stormtrooper fans across the galaxy. The HyperX Cloud Headset comes packed with 53mm drivers that produce rich clear sounds at all ranges, as well as the ability to pound out impressive bass tones thanks to its enhanced bass-reproduction system. Thanks to the tight, but not uncomfortable closed ear cup design, the HyperX Cloud Headset can really allow you to get lost in a video game’s world if it has a killer sound profile.
The new HyperX Cloud White Headset also performed admirably with my Galaxy Note 3, PS4, and Xbox One.
The headset does have a built-in volume regulator, which did come in handy on the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 to further increase the sound input.
I was a little disappointed with how the voice output sounded on the PS4, which I tested by recording a voice over using SHAREfactory. One of the best features of the new HyperX Cloud White Headset is its extremely comfortable build and style. The headset also comes packed with braided cables for tangle management and durability, as well as an extension cable, an airplane adapter, and the volume control box if you want to use it.
Review Statement: The author of this review received the headset from the manufacturer for the purposes of this review. Kingston's HyperX Cloud White Headset is an unbelievable value for gamers looking to secure a headset that will work on nearly all of their devices without extra hardware and settings.
Everything you know about Minecraft is still here, the block texures, the building, the crafting, the creepers, it’s all as we left it on the 360 Edition. Once in the game though, I noticed some handy little notes that I don’t remember from the 360 Edition. In case you're not aware, the OneDrive app automatically uploads photos (over wifi if you choose that option) the moment a photo is taken.
Ali Ashcroft-Spurr Posts 11 Posts Re: Which is the best app to automatically backup photos to the cloud over wifi? SteveO_148 Posts 9 Posts Re: Which is the best app to automatically backup photos to the cloud over wifi?
I had a setting with a Photo icon on the camera which showed it uploading straight away, but I was often in no signal areas so watching that not connecting was a pain. Reply + Reply Forum Get Help & Give Help! He also has contributed to other notable tech sites including InformationWeek and How-To Geek.
Instead of a keyboard and mouse, you'd use an Xbox controller to navigate the server interface. Kingston has started to make waves in the video game headset arena with its HyperX line of stereo headsets, which we first reviewed back in October of last year. We were sent a pair for review purposes, so I put the HyperX Cloud through the paces to see how well it truly performs, and much like Kingston’s other products, the new white HyperX Cloud headset is an unbelievable value for the quality sound and comfort it can produce. This headset definitely produces HiFi sound for your ears to soak up when using it with a PC, PS4, Xbox One (Stereo adapter required), or any electronic device that supports a 3.5mm input.

On the Note 3 I listened to music and it sounded clear and precise with just enough bass to give my phone’s audible capabilities a needed boost. Just be wary of this feature because if you also have the source audio cranked up you can wreak havoc on your eardrums thanks to the increased decibel levels.
Luckily, the HyperX Cloud White Headset comes with a detachable mic for gaming sessions that require teamwork, or just a chance to shoot the shit with friends. Just like the PS Gold Wireless Headset the voice recording sounded chirpy and slightly distorted, but the audio would have been useable if I decided to finalize the video project and release it for the world to see. First off, the white and black coloring really helps the headset to stand out, and it almost looks as if it belongs in a Stormtrooper’s wardrobe closet. The price is hard to beat for the level of quality that the headset puts out both in terms of audio and voice chat. Everything has changed, the world is in stunning 4k and the textures are super photo realistic.
Now when you put your crosshairs over and object in the world for the first time, the game will pop up with a brief description of what you’re looking at in the top right corner of the screen. Especially if you already purchased the 360 Edition as that will translate into only a $5 upgrade purchase. Ask a Question Which is the best app to automatically backup photos to the cloud over wifi?
This allows you to save your games and pick up where you left off from any Xbox 360 console. Your game saves, Microsoft points, Dashboard backgrounds, achievements and more are saved on Xbox Live servers.
Earlier this year the tech company released its latest gaming headset called the HyperX Cloud, which is another affordable top-notch set of cans for gamers that draws its name from the pillowy feel of the memory foam ear pads. Not once did a game’s audio come off as shallow, or hollow sounding while using the HyperX Cloud Headset, and in the case of my PC setup they actually bolstered the sound output of my system, which is only setup with built-in speakers. I used the headset on an iMac to play Selknam Defense and Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and the results were impressive to say the least, especially with the latter, which is a game full of surround sound moments, explosions, and audible chaos.
Sniper Elite 3 was used to test these bad boys out, and in all honesty it was the best sounding game audio, or any audio for that matter, that I heard while using the headset.
The detachable mic operates with a 100 – 12,000 Hz frequency response, and is quite capable of producing clear sounding voice output.
Color doesn’t really do much for comfort, but the memory foam ear pads and thick leather foam headband do a ton.
When you compare what the HyperX Cloud Headset can do to the other high-end headsets on the market, its value really stands out as a selling point, because it really is a top notch headset solution for gamers that won’t break the bank. I never found much information about how that feature would work; could it pull from your cloud saves?
Helpful for new players or older players who may not have seen the new additions brought over from the PC version or updates from the previous 360 Edition.
Even if you bought the disc version of the 360 game, you can redeem a voucher that came with it so you can get the upgrade price as well. I could update while looking at the screen and select update, or it would back up photos as and when either on mobile data and or wifi. The FIFA 14 experience was greatly improved while using the headset thanks to the level of immersion it provides with the crowd noise. For some reason the Xbox One seems to further enhance the sound levels that are produced by the headset, so both game audio and chat audio sounded much better than I expected, and definitely better than how things sounded on the PS4.
I used the mic to record some voice overs for a gaming video on my iMac, and the resulting recording sounded almost as tight as one would sound when I use my Yeti stereo microphone with a USB connection.
I used the mic to record some voice work on an Upload Studio project, and it sounded amazingly deep, clear, and precise. I tested this by getting into creation mode and just built soaring towers and spawning the maximum number of each non playable character.

I fully expected Google's offering, on a Google phone (operating system anyway), to be a significant improvement over Microsoft's solution.
It could be a placebo effect, but I scored three goals with my character for the first time since playing the game, and I credit it to the crowd noise and resulting increased adrenaline for the improved performance. I didn’t notice much background noise, and for the most part my voice sounded clear and not like I was talking into a tin can. I was astounded by how well my voice sounded using the headset in Upload Studio, because I was expecting similar results to the PS4 tests. It really does feel light on your head, and the memory foam ear pads help to form a tight seal around your ears to ensure the headset doesn’t slide down while using them, as well as locking in sound for the best audio experience possible.
They even have the option to choose the Halo, Mass Effect, and Skyrim packs from the 360 Edition. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads Security Android N and security The best there are The best Android phones you can buy First! In all seriousness though, the isolated sound booth that the headset puts you in really does enhance gameplay experiences, because you’re ears are free to solely focus on the noise coming out of the headset rather than all of the ambient sounds that can flood a 21st century living space.
I don’t blame the poor voice quality on the PS4 on the HyperX Cloud Headset either, because that system is notorious for less than stellar chat audio quality and voice exchanges overall. The headset comes with extra velour ear pads for those looking for an even softer feel, which can be stored in the included travel bag for easy transportation. You get the same 4 player split screen option from the 360 Edition and what would Minecraft be without being able to invite friends over through the Inter-nets. Based on my brief test there’s no doubt that the HyperX Cloud Headset can be used to produce professional sounding voice overs, or just casual chat on the PC and Xbox One platform for those gamers looking to take their hobby to the next level.
The game is smooth alright and with more space on the world map it’ll give you more room to create giant cities or some giant sized pixal art. The theme packs will cost you up to 3.99 with the game themed ones coming with new music, sound effects, and menus. You get some nice hosting options like being able to allow friends of your friends to join your worlds and setting rules. With each passing quarter, each Microsoft owned conference, and each brand new announcement, we are being led directly up Jacob's Ladder. I’m using the same profile that I had on the 360 so I thought it would bring in my cloud save.
Speaking of the DLC, any of the DLC you purchased from the 360 Edition makes its way to the Xbox One Edition. Rule like where you, the host, must authorize a player to be able to build or mine anything in your world. Very handy when you want to protect a precious project you’ve been working on from some jerk who happenes to be a future former friend.
But first let me just tell you a little about what I came across with my time in the Xbox One Edition. It caught me off gaurd at first when I saw the pack I bought before sitting there for 1.99 and there was no way I was buying that again. It will run a Microsoft Cloud OS, include System Center components for management, and be built on Microsoft-branded hardware.
At TechEd 2013 North America, there were a few Expo vendors who had put together turnkey cloud solutions using their own hardware, but software from Microsoft.
And, I still keep up hope that whatever Microsoft comes up with will include the Xbox name.

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