This issue features celebrity interview with Brooke Hyland, Carlon Jeffery and style spotlight with 12-year-old fashion designer Isabella Rose!
Cover interview with Layla Crawford, Tips: How to Spring Clean Your Room, Rising Stars: Talented Tween Interviews and MORE! Microsoft is at last getting into game, offering its well-known Office suite of products for consumers increasingly turning to the cloud.
The new Office subscription is an entirely new way to think about the productivity experience with entirely new benefits. While Microsoft’s chief executive may promote the new suite of cloud apps as a bold move, it is more accurately just catching up with Google. With both mobile operating systems controlling smartphones and tablets, it makes no sense for Microsoft’s updated flagship product to natively support neither. Then again, Microsoft may be following the two-phase approach that’s been so successful with its tablets? So let me get this right…I get a subscription for 99 bucks a year and I have to keep paying it every year.
They made it server based because they know us jailbreakers would have pirated the shit out of it had it been an app. Nothing extra ordinarily new here, just a fugly downgrade on the UI and now rentable + outright-buyable. Still, I’m all right with a small woodworking shop, because at the end of the day I have everything I need.
The woodshop layout has a direct effect on how much enjoyment I can get out of my time woodworking. As I alluded to, small woodshops are all about compromise and one of the best ways to keep the shop from becoming cluttered and unmanageable is my copious use of mobile bases for almost every tool I own.

Matt is the host and creator of the first and longest-running podcast dedicated to the home woodworker – Matt's Basement Workshop.
Granted I wouldn’t want to build a highboy or something in there, but I am planning on building a desk and bureau this winter. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. Jeff Miller and Popular Woodworking show you in this DVD how the chisel is a simple tool, but is essential in any shop. Over time, the majority of the billion plus people using Office will be using the Office 365 service.
The Mountain View, California Internet giant understood early on that consumers were okay with applications not being perfect, as long as they took advantage of mobile computing and convenient cloud storage. I see no benefit from a recurring payment over other free services, even if it does take just those few more clicks. We’ll probably be getting it by the end of the year and of course it will be called Office 2014 as the Mac version is always a year ahead. Any reasoning why they don’t offer the whole Office Suite that includes Access, OneNote and Publisher for Mac? If they want to try to force the issue by only offering 365 in the future (instead of regular office) then Ill simply go with Open Office, Libre Office, Google Docs, etc. And I’ve developed some tactics for efficient work where everything is crammed into one tight space. It takes a little more time, careful thought about the tools I use and most especially about the layout of the woodshop itself. And if you’re eager to get started organizing your own shop, browse the woodshop projects section of our store now!

Our magazine is a resource center for young girls where they can find trendy new looks, celebrity news and enter fun modeling contests to win prizes.
At $99 per year ($80 for students and educators) the cloud-based application suite will work on up to 5 Macs, PCs and Windows tablets. If this is the way that office will go in the future, 2013 will be my last installment of it.
My father needs Publisher so he had to install Windows on his Mac just to use that one program. Hell, I’d even rather go with PAGES then ever giving M$ a dime of my money for a yearly subscription. We can’t wait to see your next two posts in this series on how to best use a small shop.
Or are you just looking for a place that your tween can stop by, have fun and get cool tips and fashion advice?
TGSM was created to fill a need for more tween centered magazines for girls that love to model. We wanted to create a place that was family friendly and place young girls would enjoy reading.

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