For independents and studios alike, the online distribution of movies is a game that's heating up rather rapidly.
YEKRA is marketing themselves with what is essentially universal appeal -- that is, hosting films of all kinds from all corners of the industry.
Let me introduce the YEKRA movie theater to you guys, because it took me in a little while to understand how it works and its true potential.
YEKRA's partnership with Dick Rolfe’s DOVE Foundation is an example of how a company is leveraging YEKRA's tools to create a "family-friendly" curated VOD theater.
But seriously, it is a cool idea and we'll have to see how it's executed in terms of what kind of numbers can be achieved using this system. Just last April, YEKRA launched SIRIUS, a film that has made over $550,000 on the platform to date. There's some interesting stats to think about. Albeit the $11,000 earned was likely a large company with access to a lot of eyeballs and not an individual, it still shows you that there is real money to be made with YEKRA's model. Holding true to their philosophy of bringing YEKRA to destinations that already exist -- and keeping them there -- everything happens within the player. Note: You still have to sign up for a YEKRA member account in order to complete a transaction.
YEKRA is currently only compatible with Mac OS, Windows, iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones, but I'm told they are working hard to get it to other streaming devices (Xbox, Roku, etc.) ASAP. Mention No Film School on your submission form and the team will prioritize your submission. Of course we know by now that the success of any one film isn't because of any platform it's on, however it gives you the chance to draw audiences to your film in droves. To keep track of distribution tools, I'll be updating my direct-distribution roundup over the next few weeks.
BTW, they have both the "buy" and "rent" options (rent has a 48 hrs viewing window) and a range of prices from $4 for the "straight to video" type of releases to $18 for the major films.
I met with one of their team recently about my documentary and my first question was what the name meant.
Besides which, their player, which I got the chance to look at in detail is the only truly embeddable offering and is much slicker than anyone else's who have much more cash in the game. Actually what Yekra done not just for the movies industry but also to the affiliate marketing industry is massive. Now i can tell my students (affiliate marketers) about this new model, and i say model because we can contact movie makers now and convenience them to upload their movie to Yekra, and we do all the promotion work and get the affiliate commission. Get your FREE copy of the eBook called "astonishingly detailed and useful" by Filmmaker Magazine! It's 100+ pages on what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR. I am a Wealthy Affiliate University's Student since 2014, and successfully generated my Passive Online Income after learning from the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. There are many Ordinary Folks at Wealthy Affiliate who are making money online after learning from the course. If you have a website, the Google Adsense affiliate program is simply one of the easiest ways to make money online and generate passive income every single month.
Google is by far the most dominant search engine on Earth.  And because so many millions of people use it every day, Google is able to manage a very diverse network of opportunities for businesses that would love to advertise on the web.
As a site owner, that’s a great opportunity for you!  In exchange for leasing some of your website’s real estate, Google is willing to pay you every time someone clicks on an ad. In this post, we’ll explore how much income you can make from Google Adsense and its relationship to search engine optimization (SEO).  As you’ll, it has a lot to do with whether or not you’ll make pennies or thousands of dollars!
The 68% figure is fixed by Google (we’ll talk more about that below).  The next three criteria all relate back to good SEO. Why?  Because that’s how people can easily find your website.  When someone types in a word to the search field, you want your website to appear in the number 1 spot because then they will visit your site and possibly click one of your Adsense ads.
Good SEO and potentially high Adsense income starts with finding great keywords that have a high CPC, high search volume, and low competition. CPC stands for cost per click.  The higher the value of the CPC, the more money you’ll stand to make. The way you find this information out is to look in Google Adwords under the Keyword Planner.  The keyword research tool Long Tail Pro also does this for you. The next variable in increasing your Adsense revenue is “search volume”.  Simply put, the more people that look for this particular keyword, the higher number of visitors you may get to your website.  And that could translate into higher chances to make more income! A site that earns 100 visitors per day will not make nearly the amount of income that a site that has 1,000 visitors per day makes.  And a site that attracts 10,000 visitors per day will make a whole lot more! Getting your CTR will depend on a number of variables, many of which will be out of your control.
Your goal is to attract as many organic searches as possible.  To do this, you will need to rank on the first page of Google within the top 10 results. How is this possible when Google returns over one million search results for virtually everything you type into their search box?
If you’d like some help creating a money making website of your own, feel free to check out our free +7,500 word page here. An interesting article on how one can best prepare their articles in order to make maximum AdSense income from it. Affiliate Disclaimer: Great Passive Income Ideas may be compensated for our personal opinions, reviews, and affiliate relationships with some of the featured products and services. An affiliate marketer is a person who sells another organization’s products or services on his or her own website and receives a commission for the sale.
Once of the best parts of being an affiliate marketer is all you have to do is sell the product. Make sure your webpage and blog content is relevant to the affiliate program you’re promoting.It is a good idea to sell affiliate products that go along with the subject matter of your website.
It is estimated that several billion dollars per year are paid out to affiliate marketers, and businesses know that affiliate marketing is a profitable way for them to get the word out for their product or service. You can make higher commission amounts if you choose not to use an affiliate marketing clearing house and choose your affiliate merchants on your own. If you have any questions about starting your own home based affiliate marketing program I can provide you with complementary training to get you started. I am going to tell my little brother that he should also pay a quick visit to your webpage on regular basis to learn the most updated information. The ‘Cost per Sale’ refers to the amount of money you spend to drive people to the web page that has the affiliate link on it. With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing you pay a small amount every time someone clicks on your Adword’s ad to come to your site. The Number of Sales is the number of products sold to people who have clicked on the affiliate link on your site. You then have to work out how much it costs to get people to visit the binocular page on your website. If we look at industry statistics we can get an idea of what you will need to do to make $100 every day of the year.
WebSideStory, the average conversion rate is 3.3% (The conversion rate is the percentage of people who click on an affiliate link and buy the product).
You will need to sell 12.5 products at an average value of $140 and a commission rate of 10% to hit $100, or $36,500 a year.
They introduce you to the process of working how much money you can make from affiliate marketing.
If you do this you will be able to tweak each bit of the process to continually increase the amount of money you make. Flipkart, a popular Indian eCommerce website that sells everything from low price books to expensive television sets. First you will have to sign up for their affiliate program and you will get a unique tracking id.
Frankly speaking, most people don’t make much money from this Flipkart affiliate program either, but it does act as a complementary source of income. But if you  promote a big television set or smartphone worth rs 30,000, then you can easily make somewhere around Rs 1500.
Second thing that matter is your niche, for instance I promote electronic and gadgets from Flipkart which offer low rate of commission (4-5%) whereas if you promote books, consumer goods or clothing etc then you can get 10% commission. Although the commission rate changes every month, following screenshot will give you a rough idea.
Easy to join: Anyone having a simple website can join the program and start promoting products within 15 min. Reputable and trusted company: Flipkart is not only popular but also a reliable eCommerce industry in the market. Payout is on time : Since they have 30 days replacement guarantee, they pay their affiliates after one month of sale. Tons of product to promote: This eCommerce giant sell everything and anything, it is easy to find stuff that you want to promote which convert well.
Decent commission rate: If not high, when compare to other affiliates like Snapdeal and amazon, Flipkart does offer decent commission. This is bad is because, as affiliate market you have to place links in many place, most of them you don’t even remember.
Pick up a niche that you are really interested in and review products associated with your niche. Similarly if you are into books than start a book review series in your blog and ask people and leave a link to your affiliate there.
One mistake that beginners make is spamming social media with their affiliate links or asking their friends to buy through them. Being a Flipkart affiliate for a long time now, I can say that it is one of the top affiliate programs in India.
Personally I choose Amazon India affiliate over Flipkart as they offer more commissions and their service is better than Flipkart.
I am no expert in affiliate marketing, but I do manage to make small yet passive income from amazon and Flipkart affiliate program. Off course there is no secret trick involve however there is one tried and tested method that usually work, ie. The first thing to understand about your affiliate site is that your earnings are directly related to the time AND value you put into your site. More often than not, with new affiliate sites that comes down to creating new content, and making sure that the information you present is accurate and worthwhile. In order to get an accurate assessment of what your site might earn, try to figure out how much high quality time you can put into it each week. I usually try to get an estimate using both of these approaches, and then I have what I consider to be a good range estimating what my return on time will be for the site. I hope that helps you determine your income potential for a part time affiliate marketing site.
I promise to hide nothing, and going to show you everything and I am sure you would start earning $500 if you follow this post. You will discover how to do it and how you can too copy my system and get your video up and rank it within a few week and start earning. What I am doing is – I choose CPA offers to promote, build videos and get traffic on these offers and they get convert and money rolls in my bank account.
Firstly I find a niche in which I need to work, basically a profitable niche, then I search for profitable keywords, next I start building videos that converts CPA offers at 40-50%.

I have twisted this method from my experience like – how to rank video, how to create videos that convert, how to rank in Google, how to bring traffic, what to promote. Like how my small videos are getting 10k views on autopilot and making me $200-500 per video. Think like this – if you have a single video you earn $300, what if you have 10videos like that?
Now we have selected our niche, next we need a product to promote as solution to this niche. So that’s my advice for you too, always choose email or zip offers to promote with your YouTube videos. Keywords are basically terms which people search in search engines like YouTube, Google etc.
For example – Let’s suppose a person searched “acne treatment” in Google, then this two words – “acne treatment” is keyword. Let’s suppose we know what 10k people are searching on Youtube and if we rank a video there, then what will happen? Youtube will start displaying our video in front of those 10k people and resulting in traffic to our video, hence more profits!
These suggested terms are keywords which people of same problem are searching in Google, so it’s a great way to find keywords. Build a list of 5 keywords from this list and check out their search volume in Google keyword planner. In Google keyword planner when you place any keyword it will give you exact search volume per month. Always have UK, USA in country, as we want to know search volume from these countries mainly. So, what should be the range of searches our keyword should have, so that we can rank easily and can make money too. If you look at this keyword you would see it clearly says the person who is searching it is having problem with acne and need solution and ways to cure it. I get a lot of people asking me how I create my videos which converts really well, what should be length of a proper video and blah blah.. So always have a script before creating your video, and it will take no more than 15 minutes to do it. If you will start with introducing yourself, you will fail to get their attention as they are not interested in knowing about you. I know a lot of people will tell you make a story saying – oh, I was so irritated with acne, and then I got this product and I am in relief now..
That’s bullshit story, nobody will believe you, people are no fool nowadays and I ask you not to fool anyone, we are doing real business that will make you $5k-10k+ per month, so be honest and try to provide some real value and money will roll in, trust me. So relate to him while making video and share what he feels about his problem and you can also teach in few lines how acne happens. Just 2-4 lines are enough, and at last tell them to – Click on the link below this video to watch find best solution for their problem. Never force people to click your link, just tell them gently, and trust me it works better than repeatedly saying click, click the link, click it.. Handle them that script or points that they need to say in video and they will do it at a dirt cheap rate of $5 only. Now we have video ready, and before I directly upload it to youtube I usually optimize it so that it rank easily. If your video length below 1 minute, then just edit it in Camtasia or “cam studio” to increase its length to at least 2 minutes.
I don’t know why it happens but I have seen it myself, if you try to rank 2-4sec video it will be very tough in compare to 2 minutes video. In this picture you can see, I have started description with my “Link”, that’s important as our main aim doing this is to drive traffic to our offers which we are promoting. Now to rank your video in Youtube, the most important thing you need is – high retention views. For getting some real views you can do is – share your video on your social media profiles, with your friends, like on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.
High retention views means how long your video has been viewed by your audience, like if 3 people came to your video and they watched your video completely without closing it in between, then your retention will be 100%.
Just visit Fiverr and search for “YouTube views” And you’ll get a lot of people selling views.
Here is a small tip – don’t buy views in bulk ever, always buy views in small package of 1000 to 3000, never buy more than that. You can rank your video in YouTube easily, just follow these steps: Always get high retention views, some likes as well as social bookmarking links.
Always Get High Retention Views : Get minimum 4000 to 8000 views, no need to buy more than the given amount! If you are planning to purchase views and likes with social bookmarking links, never order them separately. Let me explain why – it’s because if you want to rank your video then you need to order them all at same time duration, so that everything looks good.
And when you are ordering always make sure to check out the seller’s reputation in the market plus customers reviews and testimonials so that you can know if he is good or not. You can’t rank your video neither in google nor in youtube without doing on page seo correctly.
On page SEO means what optimization you are doing on your video page that is going to help in ranking it.
It’s necessary to have keyword in your title as the first thing which search engines like youtube and google see is – title.
The best thing I can tell you is – always put keywords in your description, never forget that as search engines can’t read your video content but can read your description, so it’s very important element. Never use your keyword in your video all the time, I mean don’t use your keyword repeatedly! Maintain keyword density less than 2%, always remember that, it will help you in long term. So if you get 5-10 backlinks from these sources you will easily see your video ranking higher than your competitors.
You can share your video on facebook, twitter, linkedin and all the social media sites and when you share you get a backlink, this will help you in ranking your video. There are many forums online in each niche, just go and make accounts on them and start sharing some knowledge and in “signature” you will get one backlink per post.
If you have been online from few month then you must have heard about yahoo answer, do you know the traffic on yahoo answer is hungry for solution.
What you can do is – just find questions related to your niche and suggest your video to watch as a solution, you will start seeing a lot of fresh, real and hungry traffic coming to your way. I recommend you do this – 10 comments per day, and you will see 100 views per day in a week. Do you know there is a services online called press release, which can get you a lot of views and backlinks from high pr sites and once you get these backlinks, you will get traffic with ranking.
What I actually do is – I upload the “money video” (video which is going to make us money and rank) and then I create a simple video with help of pictures and background music. Then I make 5-7 variations of this video by simply cutting the last few seconds of each video.
Let’s say I made a video of 2 minutes, then I cut a video upto 1 minute 50 seconds, second one 1 minute 30 seconds and so on.. This way YouTube thinks they are different videos, and then I upload all these 5-7 variations to YouTube with keywords related to our main money video. YouTube thinks – your money video must be very nice and informative that’s why you are getting so many backlinks from other YouTube videos, and rank your main video for your keyword higher! This is the best method out there and it ranks your video in like 24 hours and sticks there for months easily. Blog networks links means a group of blogs from where you can get backlink pointing to your videos. You can simply create 10 websites and link back to your YouTube video and it will rank your video in under 24 hours. I usually see increase in ranking within 24-48hours, totally worth it if you are looking to rank fast. I regularly use cashnetwork as they are really fantastic, they pay weekly and convert really well for me.
When you enter your keyword in these sites, they will show you CPA offers from multiple networks all in one place. Now In this last section I am going to reveal you how to scale up your business and take your income level from $3000 to $5k or even $10k per month.
Think like you worked for a whole week and you made a video and get it ranked, and one video is making you $200-300 per month. If you start outsourcing works then you could make 5 videos and get them ranked that would help you to go from $1-3k to $5-10k per month.
This is exactly what top YouTube marketers are doing and making $10-20k per month without working much. I know many people fails because they don’t know how to drive traffic, so in this section I will teach you how I am able to drive 30,000 views to my YouTube videos easily on autopilot.
Think if you get 30,000 views to your video then how much traffic will flow to your affiliate link, and how many conversions you see, and how much money you’ll make. Always have keyword in your video title but write it in such a way that it attracts eye balls easily. So, always have this kind of title, it will improve number of people clicking to your video even when you are ranking low in Google. Find a famous video in your niche and make a video response of that one, and link your main video in description. I already told you to add keywords as tag while uploading, but what to do If your keyword is more than one word. You can add your keyword as tag in YouTube by simply putting quotes around your keywords like this – “top acne treatment”, “best way to remove acne”. After you have searched keyword for your video, find some more keywords – long tail keywords. There's already a handful of players in the game, so the first question I always ask to new platforms is: what are you offering that the others aren't?
However, it's not YEKRA's intention to become just another destination to stream movies online -- they want to break direct-distribution wide open.
Thanks to a demo with Lee Waterworth in downtown Los Angeles last week, I got an in-depth look at YEKRA. This can be as simple as an individual putting a collection of their favorite movies on their personal website that they want people to watch (without having to ever leave the website).
It raises the stakes for audiences (large and small) and aims to redefine the meaning -- or rather, the value -- of sharing. It all depends on the deal you make with the film's liaisons and how well you can promote the film or films you're affiliated with.
How much you earn in commissions is directly tied to how successful you are in promoting the film. One of the fantastic things about AffiliateConnect with Yekra is that filmmakers (and their publishers) are able to work directly with affiliates to help promote their films while setting the percentage commission you’ll earn for that film. My main concern with this model is that the YEKRA ecosystem needs to be really strong for it to work. The rights for many acclaimed films are in legal twister, can there be one platform to rule them all?

The equation for that kind of success is constantly shifting, but one thing is for sure: direct-distribution is here to stay, and YEKRA seems to be planning for the long haul.
If they could return over 500k from something as random as Sirius, clearly they can sell ice to the Eskimos. No account creation gateway to get in the way of customers entering their details, no diversion, redirects or pop ups back to someone else's site (like Vimeo, Reelhouse and VHX) to purchase and watch which results in losing many potential customers. Spent a lot of time researching all of the options and they truly feel like the best solution out there for helping me sell. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Value Creation . Check out our extensive list of great passive income ideas to start making cash on the side right away. The information presented is the opinion of the author only and should not be interpreted as specific advice or recommendations towards your financial situation.
In the last three weeks our team has exploded in size to over 40 active Beachbody Coaches across Canada. As an example, you have a website or a blog on which you place a banner or a hyperlink promoting another company’s product. The affiliate merchant handles shipping, returns, and any customer service needs from that point on.
The most common ways to do this is through advertising and promoting your affiliate program. For example, if you have a website that is focused on learning to be an online entrepreneur or starting your own online business, you’ll affiliate products to be about that subject or related topics. That means for every pair of binoculars that are sold via the affiliate link on your site, you make $20. From previous experience you expect to pay $0.15 every time someone clicks on the ad to come to your site. Unlike hosting referral programs that offer up to 75% commission per sale, on Flipkart you get around 5% commission. So if you are beginner then you may or may not make a living out of it, but you can definitely make some side income easily. And from my personal experience I have seen this difference reflecting in the code implementation and site maintenance. Even when I switch from gift vouchers to EFT, I have to fill a long form, attach scan copies of my pan card and bank pass book. When I click on smart url using Chrome browser on an Android device, it opens Flipkart webpage on chrome browser, instead of launching in the app. First is the traditional EFT where money is wired directly to your bank account that you have chosen at the time of registration. Flipkart affiliate team will send you a mail containing your pin number of your e-gift voucher. This e-gift voucher are valid for 1 year and can be redeemed directly when you make payment by choosing the e-Gift card option. For instance in festival season like Diwali people are looking to buy stuff and Flipkart is made big billion sale.
For instance if you are interested in smartphones that make a review video or write an article about it, leaving your affiliate link at the end of the article or in the video description.
I review stuff, that I have personally used, on my second YouTube channel and leave my affiliate link the video description. I could say nothing, which is true for anyone who gives up in the first few months, or I could say you have unlimited earnings potential, which is also true but somewhat misleading.
Instead you want to think about time as your ability to increase the value you provide for your site. If you’re just getting started and want to learn more, I highly recommend you sign up for this free affiliate course, which will help give you the training you need to get to the higher end of those numbers and find true success with your site! I am going to show you everything step by step, so you can understand everything very clearly. So for this, what I generally do is visit ezine articles and there you will find a list of broad niches which are popular.
I generally go with – Business, Internet marketing, Health and fitness, Finance, Investing, Real Estate niches, as finding CPA offers related to these niches are easy and they pay well too. You can select any of these sub-niches to work on, and in these niches there are thousands to be made easily. We all know acne is problem faced by a lot of people all over the world; it’s not limited to any specific country. If you are looking to make thousands or even millions you should first look if your niche has audience and hunger or not.
In internet marketing niche – I like to work with CPA network called – Cashnetwork, it’s a secret CPA network, very few people know about it, and best thing is they pay really well.
I think this is the best range while searching your keywords, it is enough to make you $200-700 from a single video and it’s easy to rank for. You know a lot of people don’t understand the importance of keywords and fail and I don’t want you to fail that’s why I revealed everything to you. If you have a proper script for your video your conversions will increase, and if you fail in your script, your income will suffer a lot.
If your keyword has more competition just repeat the above steps for your video until you see you video ranked. You can simply write an article and submit that article to these sites and in author field you will get two backlinks. They are so powerful, get 5000 pack from fiverr and you will see result within 24-48 hours depending on your keyword competition.
And ask is links permanent or not, a few guys charges on basis of monthly rental, stay away from them as that would cost you more. Like video creation, backlink creation, uploading to youtube, writing description, getting views, sharing on social media sites.. Funded with $3M in venture capital last year, YEKRA just launched, and they have a lot to say about online distribution. Alternatively an established, large company can start earning money off movies that might fit in with their audiences values.
Outreach, marketing and promotion are expensive and exhausting -- but what if you could make money promoting films you love, sitting on your couch eating potato chips?
It seems like becoming ubiquitous is what YEKRA needs to do to get the most out of their model. And if an extra 60% came through affiliates and themselves (I'm assuming this is in addition to them selling from their own site, can the writer confirm?) Then who wouldn't want the ability to generate that extra revenue available to them?
Maybe not as slick on the back end as others but who cares if they are focussing their time on helping develop things that result in me selling more?
Such content, advertising space or posts may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.
I’ve had the pleasure of becoming the first Canadian Diamond Beachbody Coach, and 6 of our coaches have already become Emerald coaches with the organization.
When someone clicks this link, they’ll be taken to the seller’s website where they can purchase the item and you, as an affiliate, get paid a commission for the sale. Affiliate marketing has become a good home based business opportunity because the start-up costs are very small. You also know that roughly one out of every 50 people clicking on an ad goes on to click on the affiliate link and make a purchase. Lower cost items let say a pen drive worth 500 INR, can get you commission no more than 25 Rs.
But yes, this affiliate program can give you decent passive income over the years if you play your cards right. It goes without saying, that conversion rate from  video is higher than display ads on websites. Instead, think of these as assumptions to use after you’ve already hit the 6 month(ish) mark on your new site. So today I am going to let you think yourself ?? You just have to implement the strategies and Boom .
That doesn’t mean go with keyword having million searches as it would have really tough competition and ranking for those keywords would be no easy. They have a really interesting affiliate program in which you can earn money by curating or sharing movies that are hosted on their platform. By allowing anyone to earn cash by curating and selling movies directly from their own websites. All offers or claims are subject to change without notice and should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. As a rule, commissions can run anywhere from 25 to 75 percent of the products purchase price.
For example, Clickbank may have a product that is being offered that will teach people how to build a website, and it sells for $19.95.
However if you don’t have PAN card yet, then you can still select the gift voucher option but then your TDS deduction will become 20%. However, instead of trying to solely funnel people into their streaming platform, they are bringing their platform to you. So what does a VOD movie theater experience look like anyways? And not only just from a film's standalone website, something that VHX and Gumroad have already done well. People adopt whatever ultimately becomes successful and I'm sure startups cant generally afford ideal domain names these days unless CAA are backing them.
Average earnings for a Diamond Beachbody Coach per year is around $13,968 to a high of $107, 915. You could promote that on your website, and when people purchase it, if the commission is 35%, you would be paid $6.98 for every sale made. In the later case, the ‘Commission Paid Per Sale’ is the value of the sale times the commission percentage.
The downside is that these clearing houses also get a piece of the pie – so your commission amount will decrease. For example if the product you are promoting costs $150 and the commission is 10%, you make $15 per sale.
For example, MovieMaker Magazine now has its own On Demand channel thanks to YEKRA's theater tools. And these are public numbers from 2 years ago.How much money can you make with BeachbodyWhat Separates High Earners from Average EarnersThere are a number of factors at play in terms of how much you will make, but I can tell you that most of it has to do with your abillity to execute a great marketing strategy. Because I am your secret weapon.My 10 Years Experience with Digital MarketingI have created a system that all my coaches can follow, to climb the ranks of Beachbody in record time.
I have created a platform that allows me to work with all of the coaches that join our Beachbody team to help them create custom blogs that are hosted in a state-of-the-art data center, search engine optimized, and integrate with social media. I spend the time to get your facebook pages setup, your branding right, and most importanly, I understan the business side of Beachbody.Your Next StepsRight now is the best time to join Beachbody Coaching Canada. By joining today you will lock in your position at the very top of the organization before the massive Canadian expansion officially begins in January 2013. Because I don’t see the point in having you sign-up to not be successful  I am not going to go through all this trouble to get you to sign-up, and not make sure that you dominate the Beachbody organization. If you are ready to join us in the private members area and get your custom web-site up and running, simply Register Today.Here is a quick video to show you EXACTLY how to sign-up.

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