The cat’s big paws have sharp clawsThe fingernails of an animal, such as a bear or cat. When a clouded leopard spots its preyNoun: An animal that is hunted as food by another animal. These cats also hunt on the ground, like the leopards and tigers that share their habitatWhere an animal or plant normally lives and grows.. Dollar is part of a project at National Geographic called the Big Cats Initiative -- an effort on television, in the society's magazines and online to spread the word that the animals need help. Fifty years ago, says National Geographic, there were 450,000 lions in the bush; their numbers have since dropped to 20,000. So the society is trying to raise money so that local farmers in poor countries can get help tending the land in ways that do not threaten the species around them.
Certainly, there is plenty of hunting that goes on, but the bigger problems are destruction of the animals' habitat, and rampant poaching that happens in Asia and Africa, where there is often poverty beyond Westerners' ability to imagine. In the mountains of Central Asia, snow leopards are being killed because they prey on livestock owned by local herders, and because some of their body parts are used as ingredients in traditional Eastern medicine. In Indonesia and surrounding countries, two percent of the clouded leopard's habitat is lost every year, according to National Geographic, because trees are cut down for palm oil. Conservation biologists have latched on to the idea of "hotspots," specific places where many species thrive together.
Protecting those few hotspots, scientists say, is much more efficient than trying to get overburdened local governments to try to cordon off large swaths of the wild. They published the findings in a Royal Society journal.It is not the first study to suggest that wild cats need spots to "vanish" in dense forests, sandy deserts or snowy mountains.
In the story, an Ethiopian first changed his skin colour to black and then "put his five fingers close together (there was plenty of black left on his new skin still) and pressed them all over the Leopard, and wherever the five fingers touched they left five little black marks, all close together.
Great Britain win four golds to move above China into second place in the medal table on day nine of the Rio Olympics.
Sang Dao will be visible to visitors in the cub den at the zoo, and she and Tien will sometimes appear there together.
The state of Assam is a beautiful region with ageless beauty and biodiversity, characteristic of North East India.

Established as a reserve forest in 1978 and later a national park in 1998, the Nameri National Park is located in the Sonitpur District. The biggest selling point of this national park is the large diversity of birds which live here. You can also catch sight of the breathtaking sultan tit, along with oriental dwarf kingfishers, rufous-backed sibia, yellow-bellied flower pecker, ibisbill, black stork, grey-pied hornbill, horned lark, blue-bearded bee eater, plover, white-crowned forktail, slender-billed oriole, amur falcon, and hundreds more. The North Eastern states of India are known for their secluded surroundings and distinct natural environment. The tributaries of the river – Dikorai, Dinai, Nameri, Doigurung, and others create riverine tracts across parts of the park. Nameri National Park sustains a large number of elephants, which live here by the thousands.
There are many predators like tigers, leopards, clouded leopards, dholes (Asiatic wild dogs) along with animals like Indian wild bisons, binturong, barking deer, hog deer, and slow loris. He is out to save the world's big cats -- the lions, tigers and leopards that you would think are perfectly able to take care of themselves.
If trick-or-treaters come to your door on Halloween dressed as lions or tigers, look to see how their coin boxes are decorated; they may be collecting for the Big Cats Initiative. Sang Dao (pronounced Sing Dow), five and a half months old, arrived on September 12 from Tanganyika Wildlife Park near Wichita, Kansas.
The pair will be raised together with the aim of eventually breeding to further their endangered species.
At the foothills of Eastern Himalayas lies the Nameri National Park, famous for angling, its large population of elephants, and a variety of other animals and birds, including many endangered and vulnerable species.
It is 35 km away from the city of Tezpur and about 220 km from Guwahati, the largest city of Assam. A photographer’s paradise, Nameri National Park is one of the very few places in the world where you can see the endangered white-winged wood duck. It’s impossible not be awed and fall in love with the spectacular birds of this national park of India! Nameri National Park is a region of dense deciduous and semi evergreen forests, and wetlands with the river Jia Bhoroli winding its way through it.

You can also see a lovely variety of orchid species, along with bamboo, cane, and patches of grassland.
The park has a great variety of other mammals like the Himalayan black bears, sloth bears, capped langurs, muntjacs, sambars, gaurs, and the endangered hispid hare which is also known as the Indian rabbit. You may also catch sight of the Malayan giant squirrel. The park is also renowned for its various reptiles, especially the Assam roof turtles.
The Jia Bhoroli River has been famous for its angling opportunities since the park was established.
She’s been settling into her new zoo, and keepers have started introducing her to Tien, who was born May 1 at Point Defiance. They are part of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan for Clouded Leopards. Other noticeable birds in the park are blue-naped pitta, wreathed hornbill, red-throated pipit, black-bellied tern, Jerdon’s babbler, white-cheeked partridge, lesser fish eagle, and grey-headed eagle.
There are the Myanmar pythons, pit vipers, King cobras, monitor lizards, Indian soft shell turtle, South Asian leaf turtles, etc. Dr Allen said that the title has been inspired by a short story of Rudyard Kipling with a similar name, "How the leopard got his spots". The park shares boundary with Arunachal Pradesh’s Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, and was used for logging before being protected. One can also go trekking accompanied by a forest guard, or take a safari, through the beautiful evergreen and deciduous forests, looking for the various exotic birds and animals.
Now, thousands of tourists go to explore the stunning geography and wildlife of this national park of Assam.

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