Go behind-the-scenes of a National Geographic magazine articleto see how our photographers use technology in the field. My zoo escort, Renee Bumpus, and I were sitting in a solar-powered golf cart near a café at the Houston Zoo. In the future, zoos will not only serve as arks, but also as key educators of the public about our place in the world and how we can affect the outcome for all creatures great and small. It was her birthday, so I bought her a hot dog, a small bottle of water, and a bag of chips. Several years ago they helped found El Valle, a breeding center for rare amphibians in Panama.

Each week we’ll highlight one as our Lexus Technology Question of the Week to be answered here by our experts. They still fund that center, which is home to many species of colorful frogs that have been hit hard by an amphibian-killing fungus over the past few years.
We talked about the latest things: news, mutual friends, and especially the role that zoos are now playing in conservation.
Zoos can no longer afford to be just places where the public goes to view animals in exhibits, Rick said. Going forward, zoos must actually put funds and manpower into both research and saving habitat in the wild all over the world.

Otherwise, for many species, there will be no place left outside of captivity for these animals, period.
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