If a passcode protected iPhone is connected to the computer for the first time, iTunes will require the user to enter the passcode and unlock the device before starting the sync process. Backup folder contains a list of files which are not in a readable format and it consists of uniquely named files with a 40 digit alphanumeric hex value without any file extension. This 40 digit hex file name in the backup folder is the SHA1 hash value of the file path appended to the respective domain name with a ‘-‘ symbol.
Header: Mbdb file header is a fixed value of 6 bytes and the value acts as a magic number to identify the mbdb files.
Metasploit contains a post exploitation module using which we can steal the Apple iOS backup files from a victim’s computer. Below details outline the usage of updated Metasploit – Apple iOS Backup File Extraction module. Though Apple iOS backup extraction module dumps all the files from the victim’s backup, the level of data revealed to the attacker depends on the type of the iOS backup.
HTC has announced its new range bolstering phone in New York City, and some are calling it the biggest iPhone design rip-off since, well, practically since the iPhone launched back in 2007.
More importantly for HTC at least, the HTC One A9 seems to finally address some of the company’s lingering terrible design decisions on the likes of the HTC One M9, for instance. Although it looks almost exactly like the iPhone 6, bar the HTC logo at the back and the centered rear camera mounting, the A9 is built from the ground up by its creator, and features a 5.0-inch Full HD screen, along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 and Android Marshmallow.

No availability information is available for South Africa as yet, but the States should see the phone arrive in first week of November and retail for around US$399. These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Red Particles Effect Transparent" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. If the automatic sync option is turned off in iTunes, the user has to manually initiate the backup process whenever the device is connected to the computer. Upon unlocking the iPhone with a valid passcode, iTunes recognizes the device as authorized and allows to backup and sync with the computer. Manifest.mbdb is a binary file that contains information about all other files in the backup along with the file sizes and file system structure data.
However the existing module was designed for iOS 4 backups and does not support the latest iOS 5 backups. If the victim machine contains an encrypted backup, the information that we get from stealing the backup files is almost nothing. From there on, iTunes will allow to backup or sync the iPhone without entering the passcode as long as it connects to the same computer.
In iOS 5, applications and inside data are classified into 12 domains (11 system domains and one application domain).

So in order to use the iOS backup module, first we have to compromise the system using some other vector.
Because all the files in the encrypted backup are encrypted with the user supplied iTunes password.
The front camera boasts a 4MP UltraPixel sensor, which will likely give the owner some great looking selfies. If the victim machine contains a normal backup, we can read the sensitive data stored in all files except the Keychain database. Since the introduction of iTunes 10, index file (mbdx) is eliminated and the backup is managed by a single mbdb file. In case of normal backups, the keychain is encrypted with a hardware key which is embedded in the iPhone.

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