You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The hotel will be located 40 feet under water and it will have two units that will be accessed via elevators. There is also a land complex with 26 over water bungalows and 24 beach ones, along with the VIP presidential suite. Apart from the things that have been already mentioned, Poseidon undersea resort includes a fitness center, pools and courtyards for the beach bungalows, six bars and five restaurants in total, two swimming pools, tennis courts, a dive shop and a golf course.

Yes, this is intended to become a unique undersea resort, aptly named after the Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon. Underwater suites feature large windows that allow you to fully enjoy the lovely depths of the sea without getting wet. They can be easily packed in your luggage while consuming little space.  Your cell phone also likely has a stopwatch function. It is to be placed on an island in Fiji, where visitors will be able to enjoy the solitude and colorfulness of the marine life.

The other unit features a library, a spa, a conference room, theater area and a wedding chapel where you can further embellish your wedding day. This is the least amount of money you will need to spend for a wonderful holiday that includes air transportation on the resort’s airplanes, four nights in beach bungalows, two more in underwater suites, a trip in a submarine expedition outside the borders of the lagoon and probably the unique chance to pilot a personal submarine yourself.

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