Today Google launched a new beta service, Cloud Print, that aims to make mobile printing simpler.
Setup will only take a few minutes, and if you were already using the standard version of Chrome, all of your settings, bookmarks, and more will still be there after you upgrade. Select the Under the Hood tab, then scroll down to the bottom and click Sign in to Google Cloud Print. Login with your standard Google account, and make sure to use the one you normally use with Gmail and Google Docs. Click the Print a test page button, then select your printer from the list and click print.
If it doesna€™t work, or you cana€™t see your printers listed, wait a few moments to make sure Googlea€™s had time to authenticate your account and display your printers. If youa€™re using an iPad or Android tablet, youa€™ll be able to print from the Gmail touch interface, too. For now, Cloud Print is only very useful if you find yourself needing to print emails and docs from Gmail and Google Docs often. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could print from any of your devices (desktops, phones, tablets) to any of your printers, at any time? The best workflow and computer tweaks make your life easier, and that’s certainly true of setting up Google Cloud Print.
Easy printing from a desktop computer has long been a cinch; Google Cloud Print brings that same ease of one-click printing to everything else in your stable of electronic gadgets.
A Cloud Print-enabled printer or computer capable of running Chrome connected to the printer. The glue that binds everything together is your Google Account and the Cloud Print servers. The first order of business is getting the actual physical printer online and part of your Cloud Print network. If you have a Cloud Print-enabled printer, the best way to configure it is to refer to the manual–look for a Getting Started with Cloud Print section or the like.
If you don’t have a Cloud Print-enabled printer, there are a few extra (although trivial) steps to complete.
Note: Before we proceed, we highly recommend going into the Devices and Printers menu on your machine and removing any old printers.
We, for example, had several phantom printers installed that were no longer in service in our home office.
Click on the Menu button in the upper right hand corner of the Chrome interface and select Settings.
Now that your printers are Cloud-enabled, we have to attend to the most important business of all: getting documents from your devices to your printers.

You can check out the list of apps in the Google Cloud Print Supported Apps section and grab the appropriate app for your system. Once you’ve completed the simple configuration process, the potential of the Cloud Print system is vast. Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to.
Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. For the most part, you cana€™t print data from your smartphone without copying it to your computer and then printing it there.
Once you set it up on your home computer, you can print from Gmail Mobile or Google Docs on your smartphone, tablet, or Chrome OS netbook. Cloud Print currently doesna€™t work on OS X or Linux, though Google promises support for them in the near future. If you were using Chrome to download the new beta, youa€™ll need to exit and reopen it before the changes will appear. Youa€™ll only be able to share your printers with one account, so for now youa€™ll have to choose which account is most important to you if you have multiple accounts. You should see every printer thata€™s installed on your computer, including network printers and virtual printers such as the software Fax printer and PDF printers.
Select the printer you want to use, the click Advanced options to see all of the extra settings. Otherwise, you may need to add an exception for Chrome to your firewall so it can access your printers; it shouldna€™t be necessary, but was the only way I could enable it on one computer. Seconds later, youa€™ll see a notification that your print job has been sent to your printer. In the near future, though, Cloud Print will be incorporated deeper with Chrome OS and will likely be made a native part of Android. Check out Googlea€™s Cloud Print Help Site, or leave a question in the comments here!Thoughts? Read on as we explore Google Cloud Print, a fantastic way to enable printing on all your devices big and small.
Once you have learned about the system and configured it, you’ll be able to print to all your devices without a bunch of annoying go-between steps. This device (or devices) will most likely be mobile because, after all, your permanently located devices like home office computers and such are likely already configured to print to your home computer via traditional methods.
Setup should be as simple as plugging in a few items in the configuration panel of your printer. In order to complete them, you will need to be on a computer that is 1) on when you want to print 2) has Google Chrome installed and 3) can print to the printer you wish to print to remotely. This will allow Chrome to act as a print server for the Cloud Print service and send documents to the printers accessible to the computer on which it is enabled.

This step automatically adds all the printers available on your computer to your Google Cloud Print account. Whether you’re using the Google Drive app on Android, or Gmail on iOS, or just logged into the web interface for Google Docs from a remote computer, you can print directly from Google Apps into the Google Cloud Printer service.
By the time I walked up the stairs to retrieve the printout, it was already sitting in the tray.
If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart).
If youa€™re using another browser or the current release of Chrome, youa€™ll need to download and install the beta version which you can get from the Cloud Print site. If youa€™d like to make sure everything works, click Print a test page or browse to the Google Cloud Print test site to test it directly from your PC.
After a few moments, you should see your document printing out (or the virtual printer dialog opening on your computer if you selected a PDF or other virtual printer). There have been some reports of Cloud Print not working, and it took several minutes to work the first time I tried it. You cana€™t print with Cloud Print directly from any apps at the moment, so youa€™ll have to use the online Gmail interface in your mobile browser.
If your computer is turned off when you print from your mobile device, dona€™t worry a€¦ Google will just cache the print job and automatically print it the next time you turn on your computer.
If you dona€™t want to see a printer or completed print job listed, or want to delete a print job before it prints, just over over the entry, click the Actions link, then select Delete.
Ita€™d be very neat if Google opens up an API so developers can add Cloud Print to any app. If you have a newer Cloud Print-enabled printer (check the list here) you won’t need a computer to act as a print server.
Cloud Print makes it as easy to share printers with people as it is to share documents in Google Docs. Plus, printing from Gmail or Google Docs on your iPhone will still look odd as the iOS printout will include your mobile web interface.
Please share your experiences with Cloud Print in the comments, and hopefully wea€™ll all be able to help each other get Cloud Printing running smoothly on everyonea€™s computers. Now tap the arrow at the top to open the menu in Gmail or Docs, then select the new Print option. If and when that happens, well, I guess the a€?skya€™s the limita€? for mobile printing, too!
Rather than set up some sort of complex networking arrangement, you can simply give your friend’s Google Cloud Print account permission to use your printer.

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