You too had trouble sending E-mails from your Microsoft Outlook client and had to uninstall iCloud Control Panel (ICC)?
To automatically uninstall the iCloud Control Panel, I highlight the following iCloud item (156 MB) and then, I launch Change option for it.
I say Yes to the ICC below to verify that I wanna uninstall the iCloud Control Panel for my system. I need to provide UAC my Admin rights so that I can continue to uninstall iCloud Control Panel. To entirely uninstall iCloud Control Panel, I am sure to get rid of the remaining Bonjour via Windows’ Uninstall option.

I manually delete two shortcut files (iCloud), which locate the uninstalled iCloud Control Panel: one is left on desktop, the other is remaining on Windows Start menu. Firs of all, you repeat the above steps to uninstall iCloud Control Panel then you re-install the latest copy.
They are Apple Software Update (an item which prompts user to install ICC updates), and Bonjour. Moreover, I definitely need to clean out everything links to the uninstalled ICC suite above in order to prevent the mail problem from re-occurring. Please note, though, if you’re wanting to directly upgrade your old ICC to latest edition, you need to log off ICC then uninstall it before installing the ICC ver.

For experienced PC users only, deleting the associated presets, files and registry keys and other types of leftovers will make iCloud Control Panel uninstall clean and complete. Share more tips for effective removing iCloud Caldendar from Outlook if you can’t place it yourself.

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