Most of us would think this is enough security already, but Apple decided it is not, and implemented an additional security feature that while welcome, adds another layer of complexity for us users. In fact, if you don’t know about it, you might be wondering about messages like the one pictured below showing up on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. This security feature that Apple is rolling out is called App-specific Passwords for Two-step Verification accounts.
Basically, an app-specific password is a way to ensure every third party app that has access to your iCloud data uses a different password than the one you use for your iCloud account. Step 1: First, head to the My Apple ID website, click on the Manage your Apple ID button and log in using your main ID and password for your Apple account. Step 3: Once you access your account, on the left panel of the window click on the Password and Security option. Step 4: You will be then asked to label the new app-specific password you are about to create. Step 5: If for any reason you would like to check out your password history or revoke one or all of your app-specific passwords, you can do so by clicking on the View History option at the bottom right of Password and Security page. If you are familiar with Gmail, you're probably already familiar with archiving mail opposed to fully deleting it. Towards the bottom, under the Advanced section, tap on the name of your iCloud mail account, it is labeled as Mail. Same I been wanting to save some emails but they get piled up in my in box so I just end up deleting them, now I can save what I like! On my iPhone i don't see all my archived email that I see on my Mac, why is that and how do I see the same as what I see on my Mac.
If you have been following the latest trends in technology and have been watching the tech blogs, you would have heard of Office 365.
Related ArticlesCompare Office 365 with Google Apps and Google Docs In this article, I will talk about Microsoft Office 365 and the interesting features it offers. For this, they created the two-step verification process that requires an additional check every time you or someone needs to access your Apple ID account – even if they know your password. Once you label it, the new app-specific password will be displayed and you will be able to use it on the app that requested it.
Next time you have an app request an app-specific password on any of your Apple devices, you’ll know what to do.

Your messages can now be stored in an archive folder if you choose instead of being moved automatically to trash.
I have a bunch of emails piling in my inbox that would best be archived and didn't know this existed.
In this article, I will give an introduction to what is Office 365 and how it will help you.
When I spoke to few of my IT friends, they all said they are familiar with the name, but don't know what it is. Otherwise, you’ll have to use the Recovery Key you got when you first enabled two-step verification for your account. If you prefer archiving certain items for access later while deleting things you won't ever need again, follow along and we'll show you how.
A feature comparison table of Office 365 and Google Apps is given at the end.Google Docs vs Microsoft Office 365 and why Microsoft Office 365 is called Google Doc killer ? Few days back, the Google document is the first online service preference for the online users to carry any operation and now at present Microsoft office 365 is known as Google document killer because of its new features. It has gone from mediocre to very capable app, though some key features are still missing, and we are hoping these issues will be rectified in time for the July 29, 2015, official launch. It comes with all the essential features that users would need to check their mail and reply to a sender, so it should be okay for most users. Your files are safe in the servers and even if your computer crashes, your files will be safe.When you buy regular Microsoft Office products, you will pay one time license fees and install them on your computer. But for those on the advanced side of the spectrum, they might need a lot more.Windows 10 Mail appLaunching the mail app for the first time doesn’t throw users right into their email. Enterprise - This plan is for large enterprises and have no size limit.Office 365 Beta - Free Trial, but no free editionI wish Microsoft offer a personal subscription, either free or at a low cost for personal needs.
Unfortunately, Microsoft Office 365 do not offer a personal edition.As of now (June 2011), Office 365 is on beta and you can have a free trial license. Visit the Office 365 official website and sign up for a free trial to get first hand experience with it.The Signup is an easy process.
From here all users should see “Choose an Account”, and below it are all the mail accounts users can add. Choose the type of service you want (Small business or Enterprise) and provide your information to create a profile.I had a bit of confusion during my initial signup.

To add other email accounts from POP and or IMAP, we suggest checking if POP and IMAP has been activated in the mail account you might want to use. Since Microsoft's Live account works for most of the Microsoft services, I tried to login using my hotmail account. If they are not, make sure to do so before trying to add them to the Windows 10 Mail app.We should point out that if your Outlook mail account already have other mail accounts added beforehand, there should be no need to add them all over again. I was able to login to the Passport account, however, I got an error saying I do not have an account with Microsoft online services.
Just click on the “More” button below “Inbox” to get access to these accounts.Right-Click on your favorite account to pin it to the Favorites section or to the Start Menu. Then I tried to register for a new account, but then it said I am already logged in to the Live account and I need to sign out before I can create an account. You can also add multiple Live Tiles for multiple Email Accounts.Back to the Settings section. Here is the welcome screen I found after logging in:I will try various options available and share my experience with Office 365 soon in my next article.
Also, I will post more updates on the difference between Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps soon. This is designed for folks using a touch enabled Windows 10 machine.Users can also change the signature, and customize what happens when a mail is received. For example, the Mail app can play a sound, and show a notification banner which when clicked on, will launch the app if it is closed.Overall, the Windows 10 Mail app experience is basic and nothing exceptional.
There’s no way right now to highlight multiple emails with just a single click for deletion, something that every Mail app should have.Some of you might want to also read this post on Windows 10 Mail app tips and tricks. He's also a person who enjoys writing about technology, comics, video games, and anything related to the geek world.

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