A: The Find My iPhone app only works with a single Apple ID at a time, and does not provide a way to consolidate the location information from more than one Apple ID. To do this, simply go into your iOS Settings app, and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and add a new iCloud account. One you’ve entered an Apple ID, you will be shown a list of services that can be enabled for a secondary iCloud account. 3D Touch is only at its first baby steps, but it needs improvements to really become beneficial.
Messages and Phone offer shortcuts to three people each; those who are in my favorites in the Phone app.
Programmable quick actions could allow you to choose a specific playlist to activate quickly in Music, open the Camera app with certain settings, create an event in Calendar with a number of presets, access recently used files in iCloud Drive, and much more.
Q: When my e-mail was hacked and I had to change my password, the + button on my iPhone Calendar app disappeared and now I cannot create events.
The two lines that are most likely missing from your Calendar settings are the Sync and Default Calendar options. We'll answer several questions here each week, and of course, you can always get help with more immediate concerns from the iLounge Discussion Forums. Just remember that the Find My iPhone feature also includes the ability to remotely erase devices, so you will want to choose a secure password for it and be careful who you give access to. In some ways, 3D Touch is a right click for the iPhone, offering shortcuts that would not be available otherwise, or that would require more interaction. Also when I go to Settings, Calendars there are two lines missing—there is no line regarding syncing. Further, if your calendar service is tied to your e-mail account, but is listed as a separate service, you may have to change the password here as well before your calendars will sync properly.
Sync only appears when you’re using an online Calendar service, and Default Calendar only appears when you have more than one Calendar defined.
It would be great if I could see all of the information on a single map, but I’d settle for just an easy way to save different Apple IDs in the Find My iPhone app. Using a combination of security tips and geolocation, using Find My iPhone, you should have a much higher chance of recovering your device.
Jason Snell explained how it works in this article, and we have an FAQ about 3D Touch here. When the iPhone 6s was first launched, the only apps that provided this feature were Apple’s own apps, and even among those, only a handful offer quick actions. You can’t change this unless you change your favorites, and you may not always text and call the same people. How about allowing that to be programmable, to have a quick action to send an email message to a specific person, or to send a new message from a specific account?
Similarly, the + button only appears in the Calendars app if you actually have a writable calendar available. So I spent a lot of time pressing and holding different app icons, ending up feeling foolish that this gesture only gave results occasionally.
I’d like to be able to set different favorites to show up as quick actions in Messages, Phone, and even FaceTime. This is the most basic of security features, and probably the one I also recommend the most.
It’s all very secretive, and more guidance on when 3D Touch is available would be helpful. Perhaps there could be a tiny overlay on an app icon that offers 3D Touch quick actions; a small dot in a corner of the icon, for example, or a colored dot next to its name (such as the one that displays when an app has been updated). Most people tend to store emails, contacts, SMS, calendars, and all kinds of other info on their smartphones. Until such time as all apps offer quick actions, users will get frustrated and give up even looking for them.
Set Simple Passcode to off so that you can set a passcode with more than four digits (I recommend five or six). Don’t give too much info, but your first name and an alternate contact number will do.

You can also put in your email address, but I don’t recommend doing so if it reveals your full name, or company name. These include a longer passcode, less attempts (5) before an automatic wipe, and other security settings. Then, either sign in with your Apple ID (the account you use for iTunes or App Store purchases), or create a new Apple ID for free. Once signed in, activate Find My iPhone by turning it on at the bottom of the iCloud settings pane. This means that its last location would still show up in Find My iPhone should the battery die.
If your device is lost or stolen when this is setting is off, you won’t be able to track it. A thief will probably need to plug the phone in prior to restoring it, so if you’re paying attention you may be able to get his home location just before your phone is erased!You can also get Find My iPhone to send you an email when your device is located! In some countries can give your carrier your phone’s IMEI, and they can blacklist it, essentially rendering the phone useless (nice paperweight though). If you know anyone who may not be familiar the ways they can protect themselves, I encourage you to share this with them.
If your question was regarding removing the SIM lock, you can just set the slider back to Off. You seem to have created the best, most current assessment I’ve found anywhere, so thanks. I can let go of the iPad but the documents that are confidential is what I do not want the person to access. JohnSep 9 2011Ok, now my brothers ipad is lost and turned off and cannot recognize by the find my iphone app because it’s off. If they connect my iPad to their computer, they can reset it and disable the passcode, right? However, if the thief already pluged my ipad into their computer, annd reset and erased everything, can I still find my stolen ipad back? There are plenty of devices available that can secure your ipad from theft in the first place!
I’ll consider adding some additional preventative steps, but I try to keep to things that people can do for free.
If your iPad has run out of power, or it is outside signal range, then it won’t show up on Find My iPhone. If it is lost and someone else finds it and plugs it in, then maybe it’ll start showing up.
The fact that it is offline is that a sign someone wiped it or does that just mean its probably dead?
Been keeping an eye on my account but as of yet no luck and not holding out for much either if all they need to do is reset it! Find My iPhone is often only accurate to a general area anyway, so you should be able to get a very good idea. Bill HayesNov 10 2011It seems that stolen or lost iphones could be recovered more quickly and efficiently if you could turn on the device and find my phone remotely. SJNov 10 2011Hi Bill,Indeed that would make things a bit easier, but would create more problems than it solves. It would require the phone to not truly be off, which would be a battery drain; it would also be a major privacy concern. Also, it would still be possible to do a factory reset of the phone, unless you tie the serial number of the phone to a particular iCloud account (again more privacy concerns).Ultimately I severely doubt you will see this kind of capability being made available. Capacitive discharge technology, dedicated ram battery etc technologies could power the phone even if the main battery were dead.. It seems that the manufacturers and carriers do not want anything to do with tracking and locating devices directly. Perhaps not as much profit it it for them as selling a new phone JoeNov 10 2011Hi, My Iphone stolen, I have pin lock on, can the pin be cracked ? I also have dropbox on the iphone i have unlinked this but i may have stored company docs on phone, so that is reason for asking if pin can be cracked.

Can you report your serial number to apple to find out if anyone is trying to register it again?
SJNov 12 2011This question’s been answered in the comments a number of times already. Since this means that an honest person would not be able to access any information in the phone in order to return the phone to me, I entered all my contact information and also the information of who to contact in case of emergency into a Word document on my Mac. I copied the screenshot to my photos on my Iphone, and set it as my wallpaper for Lockscreen and Homescreen. So if lose my phone, if it is found by an honest person, they have the info to return it to me.
SJNov 17 2011Hi Alice,This is something I do normally recommend to people, just make sure that you don’t disclose TOO much information (like full name or address). The weird part was that it gave slightly different locations the whole time, but always on the track of the ride which led me to believe the phone is trapped on the car I was in somehow.
But honestly, I could not find it.I have remotely (via iCloud) placed a four-digit security code on the phone, sent a signal and a text message telling who to call to return the phone. Or is it then lost forever?The phone battery is obviously dead now and, I believe, still stuck in this ride somewhere. Your best bet is to keep contacting Disney (it’s possible it fell to the ground somewhere). Locking the device?Is there a way it could be jailbroken even if it has been locked by the provider and gain access to data? Because if that’s possible I would love the thief to do that!Thank u and look forward to the reply back! Alternatively, you can create a new Apple ID, which is necessary for purchasing items from the iTunes Store.After setting up your Apple ID, you can login with or create an iCloud account. Now it’s time to plug your device into iTunes (if possible) and begin syncing your content. After connecting your device, you can select which content you’d like to send to your device. Our iOS devices get filled with all sorts of content so quickly and easily that those precious gigabytes are soon eaten up. The Emoji keyboard offers a ton of icons and smilies that you can use in text messages, emails, tweets, status updates, and lots more. Rather than scrolling through pages full of apps to find that one you want each time, you can organize them into folders for quick and easy access.To setup a folder, simply hold your finger down on an app until they all start wiggling, then drag one app onto another. For our convenience, our devices are always hunting for Wi-Fi networks which can eat away at your device’s battery life without you knowing it. It boasts dozens of effects, touch exposure and focus, 6 times digital zoom, and multiple scene modes.
This incredibly popular title is the best-selling game on iOS, featuring physics-based gameplay that has you catapulting birds into flimsy structures in a bid to wipe out the wretched pigs seeking shelter underneath. Gizmodo recently rated this dock number one ahead of alternative from Sony, Bowers & Wilkins, and Logitech. What’s more, Parrot has developed quite a few games and mods for the device that ensures you won’t run out of ideas on what to do with your remote control drone.
Despite its minuscule size, the JamBox has an output capacity of 85 decibels so that your music can be heard wherever you go. Jawbone developed the MyTALK platform for it so that you can download apps, software upgrades, and new features making sure the speaker won’t be obsolete this time next year.
Not only is it incredibly protective, with soft rubbery protection on the inside and a glossy hard shell exterior, but it also looks great.That’s about it for right now!
Enjoy your new iPod touch, and if you think we overlooked anything, feel free to leave a comment below! For Style, Finish Line lets you explore our many different footwear styles including sandals from top brands such as Nike IN Pas Chers , Nike Pas Cher , Pas Chers TN , TN Reguin Pas Chers and Vibram Five Fings.

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