The lowest hanging iCloud storage fruit ripe for pruning can be found in Mail and you can liberate a lot of space by deleting everything from your Junk and Trash folders a€” Go to Mail and click Trash in the left sidebar, press Command + A (Select All) and then hit Delete. Going forward, you can limit how much Junk and Trash cruft accumulates on iCloud by automatically deleting items after a set period of time a€” I’ve configured Mail to automatically delete Junk and Trash items on iCloud after one month. If for some reason you feel a need to back up Trash and Junk, you can store it on your Mac. If you’ve gotten a messages saying that there is a not enough iCloud storage available to backup to, then you can buy more space or simply empty out some of the data to make room for new backup data. Included in the iCloud backup is your Mail account (including attachments), App data , device settings and photos in the Camera Roll.
The data in the backup can be accessed from your iOS device, Mac or PC (with iCloud control panel installed).
If you’ve replaced your iOS device with a new one, the backup for the old device will still remain in iCloud, wasting precious space. From this panel you can remove an entire iOS device backup and individual items that have been backed up from your Mac or PC. I have switched off a few apps because my icloud won’t back up due to not having enough memory, and it still won’t back up any suggestions?
Hello Mohamed, when you plug your device into iTunes (or over Wi-Fi) do you have a large amount of space taken up by the “Other” space? Do you normally keep an iCloud backup, or are you trying to backup to iCloud for the first time on your device? I normally back up to icloud, and my camera roll is taking up majority of the space, I have deleted a load of pics and apps but still the same issue. I don’t have my phone backed up on iTunes just on icloud, if I deleted Icloud and backed it up again would I lose everything? Next time try holding the lock and home button like you would take a screen cap for ten seconds to hard power it down. I have deleted all but 5 photos on my camera roll and under my iphone storage usage, it says 405MB for Photos and Camera Roll. Hey Bliss, here’s another one of my articles where I explain what the other space is and how to remove it.

Hi I have done all of theses steps and when I press delete storage ect it says cannot be deleted this time giving me the options, try again or cancel ? My “Other” space is the culprit, and I’ve learned that photo attachments in text messages go into the backup. Yes, if it’s synced with Photo Stream then deleting the photos from Camera Roll will not delete it from Photo Stream. Photo Stream will only hold the latest 1000 photos, once you go past 1000 it will automatically start deleting from the oldest photos to make room for the new ones. Tap on the Delete button to the left of the item & again tap on the right to delete it.
Alternately, you can tap the Edit button and scroll to the very bottom and choose Delete All if in case you do not use that files or apps anymore. Which cloud storage service icloud , Although there are tonnes of cloudstorage services out there which cloud storage service is right for you icloud vs google pocketlint has an icloud guide. In Mail, right click (two-finger tap) on Junk (or Trash), select Get Account Info and then Mailbox Behaviors. Then click the Summary tab and then under Backups > Automatically Back Up, select This Computer and then Back Up Now to seal the deal.
If you’re running low on iCloud backup space you can either buy more space from Apple or clear out some of the space already being used. On this page, you have the option to delete a device from the backup and remove documents & data. If you never plan on using that old device again, you can delete that backup from iCloud, as it should clear out a lot of space depending on the backup size.
To empty the Mail backup, you have to actually go to the Mail app and delete emails manually. You can also use Photo Stream, it syncs (backs up) your latest 1000 pictures without tapping into you available iCloud backup space.
I ran into an issue myself where an app I had deleted from my iPhone didn’t completely get removed from iCloud. I have tried deleting old emails and even turning the email off, but it won’t free up space.

I have uploaded all my photos and videos and cleared it from my phone but the usage it still high. I regularly delete stupid photos from my camera roll after texting them, and I save photos sent to me that I want to keep to my camera roll. Another thing that you can do is upgrade your iCloud storage plan up to a total of 50 GB, 200 GB or 1 TB.
If you have more, you need to manage your iCloud storage by backing up needed data and deleting the rest. You can see not only your overall usage (bottom of the above window), but also how much space each app is using by clicking on its icon.
You can remove an entire backup of any device from any device, however you can only edit individual backup data while using the device where the backup data is located. If you want to empty out the Mail, but don’t want to permanently delete the files forever, you can always save them to your computer or Dropbox. The Camera Roll is usually the largest hog of space in an iCloud backup, have you tried turning it off? Under the settings usage screen it says 85.2KB for photo stream, 0 bytes for photo library, 405MB for camera roll. I do suggest creating a new backup of your iPhone 5 in iCloud as soon as possible after you have cleared out the previously used space though.
I didn’t realize they were still being backed up… I don’t want to delete my entire conversation history with my boyfriend, for example, but I also don’t need photos of the pancakes he made for his children in my iCloud backup. My question is (and sorry if the answer is obvious but I don’t want to lose my pics) if my photos from my iPhone have been synced to photo stream, can I now delete them from my phone and will they stay in photo stream? I don’t really even need email on the iPad but turning it off leant help and for some reason when I to it off, it disappears from my iPhone as well. After removing all photos, I turn off my phone and turn it back on again a few minutes later.

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