With second generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture, the all-new A8 chip offers faster performance and is more energy efficient, delivering higher sustained performance with great battery life. Both models include the M8 motion coprocessor that gathers motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and the new barometer, which senses air pressure to provide relative elevation. The iSight camera gets even better with a new sensor featuring Focus Pixels for faster autofocus, making it easier to quickly capture any moment. With faster LTE download speeds of up to 150 Mbps, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users can browse, download and stream content faster. Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. There have been an increasing number of users experiencing an iOS 7 activation error when attempting to upgrade. If you're iPhone 4 is going on a few years old and your battery just isn't what it was before, replacing the battery can make a huge difference and possibly prolong the life of your device another year if not longer. An iPhone 4 battery replacement is a super easy repair to perform and only takes about 10 minutes. Symptoms of a dead or dying battery can include drastically reduced battery life, random reboots, and sluggishness even after a restore. If you've cracked the back casing on your iPhone 4 or just want to change it out for a different color, an iPhone 4 back replacement is one of the easiest repairs to perform but if you need some help along the way, check out our guide for reference.
Whether you've cracked just the front glass on your GSM iPhone 4, the touch screen isn't responding, or the LCD looks pixelated or has display issues, this is the repair you want to perform. If your GSM iPhone 4 vibrator functionality isn't working and the switch seems okay, the actual vibrator assembly could be burnt out. If your loud speaker isn't working in your GSM iPhone 4, you could need to replace the speaker assembly. If you're having image quality issues with the camera in your GSM iPhone 4, it may be time to replace it. If there are no blemishes or scratches over the camera lens cover on the rear casing, the actual camera could be the culprit. If you're having reception issues on your GSM iPhone 4 the culprit could be the antenna itself which is attached to the speaker housing towards the bottom of the device. If the earpiece in your iPhone 4 either produces terrible feedback, a shrill noise, or isn't working at all, a DIY earpiece replacement can fix the issue. If your GSM iPhone 4 won't recognize a charger when it's plugged in, it may be time to replace the dock connector assembly. If your iPhone recognizes a charger but dies when you disconnect it, try a battery replacement first as that could be the issue. If you're having issues with the front facing camera on your GSM iPhone 4, which is used most often for FaceTime calls, replacing it yourself isn't too big of a challenge if you've got a bit of patience.
If you're looking into performing a color conversion on your iPhone 4 it's always a good idea to make sure you order high quality parts. Apple never made colored parts so you won't find genuine OEM parts anywhere and if anyone claims they are OEM, turn around and run the other way.
While most sound in the iPhone 4 and 4S may be dictated by the loud speaker assembly or earpiece, they're not the only components that have to do with sound.
The iPhone 4 and 4S is known to have sound issues where system sounds seem to work when you preview them but they don't actually ring or system sounds altogether don't work but music will play.
If you're thinking about picking up a used iPhone 4 from eBay, Craigslist, or any other online source, it's always a good idea to make sure the device hasn't seen any previous water damage before actually committing to the purchase. Unfortunately lost tons of important files on your iOS devices but with no idea what to do? One of the brilliant spotlights about the software is its humanized features, which assist you to quickly find your desired files by searching the file name or file extensions, filtering and sorting the files by different file parameters like name, title, type, date, etc., or previewing the files in intuitive thumbnails. Effectively clean up iTunes music library by deleting song duplicates and completing song tags. During the jailbreak proceed your device will reboot several times, so don’t panic, it is expected behavior.
After the jailbreaking process is complete, do not forget to checkout our article on tips to keep your jailbroken device secure. Once you’ve jailbroken your device, be sure to visit our jailbreak apps and tweaks category page, where we’ve been tracking tweaks that have been updated for iOS 8.
Most of the jailbreak apps I try to access from the Featured section say they can’t be found.

Hey guys should i be concerned that my phone “Cannot Verify Server” for all my emails after I used this JB?!
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. There’s lot more to admire the enthusiasm and excitement that exists within the jailbreak community. Step 3: Tap on the Install App button, and then click on install when prompted to do so and wait for to install PP app on your device.
Step 7: You will soon get a notification on the lock screen confirming your device has been successfully jailbroken.
The new iPhones feature a precision unibody enclosure of anodized aluminum that conforms seamlessly with the shaped glass of the display, resulting in a completely smooth and continuous surface. The Retina HD displays offer advanced technologies including higher contrast for deeper blacks and dual-domain pixels for more accurate colors at wider viewing angles.
The M8 motion coprocessor can continuously measure your motion data, even when the device is asleep, saving battery life for fitness apps that use the sensors all day. Users can pay securely and conveniently in stores by simply holding the phone near the contactless reader while keeping a finger on Touch ID™; there is no need to unlock your iPhone or launch an app. The new iPhones also support high-quality voice calls over LTE (VoLTE) as well as Wi-Fi calling.? With support for up to 20 LTE wireless bands—more than any other smartphone in the world—the new models make it easier to experience high-speed networks around the world.
These are often caused by running an older beta version of iOS 7, notably iOS 7 beta 6, and can be fixed in a few easy steps. Whether you're out of warranty or your iPhone 4 has suffered accidental damage, we've got you covered! Whether it's time to replace that problem battery, fix that cracked screen, or get that broken Home button back in working order, iMore will help you get the longest life possible out of your iPhone 4, and walk you step by step through all the major repairs, with detailed instructions, photographs, and links to high quality parts from suppliers we trust. It'll also cost you a lot less than shelling out money for a brand new phone, especially if you're out of warranty. In rare instances, a completely dead battery may result in an iPhone 4 only powering on when plugged into a charging source and when unplugged, the iPhone will turn off instantly. A front digitizer replacement should resolve any issues with lines through the screen, dead pixels or pixelation, a grey screen due to a bad drop, and obviously a shattered screen. Whether it's not responding at all anymore, you've got to push down harder than you should, or it's registering single and double taps funny, a flex cable replacement will fix the issue 99.9% of the time.
You may need to DIY replace it if you have symptoms such as the button being recessed into the phone or becoming extremely hard to push down. Replacing the vibrator assembly is a fairly easy repair and will only require about 5 minutes of your time.
A good way to know if this is the repair you need is if your speakerphone function doesn't work, no music will play out of the bottom speaker but will work when you've got headphones plugged in, or if the sound is distorted when on speakerphone or while playing music. One thing to be certain of before proceeding is that the issue is with the actual camera and not the rear housing. Typically if the earpiece is bad you'll still be able to place and receive calls like normal, you just can't hear people on the other end. Dock connector issues can stem from using a faulty cable or charger, moisture in the dock connector, or an issue with the 30-pin connector inside the charge port.
Typically if you've got this issue you experience people not being able to hear you while on a call or when recording video or audio there is no sound being output. Symptoms could range from a blacked out camera to distortion to lines through the screen only when you're on a FaceTime call. Let's face it, eBay and other online resellers have a nasty habit of selling parts that are DOA or issues crop up after a few days.
If you don't see a guide that can help or can't figure out exactly what the issue is, you can always check out our mod and DIY forums for answers to many questions. On top of that, the program enables you to export all the scanned files to the local PC in batch. The 6 deleted files that can be recovered under DFU mode contain contacts, Messages (SMS, MMS, iMessages), Call histories, Notes, Calendars and Reminders. The 14 types of files to be extracted contain Camera Roll (photos & videos), Photo Stream, Photo Library, contacts, notes, messages, message attachments, WhatsApp, WhatsApp attachments, Safari Bookmarks, call histories, voice memos, calendars and reminders. The files that can be scanned and backed up include Camera Roll photos & videos, pictures in Photo Stream & Photo Library, contacts, notes, messages, message attachments, WhatsApp, WhatsApp attachments, Safari Bookmarks, call histories, voice memos, calendars and reminders.
No matter you lost data due to iOS upgrade or downgrade, you can use this tool to help you recover deleted data on devices effectively.

All the files you have picked out can be exported to the local computer directly and completely with all the original file elements retained. If you need help, follow our step-by-step instructions on how to jailbreak your iOS 8 — iOS 8.1 device using Pangu8 for Mac.
The jailbreak has been reported to be working in most cases, but on the off chance something goes wrong, it’s a good idea to have an escape plan.
Even that is tough as iTunes doesn’t always recognize my 5s when it is locked at the apple. Nevertheless of how long we seem to go without any type of jailbreak solution being made available, the community still stands strong and not only retains its passion for the cause, but also blows into life when a new jailbreak tool is released. The A8 chip also includes a new, powerful Apple-designed image signal processor that enables advanced camera and video features. With Apple Pay, you can also make one-touch purchases within apps, without having to enter credit card or shipping information. High-definition video on iPhone improves with faster frame rates up to 60fps for 1080p video and 240fps for slo-mo, as well as continuous autofocus, cinematic video stabilization and time-lapse video.
Apple Pay will be available to US customers as a free software update to iOS 8 this October. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.
Follow along and in time, you’ll bypass those pesky activation errors that have been preventing you from upgrading to iOS 7. Also make sure you check back often and bookmark this page as we'll be updating and adding even more guides on a regular basis.
There have also been instances of the iPhone 4 not picking up on 3G signals due to a bad cellular antenna.
Enabling speakerphone allows you to hear them again but the internal earpiece cuts out or produces no sound.
Making sure you use a quality supplier right from the start will save you a lot of headaches. Check out our guide of what to look for so you can be prepared before you even place an order. The 6 deleted data to be recovered by directly scanning iOS device under general mode include Contacts, Messages (SMS, MMS, iMessages), Call History, Notes, Calendars and Reminders.
All the files found in the scanning can be exported to the computer in batch as backup for future use. If another restore is needed in the future I expect the JB to break unless they fix the issue. Developers can use CoreMotion APIs that take advantage of M8 and HealthKit to create apps that help you take better care of your health and fitness. All payment information is kept private, encrypted and stored securely in the Secure Element, a chip inside the new iPhones.
Before you proceed, you’ll want to confirm that your device has been backed up, either to iTunes, iCloud or both. The problem with the Home button almost always stems from the cable becoming worn over time from so many presses. If these issues sound like you, a cellular antenna DIY replacement should solve the problem. If this sounds similar to your issue, an earpiece replacement is probably what needs to be performed.
This happens every single time on both devices, which are setup differently (different apps, etc). All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Once completed, the device will reboot automatically and you should have Cydia installed on your device.
I tend to heir on the side of caution, disabling iCloud after a backup and initiating a backup to iTunes. Seems weird that it would be only me since I am using different devices and different backups.

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