Since Outlook saves all data, including emails, appointments, calendars, tasks, journals and other items in PST and OST files, it’s recommended to backup PST and OST on regular basis since it helps restore all Outlook user data back when it suddenly crashes or stops responding. When launched for the first time, it asks you to specify the path to Backup folder followed by Outlook profile permissions, including username and password. Backup my mail is an open source application that works with both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. I have come across your article Schedule Backup of Outlook pst with Backup my mail in Addictive Tips and wonder if the same is compatible with Outlook 2003 ? AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. When I upload my photos to Costco or Target I usually export them to the desktop into a folder. Here’s a tutorial I did on backing up files and how to make an easy index using the print screen function: Click here or the image to visit the entire post! I did the Stacy Julian photo-something class and one more step that she does ( or one more that I picked up from her) is to add a highlights folder to each year. I do have one question: when organizing the events in iPhoto – do you create new monthly events for the photos? Oh – and I thought of one more question (I love picking your brain because you already have so any organizational systems in place!) – do you ever do special books just special events or trips?
I think I am one of the few who hates organizing my photos in iPhoto and have them in separate files under my User files. The only think I might add is that I date my monthly folders with the numeral first (ie: 1jan, 2feb, 3mar, etc) so they are in chronological order. It could be your last resort to restore your computer if your hard drive or windows stops working completely.

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Backup my mail is an Outlook backup tool which uses hobocopy at backend to create Outlook PST backups at scheduled intervals. You can instantly start your first Outlook data backup operation or set backup schedule settings to perform it later.
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Most of this is geared towards a Mac system but it can be easily applied to a PC as well.  Let’s get started! I export and backup my LBB files almost every month so all that’s left in my iPhoto are personal photos. So during my second son’s first two years, I made duplicate scrapbook pages if the pictures included my first son. I might have to try iPhoto though since it seems a little easier than other programs I have used. This way you keep all your original photos in their original events, and then create the monthly events just for the photo book? I bought an iMac last November & boy are all of my pictures disorganized going from a pc to a mac!!! I have 6 years worth of unorganized photos stressing me out right now, and this is EXACTLY what I needed to read. The hobocopy is Console based tool which makes use of Windows VSS (Volume Shadow Service) to silently perform file backup operations. Under Schedule, you can set the Start date and Start Time to specify the date and time when backup jobs are to be performed.

Unfortunately, I will have to wait until the power is restored at home when I can get my Mac desktop back up and running.
My son is about the same age as Boo, and I love the idea of including artwork and their quotes – because God knows something hilarious comes out of their mouth almost every day! But I have a question, I am not an expert in iphoto and I was wondering if you create an event for each month or if you create an album, what would be better? Unlike previously covered Safe PST Backup (ad-supported), Backup my mail can start backup operation at any day and then follow the user-defined routine for creating Outlook data backups after specified time intervals. I love photo albums, but I love the bound books that look so nice on the shelves, and they take up a little less space. Click on System Image Backup under See also section at the bottom left corner.The Create a System Image utility opens, waiting for you to pick a suitable storage place to save the image file.
You can also choose to follow linear backup approach to create backups after every x number of hours. They are pricey, but probably work out to similar to what I would pay for all the prints, albums and my time putting them together! That’s where I would get stumped: Make one big family book (which is mostly pictures of our son) and then what do we do if we have another child? The computer will restart itself when it’s done.Restore a System Image when my computer cannot boot anymoreWhat if my computer got crashed and cannot boot to Windows anymore?

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