Lots of iPhone users must have come across the problem that they cannot send or receive text messages when the SMS box is full, so they have to delete some messages to leave enough room for the new messages to come in, thus preventing iPhone rejecting new SMS messages to be received. As we know, iTunes can back up data of the iOS devices to the local computer, but the backup is a total one of the device, and the backup files can’t be viewed on the computer directly. Step 2 Then the program will enter “Recover from iOS Device” mode automatically, just click “Start” button on the center of the program interface to scan and analyze your iPhone data. Step 4 Tick Messages category and tap “Recover” button to start to transfer messages from iPhone to computer.
Is your iPhone refusing to boot up???Is it stuck at the Apple logo or continuously turning on and off.
The simplest fix to get updated to latest version of iTunes software and check whether the USB ports are good or not.
Still if your iPhone is stuck on apple logo and have got important data that needs to be backed up. Download and open the TinyUmbrella Fix recovery.You can download it form the link given below for windows or from Mac.
Aprenda como apagar historico, limpar dados de navegacao(os seus rastros de navegacao na internet deixados no navegador) e  gerenciar senhas no navegador opera.

Obs: Se voce nao quer que o opera registre o que voce faz na internet, basta voce entrar no mode de navegacao privada, assim o opera nao ira registrar nada do que voce faz na internet. Na janela de gerenciamento de historico voce tera cinco opcoes no lado esquerdo da tela para exibir os historicos. Para apagar algum historico especifico, basta que voce encontre o historico utilizando alguma das maneiras citadas a cima, e depois de encontrar aponte para o historico desejado e clique no x para deletar.
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You can empty your messages inbox and outbox by transferring all of your iPhone messages to another place outside the device, say a computer.
What’s more, the powerful iPhone data recovery tool is equipped with the function to scan and recover the deleted messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc. Can’t wait to know how to transfer messages from iPhone to PC with use of the professional iOS data recovery tool? Before recovery starts, you need to choose a saving location on the computer for your messages to be output. If this freaking thing appears then the first thing comes to your mind is that perhaps you have ruined your iPhone.

One is that you are trying to restore a firmware that Apple has stopped signing and the other reason is due to your USB port. He's passionate and dedicated towards technology & Blogging and looking forward to make his career in tech field. In fact, this method kills two birds with one stone, because by this way, you can not only make room for new messages, but also keep your old messages in a safer location and avoid them being deleted.
So before you decide to use iTunes to back up and restore your iPhone messages, you have to think twice. Learn how to transfer messages from iPhone to computer with use of iTunes by referring to the operation guides in detail shown as below. First one is through iTunes and the other method is by using a tool like Tiny Umbrella and the other one is through the recovery mode.

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