A few notes before we begin: Although signing up for iCloud is free, you cana€™t do so just anywhere.
If youa€™ve ever purchased anything from the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore, you have an Apple ID. All iCloud accounts stem from Apple IDs, so ita€™s easy to convert your current Apple ID into an iCloud account. NEW MAIL If you want to add an iCloud email address to your old Apple ID, just turn on the Mail switch (or check the checkbox on your Mac) in your iCloud preference pane. From there, youa€™ll either have to enter your current email address or type what you want your new iCloud email address to be. After that, to finish up, simply indicate whether you want to get email updates from Apple, and then agree to the terms and conditions. When you first set up your device, you should have seen a screen asking you to sign in or sign up for an Apple ID and iCloud; even if you chose not to set that up when you first unboxed the gadget, getting an account is simple. As on an iOS device, once youa€™ve set up iCloud on your Mac, it syncs your email (if you have set that up), contacts, calendars, and so on.
In contrast to iOS devices and Macs, a Windows PC doesna€™t come with any kind of iCloud control panel preinstalled; you first have to download it from Applea€™s website. When you sign in to the control panel for the first time, it asks whether you want to send diagnostic and usage information to Apple; accepting this arrangement allows the company to automatically (and anonymously) collect data on any crashes you might have related to iCloud, and to send that data back to its central servers to prevent similar crashes from happening in the future. SIMPLE SYNC You dona€™t get as many options for syncing iCloud information on Windows as you do on the Mac or on iOS. Serenity has been writing and talking and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. Because of the nature of iCloud, you can also access these documents and data directly from your Mac.
If you’ve never used Dropbox, think of it as a quick and easy way to simply drag and drop for file backup. For businesses wanting a little more from their cloud solution, iCloud offers the perfect combination of productivity and storage.
By default, iCloud doesn’t offer users a basic drag and drop feature for storing pretty much any type of file. Before proceeding, make certain you only access, edit or delete files which you yourself have added to the cloud. You now see a document list, but you still don’t have access to the folder necessary to drag and drop any files you wish. To make it easier to determine which files are stored by you and which are already in use by iCloud, create a new folder on your computer and place all the files you wish to share inside. 7 Secrets to Working Less and Earning MoreEnter your best email and click on the Get Access button.The FREE Download will be sent to your email! If you want to backup your iPad photos on computer, this article will help you find the best way to transfer photos from iPad to computer. I am a new iPad user and like capturing shots with the camera.  Sometimes I need to download these photos to my laptop for watching or sharing with friends. Dropbox is file hosting service lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.  To use Dropbox, first you need to create an account, then download the app to iPad and log in. Dropbox is cloud storage service with 2GB free space, so as long as you upload files to your account, you can view and download them on any computer. Cons: It does not allow to transfer photos to computer directly (First upload photos to Dropbox account, then download).

Wireless Transfer App is a good choice if want to transfer photos and videos between iPad and computer quickly and easily. What this means is that if your device is stolen, provided you’ve turned on the Find feature, the thief has no way of using that phone. However, sometimes, of course, the seller is not actually the previous owner at all, and is simply trying to pass on a stolen device. How can a prospective buyer protect themselves against paying for a device which is no better than a paperweight? If you see the home screen or the passcode lock screen, like these images, then the device has not been wiped.
If you don't already know, iCloud is a free syncing and backup service from Apple that aims to keep all of your devicesa€”mobile devices running iOS 5 or later and desktop computers running OS X Lion or later, or Windows Vista or latera€”on the same page, with the same data, no matter which one youa€™re using at any given moment.
But what if youa€™re unsure about how to set up iCloud in the first place and how to get it to work on your Mac, PC, iOS device, and Apple TV?
You should ever need only one or two, so youa€™ll probably never run up against the limit; because the limit persists after full device wipes, however, you may see a warning about it if youa€™ve received an older iOS device or Mac.
Youa€™ll still be able to use your Apple ID for everything you currently use it for, but youa€™ll also get all of iClouda€™s features. The screen will prompt you to agree to the iCloud terms and conditions; once you do, youa€™re ready to begin using the service.
If you want one, simply go to Settings > iCloud on an iOS device and toggle the Mail switch on (or, on a Mac, click the checkbox). On an iOS device, go ahead and tap the Get a Free Apple ID button at the bottom of the iCloud settings screen. Youa€™ll see a space for logging in with an Apple ID and password, and a Get a Free Apple ID button at the bottom.
All options are on by default except for 'Back to My Mac', which you must turn on manually; again, if you want iCloud not to sync specific data, just click the respective toggle to turn it off.
But your Mac does offer support for iClouda€™s data sync, allowing iCloud-compatible programs to store their documents and data there. And, as noted above, your PC is also the only device you cana€™t use to create an iCloud account, so youa€™ll need to have first made one on your Mac or iOS device.
Unfortunately, the Windows operating system doesna€™t support syncing reminders, notes, iCloud data, or PC versions of Back to My Mac or Find My Mac. To do so, go to the Settings screen of your Apple TV, click iTunes Store, and enter your account information. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. In my situation, I do not have much documents and data stored in iCloud worth deleting, so my gain is fairly small. As with other cloud services, you can access files at any time from any computer with an Internet connection. Other files are necessary for running the iCloud service on your devices and executing any stored apps. These will be accessible from any other device with the Documents & Data feature enabled. Are you struggling through the day doing admin; answering telephones, formatting documents, scheduling appointments, travel arrangements and just plain BUSY WORK?Would you like to gain control of your schedule? Without cable and logging into accounts, I can transfer photos between computer and iPad quickly.

Even if you have a passcode set on the home screen (and if you don’t, you really should), somebody would need to know your iCloud password to deactivate Find My iPhone.
Sometimes this has a successful outcome – the previous owner removes the device from their account in iCloud, and enables it to be activated for the new owner. If you’re buying online, make sure you stick to sites where you have protection against fraud, such as eBay. Unfortunately, Windows users have to create an account on one of these platforms before they can log in from a PC. If you do get an alert preventing you from making a new iCloud account, I suggest going to your nearest Apple Store, where they should be able to help you sort it out.
And if you haveA family members who use this Apple ID, theya€™ll still be able to use it for purchases without getting all of your iCloud information. Youa€™ll then see a prompt to create an iCloud email address to go along with your account. All iCloud options are on by default; if you want iCloud not to sync a specific item type, just tap the appropriate toggle to turn it off.
But if you’ve been accumulating a bunch of junk over the years, you might very well be able to recover several GB of data, which can really make a big difference. In order to view a list of stored documents and data, check the option to turn on Documents & Data.
Changing or moving these files could render iCloud useless and may cause you to lose access to any stored files. Any devices without this feature enabled will not be able to view any stored files and folders. This prevents you or other users from having to sort through numerous files just to find which ones you’ve stored. After trying and comparing, I get the tools which can help me transfer photos with both WiFi and Cable. Open the App on your iPad and type the URL into your computer browser address bar, then you can view and  download photos to PC.
To transfer iPad photos to computer, first you need download the iCloud Control Panel and install it on your computer. With a few tweaks to your iCloud account, you can make iCloud perform more like Dropbox so you can store any files you want. This allows you to see not only the files you have stored, but system and app files as well.
If you don’t want employees using this tweak, consider using a secondary cloud service for sharing unsupported file types. It will also prevent any confusion between normally stored iCloud files and Dropbox style stored files.
Another tool similar to Dropbox is Skydrive (A type of cloud storage service developed by Microsoft). As long as you keep the photo stream on, every pictures taken will be automatically synced to your computer and all iCloud devices when connected to WiFi.

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