It’s likely that you own a desktop computer or a laptop with a powerful processor on board. Tip:- Why not download a copy of Linux Mint or Ubuntu Linux and run it within VirtualBox?, you can’t break your own PC by doing something within a virtual one! One racked server can be so powerful it may host hundreds of virtual machines simultaneously.
With this new concept of computing comes a whole new way of looking at how we obtain computing power!
Infrastructure as a service may sound the same as a Virtual Private Server but it’s not.
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We will be looking at the bottom layer of cloud computing and attempt to gain a basic understanding of it. You may be familiar with Amazon as an online retailer resource but they also offer infrastructure as a service. IAAS offerings allow us to easily scale our instances and not only offer us VPS’s (instances) but also the ability to manage them and automatically start new ones based on certain triggers. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
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It’s a complete control panel for a self-managing network infrastructure and companies are increasingly using it.

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