The philosophy at OwnMAX is to give their customers the best service at the lowest price, while staying committed to providing individual assistance. For Sale by Owner property buyers on the other hand have access to thousands of homeowner property listings across the nation. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Texas Tiny Homes now offers an Affiliate Vendor Program for bloggers, website owners, online store owners, and those who love the Tiny Home movement.
If you’re interested in marketing our original, one-of-a-kind luxury home plans you can earn a 35% affiliate advertising fee for each sale. Click here for our easy, 5-step instructions how to receive your hop link once you have signed up. If you have any questions about how it works, click here and you can also contact Texas Tiny by clicking on the contact us link our menu tab. Our real estate partner program (or associate program) pay affiliates, associates, or partners mouth-watering commission. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There have been a lack of well-converting boat plans offers on ClickBank as of late, so it has been my mission to change that with this product. Furthermore, you have potential to make additional commissions with our $5 bonus payout per sale. The #1 Converting Boat Plans Product on Clickbank (9.26%) - According to my own split tests, and those of numerous high volume affiliates, MyBoatPlans is the highest converting boating product on Clickbank. For all traffic combined (paid, email, content traffic) we are currently converting around 9.26% (less for cold paid traffic such as Facebook). The great thing about being an affiliate is that you don't have to do anything except send people to our website. Once a sale is made, ClickBank will distribute the profits between the Publisher (Us) & the Affiliate (You) - in this case you are credited a whopping 75% per sale. The money is automatically deposited into your Clickbank account, and every 2 weeks you'll receive a pay check in the mail for whatever amount of money you've earned during these 2 weeks.
We have plenty of banners and graphics you can use on your blog or website to promote MyBoatPlans.
These are researched through nichebot and wordtracker and they are proven high conversion keywords.
TIP #2 : For PPC networks, please use the alternate landing page WITHOUT the exit-pop up offer.

An effective way to write a review that generates high click thrus and good conversions in by using honest and "objective" tone which also includes the pros and cons of the program. NOTE: It has numerous links in them which will be branded with your Clickbank hoplink ID so that you get paid for any sales that are generated when a user clicks on the links in the ebook. We offer 2 different landing pages: A landpage WITHOUT the exit offer (for PPC networks) and our special discount landing page ($47 price). The landing page without the exit offer is perfect for affiliates who are using PPC networks.
Want to send your visitors to the direct order page from Clickbank instead of the sales page? You can offer a free weekly or monthly newsletter or e-zine to your visitors or a 5-day mini course in exchange for their name and email.
3 of the methods listed inside are the greatest promotional strategies you can use to earn BIG commissions. Now on top of the 75% commission, I'll send you a bonus when you make more than 90 sales per month. In addition to thousands of property listings, the site provides maximum exposure for homeowners looking to sell their property directly to a home buyer without the need for a realtor. Once you sign up, you can generate your url hoplink of our DPD store in your affiliate dashboard, which has your tracking code in the link you then share your generated hoplink to your social network on Facebook, or Twitter, or wherever you get lots of views. Texas Tiny Homes will pay your affiliate vendor fee (35% of the sale total) within the first seven days of the month following your sales. Our sister company, Brand to Market can build you an online store, as well as incorporate one of its three SEO (search engine optimization) plans, which will begin generating a lot of organic traffic to your online store. Guess what.This housing affiliate program is an international real estate partnership program and membership is free.
It means you value your time and you're business oriented.Let's start with the first question, "what's in it for you? Click HERE to see pictures.When you signup as one of our affiliates, you will be promoting our portacabin and steel construction business.
Many people all over the globe are earning significant income just by being affiliates and without the hassle of developing a product, taking care of shipping or customer service issues. You can sign up for a FREE Clickbank account in less than 60 seconds just by clicking here now! With our domain name in the URL, you'll get better quality scores when using PPC campaigns!
PPC Keywords If you're looking for a list of keywords you can use to start promoting my courses RIGHT AWAY, look no further.

Review Articles If you own a website, then one of the absolute most effective ways to earn commissions as an affiliate is to craft a review of MyBoatPlans and place it on your website. This is a powerful preselling method which you can put on your website, blog or send to your list. You can also use the video to syndicate it through all the major video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.
Well, there are many subtle ways and more straightforward methods to build a decent list of loyal subscribers that converts well. The visitor "opts in" and subscribes, and you then have permission to send them your newsletter as well as other promotional emails you think may interest them.
It covers some of the best marketing methods you can use to promote the MyBoatPlans program on your website, blog or newsletter.
Provide your Clickbank ID, your paypal email and the number of sales you have made for each of the products that count towards your total sales.
That means you can recommend our services to potential customers anywhere you are in the world.Yes, you heard me correctly. Why join our property affiliate program?" We recommend you join our real estate affiliate program because it has the potential to make you good money whether you wish to work part-time or full-time.So, how much can you earn from this program?The truth is . This is due to our personal 1 on 1 customer service, our added value bonuses, and the fact that buyers LOVE our program.
I'm offering you an extensive keyword list to help get you started right away - no need to waste your precious time doing keyword research. You simply send an email entirely dedicated to promote the MyBoatPlans program to your list. OwnMAX also offers profitable entrepreneurial opportunities in a currently over saturated real estate market that the motivated individual cannot afford to pass up. Review pages can also serve as powerful landing pages for Pay Per Click campaigns such as Google Adwords. You will receive notice when your link creates a sale and will receive a check at the end of each month for your earned commission.

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