Every blogger in the world is shouting about niche blogging but no one is ready to disclose ideas which niche is the best for making money from blogging. I observed most of the new bloggers fail in their first and second blogs mostly, because they chosen to start multi-niche blogs or they selected wrong niche to start their blogging business. Now the biggest question is that which niche we should select to start our blogging career that can be convert into good money making business in future ? Yes niche blogs related to loss weight, becoming slim, fit body is the best niche in my eyes at this time to start blogging career. I would like to strongly recommend blogging on weight loss for especially new beginners. In weight Loss blogs, readers found others who shares their personal experiences of loosing weight, So weight loss blogs may become discussion platform for obese peoples.
To find good affiliate products for health and weight loss niche, you should look at Clickbank. First Reason – Weight Loss blogs can get more traffic by doing very little interaction with the readers and more targeted readers means more chances to get clicks on ads means more Adsense Income.
Second Reason – If we search on the net about highest paying keywords for Adsense in last 2- 3 years, then we can see many bloggers are putting weight loss related keywords in Top 10 high Paying Keywords in the list. It means if you are running weight loss blog and if it is getting targeted traffic then with every single click received can give you many dollars income. Finally we can say that to get more clicks on AdSense ads and to get more dollars on every click on Adsense ads, bloggers must start blogs on weight loose programs. So, If you are running blogs about lossing weight, then by working regularly you will definitely receive work of writing paid reviews on your blogs.
First thing which I would like to tell you is, get into this niche only when you have some experience with it.
Join Groups of peoples online who are interested in discussion of weight loss or Yoga or Exercise. Add Adsense ads on your blog and Join Weight loss affiliate programs to cash your blog’s traffic. They money will start automatically come to your blog. In this way you can consider Weight Loss Blogging as the sure money making business. Wight loss is a great business and i have a Niche site on it and am doing really good with it and you must try it too. Sure, this niche offers awesome CPC and RPM, but the fact can not be neglected that its too tough to rank a blog on weight loss topic and takes a lot time too to stablize, eespecially if its newbies bloggers we are talking about. Nice article.But the main problem here is weight loss is an extremely huge industry and in case if any one wants to take up this niche then they have to drill down on long tail keywords. And personally this niche mostly used by many bloggers when explaining keywords or any tools and they showcase most of the long tail keywords in this niche.

Great to see bloggers share niche ideas, this is one topic that most bloggers like to keep their mouth shut.
Weight loss is surely a great topic, eespecially with time more and more people will get lazy and they will require our weight loss guides to get slim again. Thanks for sharing this article , yes i researched alot on this targeted niche , but most of the keywords are very competetive and only who have knowledge and experiences they can only right.So for those who can give the value to this niche can earn alot.
For example, if you have a previous experience with losing weight, have a family background of doctor, or anyhow you have experience with topics related to losing weight. I recently blogged about Anant Ambani’s weight loss and was surprised at the traffic this genre of key words generates. Weight loss is indeed a great niche but like others said, it’s overly competitive and targeting long tail keywords would be the best. And as Narender said better, there are big guns playing in this niche, so better to keep away if you are considerably new to blogging and can’t wait to get results. Its to much hard to get ranked in Weight Loss niche because many big guns are targeting it. Most bloggers are focusing on making money and leaving out other well researched niches such weight loss, beauty and the like.
Only people have such experience can continue such a blog successfully else it will be very tough.
But i personally find it really difficult to blog on niches i am not really passionate about! Don’t start a blog on this niche just to make money, because not only you will fail to add value, you will also lose interest in no-time. Florida State also provides online colleges for everyone to attend, of which those students also party hard! But i am not loosing hope because i am a fitness enthusiast and i know someday and somehow my efforts will pay off.
If I start is it smart to look up stuff and become really knowledgeable and then share that with people even though I or anyone I know don’t have any experience in this field.

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