If you're installing a new hard drive, or need to wipe your drive clean for that "fresh" feeling, you'll end up formatting your drive.
Formatting can take hours to complete, but it is a good option when you have a new or inherited drive that is not properly formatted, a drive overrun by malware or other software problems, or a drive in need of a fresh start before a Windows installation. To partition and format your drive, you can use Windows' built-in tool called Disk Management. If your disk is not initialized (as is sometimes the case with brand-new drives), youa€™ll be prompted to initialize it. To format an internal or external hard drive to use for backup or additional storage, the drive needs to be partitioned. To create a single, whole-drive partition, make sure the "Simple volume size in MB" value is the same as the "Maximum disk space in MB" value. Once your drive is partitioned, each partition will have to be formatted with a filesystem. Choose a name for the partition under "Volume label." For File System, choose NTFS if youa€™ll be using this drive only with Windows machines. If you are formatting your primary hard drive with the intention of reinstalling Windows or restoring your PC to its factory-fresh state, youa€™ll need the restore disc(s) that came with your computer. Insert your Windows installation disc or restore disc into your disc drive and restart your computer. If you are using a manufacturera€™s factory restore disc or hard-drive recovery partition, follow the prompts to initiate the restoration process. If you are using a Windows 7 installation disc, select your language, accept the Windows license terms, and select Custom (advanced) when prompted. Delete any partitions you want to remove by selecting them, clicking Drive options (advanced), and clicking Delete. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
After buying a new hard drive, the next steps you have to do is to install this new hard drive on your Windows 7 operating system, and then format this new hard drive before you can use it.
No matter what kind of hard drive (internal or external) you have, this tutorial will guide you to install and format a new hard drive in an easy way.

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Format hard disk and removable disks such as flash drive ,memory card .Hard drive eraser Free software Try it now . When get a brand-new hard drive, correct the errors from the drive or try to eliminate the nasty virus, we have to format hard drive.
As the simple-to-use yet comprehensive free partition manager, Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition could easily format hard drive. To save the changes, click "Apply" and Aomei Partition Assistant Home will take several seconds to work. Only several steps, Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition plays a role and save our times to make the old partition goes well again. If a drive has data on it, formatting the drive will remove all of the pointers to your files. With freely available and easy-to-use tools, anyone can successfully recover data from a formatted drive.
Unpartitioned drives appear with solid black bars and the label "Unallocated." Partitioned drives appear with solid blue bars and a drive letter.
Partitioning divides your drive into sections, but you can choose to simply have one partition (a single section encompassing the entire drive).
If your computer manufacturer did not include restore media or youa€™ve misplaced it, contact the manufacturer directly for a replacement. Unless stated otherwise, your drivea€™s primary partition will be formatted and returned to its factory-fresh state. Create new partitions by selecting unallocated space, clicking Drive options (advanced), and clicking New.

All processes have been completed, you can use the new hard drive on your Windows 7 PC now. All articles are originally written by myself, please do not copy them without linking back. It provides the quick format hard drive method and of course some other additional features like deleting partition, convert FAT file system partition to NTFS partition. Apart from this additional feature, it also provides some other practical disk partition functions like partitioning hard drive, repartitioning hard drive, coping partition or disk and wiping hard drive or partition permanently and so on. The following are some important reasons:When your old hard drive is in low disk space and you prepared a new hard drive for your Windows 8, then how do you deal with the old one? You may also be able to create your own restore disc(s) or reinstall Windows from a factory-created partition on your hard drive; consult your computera€™s documentation for details.
Windows may prompt you to accept the creation of a small, system-reserved partition--accept it.
If you want to create multiple partitions, just change the volume size and repeat the steps in this post.
At the same time, it could assist to remove viruses, solve common storage problems and even the complicated issues.
Windows Disk Management could help us format hard drive however with the low speed of formatting. You can enter partition label, choose NTFS or FAT32 file system and change cluster size in the pop-up window. In addition, you can experience many other useful features of this hard drive partition management software.

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