The storage capacity of a RAID configuration can be expanded by replacing the hard drives with larger ones. Bandwidth aggregation is supported to boost the file transfer speed (works with managed Ethernet switch with 802.3ad configured). The NAS can be deployed with two different IP settings for sharing among different workgroups in two different subnets. The backup software, NetBak Replicator, is provided for the NAS users to perform real-time synchronization or schedule backup from multiple PCs to the NAS. Data on the NAS can be backed up to or from another Turbo NAS or Rysnc server over the network securely. The one touch button can be configured to trigger instant data backup from the external USB device to the NAS or the other way round (applies to the USB device connected to the front USB port of the NAS only). Logs of connections to the NAS via samba, FTP, AFP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, and SSH, and networking services accessed by online users are all recorded.
The NAS is specially designed for different users to share the files across Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX environment. The Windows AD feature enables server manager to import user accounts from AD domain to NAS to reduce the time and effort for account setup, and users can use the same set of login name and password.
Smart FTP policy control: The maximum number of all FTP connections and a single account can be configured. Encrypted remote replication: Data on the NAS can be backed up to another QNAP NAS product over the Internet securely. The NAS supports batch creation of users and share folders to save the time and effort of the server manager in account and folder creation.
File Server: The NAS allows server manager to create user ID and password, and define the authority and quota for each user. FTP Server: You can establish your own FTP server, manage the access authority of the FTP server, and share your files with others easily in a few steps.
Encrypted Remote Replication: Encrypted remote replication provides high level of data protection.
MySQL Server: The NAS is can be configured as a standalone database server for system integrators. Want to compare hard disk performance or see just how big of a speed difference that SSD upgrade had? I tested the 256GB OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro SSD 3G that I installed in my 17-inch, Early 2009 macbookpro and seems to write at about 95 and reads at 200. Click the preference button in the center of the window to choose your disk, then while in the browser choose your desktop.
It is always good to see these computer case manufacturers provide a large CPU cutout on the motherboard tray. Now that we have gone over the exterior and interior details of the Fractal Design Core 2300, we can take a look at more features and specifications the Core 2300 has to offer. Installing my AIO water cooling system was a nightmare, especially considering it was Corsair’s own H100i. I said it before, but I really like how Corsair has innovated here and used a space that is generally just left open. Granted, this isn’t the best cable management job of all time, but I did like the arrangement for several reasons. The completed build shows a mostly clean interior with a basic system including one drive, two expansion cards, and an AIO water cooler system. Earlier today we explained what SATA Express is and now we have the opportunity to show off the first 2.5-inch SATA Express drive that we have had the chance to take a look at personally. The ASUS Hyper Express that we were shown was a very early prototype, but the front of the drive will have the branding and product name on it.
Once the back cover was unscrewed you can quickly figure out what ASUS has done with the Hyper Express.
The ASUS Hyper Express uses the ASMedia ASM1062R controller, which is basically the ASM1062 SATA III 6Gbps controller that has RAID support. Here is a closer look at the bottom of the SATA Express connector on the ASUS Hyper Express.
The top of the ASUS Hyper Express SATAe header has pins all across it, but the SATA Express connector that is used with the drive has just a small section of pins for the second PCIe data path. It should also be mentioned that ASUS discovered and implemented a technology that they feel is critical for SATA Express to perform at its best — the Separate Reference Clock with Independent Spread Spectrum Clocking Architecture, or SRIS for short. The initial implementation of SATAe by ASUS on the Z87-Deluxe SATA Express motherboard was not based on the SRIS architecture. ASUS expects to have retail versions of the Hyper Express to be released in about two months, which makes sense as they need to release motherboards based on the Intel 9 series chipset first! Imo it is fucking ridicilous that laptops will actually have faster ssd drives than desktop machines… Suddenly intel not supporting sata express sounds kinda understandable.
Here, we selected 5 mini 64GB USB 3.0 drives that are targeted at users who value drive dimensions over speed. Yes, if you do not have USB 3 and your machine does have FW800 then getting the FW800 plug for the drive will give you a performance boost over using the USB3 connection on a USB 2 computer. If you have Vista 32 you probably haven’t upgraded in a half a decade or more likely 7 years or so.
Hi I have just changed to USB3 for External disc and flash drive and am dissapointed.  The actual speeds I am getting are similar to your tests, which is only a fraction of the theoretical speeds (and the manufacturers tell you all about the max but never that you will only achive a small part of them). I have asked both the PC , and the external drive manufacturer why and neither seem to be really prepared to give a proper answer.

All the Best and many thanks for your most educational explanation.  But why are actual speeds so much below the theoretical?
Not true at all, i have done SSD to SSD transfers over USB3 with new Crucial M500 series drives and the speeds are still similar to this review so that is not the case. There is nothing supposed about it, a drive with a USB 3.0 interface plugged into a USB 3 equipped PC will be very fast as compared to plugging it into a USB 2 port. As for the explanation below the fact is that usb 2 never really got near the speeds that most drives were already capable of. So basically, as usual the advertised speeds are pure BS and false advertising since speeds never reach near that.
Source – had to write specialised usb2 drivers once with some pretty demanding speed requirements and data accuracy requirements. There seems to be some confusion here about the transfer speed in terms of how it is specified. The final issue is whether the drive or interface manufacturers are using a decimal 1,000,000 for a Mega or a binary 2^12 (1,048,576) for a Mega.
2 TB Ultra is only 5200 RPM, while 1 TB Ultra is 5400 RPM both have 8 mb buffer, while Samsung M3 Which is actually Seagate 500 GB – 1 TB versions are 5400 RPM but with buffer 16 mb.
We didn’t do any DirectX 12 game benchmarking, so we ran the 3DMark Time Spy DX12 benchmark test. Worried about OpenCL performance or maybe you’ll be using this gaming system for some coding projects at school?
The benchmark included in CPU-Z showed we had a single thread performance score of 1683 and a multi-thread performance score of 6227. Speaking of games, when downloading and installing games through Steam we found that the disk drive was running at 100%. Looking at boot times you’ll see this system takes roughly 54 seconds to boot to the desktop.
Let’s take a look at power consumption and CPU temperatures on the CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR. I totally understand and I’d take a good EVGA or Corsair PSU over a High Power model on any given day based on the same personal experiences. The TS-509 Pro allows system booting without accessing the physical disk sectors and that prevents unsuccessful system startup caused by bad block sectors or file errors on the hard drives. It also supports hot-swap design that a failed drive can be replaced by hot swapping without turning off the server. You can set the time for automatic system power on, power off, or restart on any days of the week. Failover allows the NAS to sustain the failure of one network port to provide continuous services.
Arconis True Image, CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup, EMC Retrospect, Symantec Backup Exec, and LaCie Silverkeeper. Moreover, the NAS is embedded with HHS Technology which supports disk checking and bad blocks scanning. For the security of Windows network environment, server managers can hide or show network share folders.
It can be applied in various deployments such as a database server of another web server in remote site or an additional backup database server.
Grab the free Disk Speed Test tool from the Mac App Store, it’s a quick and simple way to measure drive performance.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! The interior is mostly standard by having a number of cable management and CPU cutouts on the motherboard tray. Here we are presented with the two 5.25 inch expansion drive bays and a single preinstalled 120mm front intake fan. Because the Core 2300 uses a vertical bracket instead of a traditional hard drive storage cage, larger graphics cards may be installed without having to worry about hitting the hard drive cage.
Installing on the top mounts, as previously mentioned, was impossible due to the rubber washers. Also, you can’t use the 120mm mount shown here if you are using the lowest front mount, another obvious design flaw with the fan mounts in a case plagued with them.
For one, the slightly curved design of the side panel means that the large 24-pin cable fit easily in the space provided. Without the hard drive cages, you can fit very long graphics cards of up to 444mms, and with them installed you still get an ample 323mm of space. Our friends at ASUS gave Legit Reviews a chance to see and benchmark the ASUS Hyper Express SATA Express External Enclosure. While the form factor differs, all are setup in a RAID 0 array with an internal RAID controller and then connected to the SATA Express interface that plugs directly into motherboards featuring SATA Express support. This model has a black PCB with an ASMedia RAID controller on it and two mSATA drive slots for where you can place a pair of mSATA drives and screw them down.
The original design had a pair of SATAe clock pins on the motherboard that sent clock signals to the slave device. With reads this is ok, but think about what happens with your files when you are writing them to your memory and your computer unexpectedly shuts down.
Your throughput issue is the hard drive, not the connection, which is far faster than the drive.
There will be plenty of people who hate anything that is associated with apple as FW is and they will try to tell you that Firewire 800 is slower than USB 2, don’t believe them.

If you want things to be faster and more stable then get a new laptop with Windows 7 (Not Windows 8) and make sure it has USB 3.0 ports. There is no magic wand thats going to make the machine faster except for maybe adding more memory (and not disk space which is what most people misconstrue as memory) but memory is best purchased in the first 3 years of a machines lifetime before it gets expensive due to no longer being the current type. Thing is that even now computers with USB 3.0 can sometimes only have a certain number of USB 3 ports. Alot of things factor in to how long things take to copy but USB 3 is capable of great speed so It should no longer be the bottle neck and should easily approach internal drive speeds. An 8GB file can appear to have a lower bit rate than the specifications because the specifications are for so many bits per second.
Manufacturers obviously prefer the decimal version because it make drives seem faster and bigger. The system does feel a little sluggish when the disk is at 100% use, but you just need to remember this is budget friendly gaming PC that has a rotational hard drive. Having used this system and pounded on it for a week it seems like this PSU is okay and it should be okay. Two operating systems are built on the DOM for system booting alternatively upon every system startup. Besides, the best-in-class RAID on the NAS brings users a higher level of data security by allowing one more hard drive failure than other NAS of the same level. The app works by creating large blocks of temporary data that are written to the drive and then read, allowing for a consistent benchmark across multiple Macs or disks. If you’re in the market for one, check out the deals on SSD drives at Amazon and get yourself an early Christmas present.
It is very troublesome to take apart a perfectly built system just to do anything with the CPU. There is also room for a second 120mm fan which can be installed below the preinstalled fan. You may also toss the 120mm fan to install two 140mm fans or a 280mm water cooling radiator instead. If you were to repeatedly remove the brackets they might snap, but otherwise they’ll be just fine, and hold drives securely. Aside from the usual mix of front panel connectors the Graphite 780T has eight fan connectors as well as a couple additional power connectors for the LEDs. A large 25mm of space leaves plenty of room for every cable you could possibly install.
ASUS likely won’t be selling a complete drive (enclosure and SSDs) in the United States and instead just be offering the empty enclosure with the RAID controller setup and support CD. SATA Express devices might not be recognized, for example; or recognized devices might not work correctly.
Worst scenario: you loose a file that you thought was already saved in your ssd (windows file systems to my knowledge always overwrites previous file, unlike zfs file system that always writes new file when changes are made and deletes the old one when check sum clears that file has successfully been saved). All four are also designed to stay plugged to a tablet, laptop and alike as a secondary storage. Plus make sure you get 8GB of memory in the new machine, not just the 4GB they try to stick you with.
If you dont have a really fast car you will be driving with it’s maximum speed without even touching the speed limit of the highway itself. However, the file sizes might be referring to the binry version and again will appear slower.
If you looked closely and see we got a validation warning it is because the processor is not recognized by Futuremarks SystemInfo. Not bad performance again from a PC in this price range as you need remember this is a quad-core processor without hyper-threading.
When one fails, the other one will be used to boot up instead, and the failed OS is recoverable from the other healthy OS. The UI is easy to understand and there’s no frills, just launch the app and the test starts. Since Fractal Design has been in the business for such a long time, this does not surprise me. Even in situations where SATA Express devices are recognized and appear to function correctly, their true performance could be hindered by lack of SRIS BIOS implementation.
The side effect of sending a clock signal like this over a long distance or interconnect is that the data rate is impacted.
So an 8GB file takes up more, which will effectively make the drive appear to be slower than its actual Mbps rate. It would have been nice to have an SSD in this system, but that would have drastically increased the cost of the system and having 1TB of storage space is nice as you can install tons of games. The drives inside the ASUS Hyper Express will clearly play a role on performance, so keep that in mind if you plan on picking one of these up. You are right that it is a lot of marketing hype to list just the raw speed, as this is of no benefit to the end user. You can use any mSATA drive in the ASUS Hyper Express enclosure though, but it appears that ASUS worked mainly with Kingston Technology during the development phase of this SATA Express device.
So therefore you cannot say the theoretical speed of this bus is 120Mbps because, say in 2 years, they can come out with a device than can reach 300Mbps on that same bus connector. Last year there was a specification change and in the device itself there is now an oscillator in the drive itself just like the one that is already in the PCH. This means that the drive doesn’t need to be slaved to the clock generator in the PCH and no longer a need to have the two linked together.

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