In this the second post in the series on SSD, I discuss that when it comes to destroying data, many believe that deleting files from an HHD or SSD is enough. According to a UK study carried out by team of universities, 34 percent of discarded disks still contained confidential data. A BBC report uncovered how fraudsters were able to find Internet banking data stored on recycled PCs sent from the UK to Africa. To avoid such serious security breaches, companies must implement an effective policy for data destruction and asset disposal, which identifies that different types of media require different disposal techniques. With HDDs data is stored magnetically, whereas with SSDs, data is written electronically.  As such, these media types need different methods to uncover and erase data.
The best way to destroy data on SSD drives is physical media destruction.  This typically involves shredding the media into small pieces so no single chips remain intact. Developing a data destruction and asset disposal plan is the best way to prevent security breaches and to safeguard data.  It’s also the law. Once the hard drive got stuck in similar circumstances, you’ll have no way out to get back your stored files other than using recommended hard drive recovery software. Consider a scenario, where you are working on the D:\ drive on a computer, which consists of audio and video files.
The error message clearly indicates that there is some problem with the hard drive, which has made the hard drive inaccessible. The above-mentioned issues can be experienced in many different situations as well as different versions of operating systems.
Use Stellar Phoenix Partition Recover Software to recover files from the inaccessible hard drive or any other storage media with similar issues. In the case of Windows 7, you might get that error if you are running HomeGroup and have shared a root drive E:\, and finally you have left the HomeGroup. In order to resolve this issue, go to the Windows Explorer and follow the below-mentioned steps. Alternatively, you can also try the following option if you are not able to access any file or folder on a Windows 7 drive.
You will be able to access the drive, as chkdsk command would have deleted the files that were causing the problem.
You can also check if the problem is due to an encrypted file or not, by following the below-mentioned steps. You need to have an encryption key or certificates for those Windows edition in which the Encrypting File System (EFS) is not fully supported. In the case of Windows XP, you might face the “Access is denied” issue if you have used an earlier version of Windows to create a volume based on NTFS file system and then installed Windows XP.
The actual location of the ‘My Documents’ folder has been changed before installing Windows XP professional.
Can you explain the exact problem you’re facing or what is the exact error message pops out after connecting the problem drive to your computer.
Go through the steps mentioned in the article like changing the drive letter, running chkdsk command to check and repair hard disk errors etc.

I’d suggest you to take out the problem drive and connect it externally to another working PC. Just installed Windows 10 and my personal drive was inaccessible ¬¬ not sure what happened there. You can also make use of automatic ways (mentioned at the top of this post) to fix partition inaccessibility errors and recover your important files and folders. Hi, I have 4 GB memory card which holds my memorable videos and pictures but now it is not showing up in my phone.
If still facing problem then download mentioned recovery software and use search lost volume option to discover your invisible drive. Hi, I am Windows 7 user using Seagate Sata 500 GB Desktop Internal Hard Drive and have three partitions in it C, D and E. Hi Jaison, if the above solutions didn’t helped you then using data recovery software is the only option left for you. The researchers purchased 300 recycled hard drives and discovered highly sensitive information ranging from hospital records to confidential secret military data. Under the UK’s Data Protection Act companies have a legal requirement to store personal information securely and delete it when it’s no longer required. While playing some audio files, you might experience that audio is not playing through completely or instead it is playing some other file from a different location. In spite of the presence of drive icon in the Explorer, you might get the following error message.
You can free download this data recovery software on any latest Windows machine and begin scanning the formatted or erased hard drive for your data. From the image below, you can see there are currently three volumes is listed along with an option to search lost volume. Once you select the volume, corresponding data recovery options will be flashed on the right side of the screen. This would deny you any access to the drive that was shared and would give you the following error message.
For example, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, and Windows Vista Home Premium does not support it, so you can follow the below-mentioned steps.
Playing around with hard drives, Windows OS issues and suggesting fixes is among the major activities I love. The only chance to survive your data is using data recovery services but it’ll put a huge budget on your pockets. If you cannot able to fix or resolve your issue even after following all the above steps, you can surely ask for more help. If you can see the desired inaccessible files, only then you’d be able to recover data. Perhaps, the partition has damaged or corrupt file system structure and would be not able to function normal anymore. Did the drive is visible under Disk management and you’ve tried changing the drive letter?

I’d suggest you to try data recovery program after connecting the drive externally to your computer and see if the software detects it as well as allows you to recover data from it.
I tried to remove and insert it again in my phone but it shows SD card is damaged then I insert it in my computer but still I am unable to view it.
First I would suggest you to check your card reader through which you are inserting your memory card in system.
One disk even held personal data on employees at a major corporation, including their job contracts and social security numbers. Any problem arising in such hard drives could lead to inaccessibility of the data present in them.
Such a problem can be easily fixed by restarting the system or re-connecting the device if the file is on an external HDD.
A severe issue with the hard drive could deny you any further operations like creating or deleting of any folder on the hard drive. To get over from the situation, you can follow any of the two solutions mentioned below Automatic and Manual.
To avoid losing data, you can use data recovery programs that can recover data after formatting or accidental deletion without altering the file attributes. As the security ID of the person who created the folder was different on an earlier version of the Windows, in spite of the same username and password you do not have the permission to open the folder after you perform the following steps. I’d advise you to seek automatic way of recovering your files that itself is mentioned on the product page.
You can scan and see preview of recoverable files and folders for free, saving is disabled in demo version. If the card reader is healthy but still SD card is not detected by system then you should go to device manger and click on hidden device. I have tried the above mentioned solutions to make E drive accessible but it didn’t work for me.
Once you’ve recovered the desired files and folders, you can go with formatting the drive option. Consequently, a lot of data is unwittingly entering the public domain and getting into the hands of fraudsters, causing a steady rise in security and data breaches. One of the most common error messages that make the hard drives inaccessible is “Hard Drive is not accessible. If you are lucky, you will not face the issue again while accessing the HDD and would be able to perform all operations within the HDD. While my new system recognizes the drive, it shows it as empty in the properties, while on the 32 bit windows 7 machine, I have access to everything on the drive.

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