Johnson Concrete Products manufactures durable livestock waterers built to withstand the most punishing environments. Johnson Concrete Products’ concrete livestock waterers are also known as concrete tanks, constant flow tanks, and cattle waterers.
While our livestock waterers are primarily cattle waterers, our water troughs are also used as sheep waterers, game tanks, deer tanks, dairy waterers, and more. In addition to livestock waterer tanks, Johnson Concrete Products manufactures what we think are the best concrete feed bunks available.
With thousands of Johnson Concrete waterers in the field, it's clear that our waterers stand the test of time. Our durable tanks can be manufactured with different options, including statinless steel troughs, and we have an entire line of constant flow models. We also supply all types of repair and replacement waterer parts, such as brass valves, floats, mini sweeps, constant flow valves, heating elements, and any other waterer parts that have reached end of life.

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