So why would you or why would you not put an application or a solution (storage, collaboration, etc.) in the cloud? It’s open – Internet standards and web services allow you to connect services to each other.
Traffic Costs – Most cloud providers will give you a certain amount of internet bandwidth included in your monthly subscription.
Application Storage – This could be one of the hidden costs in your setup, similar to internet traffic. So there you have my take on the cloud and how it can help, but also what you need to look out for. Let’s see some free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that you can use for cloud computing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.
To join the cloud buzz, here we will show you some free cloud PowerPoint templates that you can use if you plan to make a cloud PowerPoint presentation or cloud PPT.
This is a very simple cloud PowerPoint template with cloud image in the slide design and clean light blue background. This is another simple but elegant cloud PPT template design for presentations based on cloud computing services and solutions. This is another simple template with a Windows Live look and feel but that is very suitable for presentations on the cloud.
With the day by day increasing complications in the field of information technology, cloud is a term to have different definitions for different people. When refreshing an aging infrastructure takes place through cloud, no CAPEX cost is incurred. Many companies require building new data centers and lots of data centers are running out of space.
So, no matter what version of cloud computing your company is using, the advantages of the service are equal in case of Saas and Iaas both.
Microsoft has as strong focus on the hybrid cloud: a mixture of public and private cloud infrastructures. Azure and Windows Server 2012 bring in the hypervisor part, System Center 2012 sP1 the management of virtual machines running on one or both hypervisors. To enable a consistent user interface for the self service portal when Windows Server 2012 is used, the Azure Services for Windows Server are used. Amsio, managed hosting provider, lauched the first  private cloud in Europe based on Microsoft Windows Cloud OS at February 6 2013.
Telecom « Hosted virtual desktop technology for nonprofits, nfp, and small businesses. Sen Technologies, creators of the Freedom Cloud, also brokers telco services and offers clients solutions that are in the best interest of the businesses we serve.
This happens with internet services also and there are lots of different options out there to help a business to right size their bandwidth and reduce monthly recurring costs.

This kind of service is FREE to our clients and often can help a business reduce telecommunication expenses to compensate for upgrading to enterprise class cloud computing. However, when I hosted a breakfast seminar and took a straw poll on how many in the room were using cloud solutions, about 15% of the room put their hands up.
Adjust your infrastructure expenditure to meet your organization’s dynamically changing needs with little latency. Focus on your business, knowing that the IT piece belongs is someone else’s problem to manage.
The subscription fee incorporates many of the hidden costs typically associated with software customisation, implementation, hardware, etc. Centralize your information and access it from anywhere in the world, on any computer or mobile device, at any time. Even in this modern world, when traveling outside major metropolitan areas, you can get pretty weak or no reception, impeding on your ability to do work when you have to access the information in the cloud. This is no different to having your laptop passwords being set to ‘abcd1234’ or the likes, but in the cloud, anyone can get to it.
If you run an application online, the cloud provider will  allow for a certain amount of storage to be included with your application.
Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics. Lot of different businesses are completely based on the cloud and even Pinterest achieved its great hype and success to Amazon Web Services that allow small and medium businesses and startups to run applications on the cloud and scale. There is space for the presentation title at the top left corner and also a subtitle in the bottom of the cloud slide design. You can download this free cloud PPT template with clouds in the PowerPoint background and space for presentation title. You can download this template for free especially if you need to make presentations about cloud computing on Windows 8 and Windows Server environment at enterprise level. You are welcome to download these templates for free and share them in Twitter or like it in Facebook.
But basically, cloud computing is nothing but a solution to impede people’s efficiency for quick response.
Organizations looking for the way to accommodate innovative techniques require virtual devices affiliated with applications. This idea is good for financial and retail companies to favor them during quiet times and boom times throughout the business cycles. The points mentioned above are useful for you as they let you know how you can apply cloud for supporting your organization to reap its benefits. The vision is delivered by solutions like Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1. These solutions provide customers with one consistent platform for infrastructure, apps, and data – spanning customer datacenters, hosting service provider datacenters, and the Microsoft public cloud.

This has a Service Management Portal and Service Management API which turns a cloud based on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V into the Azure look and feel and API-connectivity.
When looking at enterprise cloud computing, telco brokers can analyze all the offerings from the different providers and recommend the right solutions, not just sell you unnecessary technology. Sen Technologies Telco Service and Freedom Cloud can help a business realize many cloud computing business benefits like becoming more mobile, productive and make use of cutting edge technology. You no longer have to do capacity planning for the next 4- 5 years or be hampered by past capacity planning decisions. Traffic is usually measured both ways and if there are server based processes (data acquisition, workflow, integration components), you could be completely oblivious to these costs.
If you then as an enterprise or as an individual, exceed these storage limits, there is usually a monthly or annual charge associated with the excess, billed as so many dollars per N gigabytes. In case of Iaas, a company hires physical servers, storage, virtual machines and connectivity resources for running the organization; on the other hand, Saas application is accessed with the help of a web browser.
The cloud computing facility offers you the chance of elaborating IT resources in synchronization with business cycles. When you use cloud computing, things become simpler as cloud providers offer infrastructure and management of services along with offloading these projects to the company. Moving applications to infrastructure of provider becomes easier with cloud computing facility.
Included is the use of two full virtual private servers running Linux or Windows and 100 GB of high performance storage. We offer telco brokerage services to eliminate any confusion when there is a problem with any facet of the business cloud computing infrastructure. In the modern time, many companies are there to have their personal software and hardware for specialized functions. The all you need to do is installation and operation of devices and the provider bears the responsibility of managing the infrastructure hardware. In other words, you can simply match efficiencies to demand for leading your company towards growth. The digital assets under cloud leased by companies make locations of PCs unknown to employees.
This is how, employees don’t know about databases, data center and applications they are working with. So, know more about the reasons for which the cloud computing is picking up steam in the modern century.

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