Google may have given you an additional free 2GB of Drive storage for life this morning, but what if you happen to be a heavy Windows user (or someone who loves free sh*t) and would rather have bundles of free storage added to your OneDrive account? Once inside, use one of the 20 credits they have given you to claim your free 100GB of storage.
They gave me 1 TB a while ago, kept using it because of Microsoft Office online, quick editing on any browser. Get on the Bing Rewards train and start getting a 3$ amazon gift card for each account per month.
Or use Bing and once a year you can get that 100gbs again for 100 reward points which all is required is to use Bing. I already have 100gb for $2 a month on Drive thinking about upgrading to a TB so I’ll pass. I’ve got 10 TB free on One Drive until they finish upgrading it to unlimited, idk whats taking them so long. Well I guess it’s not truly free, but it comes with my Microsoft Office subscription ($80 for 4 years student discount).
I’m definitely Sergey Binging this for 100 GB of free storage instead of the measly 2GB of Google Drive.
After 2 years you will not be able to upload anything more if you don’t have the storage capacity. After your 100 GB promotion expires you will not be able to upload anymore over your limit, you will still be able to access all your files. Bing rewards points can be used for Amazon gift cards, as well as tango card which can be used to buy other gift cards like Target, Starbucks, Staples, etc. If your paid account expires or is downgraded, or the space granted to your account by a promotion expires, all of the files in your Dropbox folder will still be available to you on your computers, phones, and via the Dropbox website. For example, if you have a 1 TB Pro account with 800 GB of data and you decide to downgrade to a Basic 2 GB account, your files will stop syncing because you don’t have available storage space in your account.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. While we still don’t have a client in hand, it’s good to see that SkyDrive is continuing to improve its services, especially in light of more evidence of an upcoming G Drive from Google, and the continued popularity of Dropbox. There has been a lot of reports about Google Chrome OS which Google officially announced they have been working on. Then I start searching and found some articles about installing Google Chrome OS for Linux machines. Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud-storage service will get a new name soon, after it was found to infringe on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). The company has agreed to change the name of its product worldwide, yet it did not provide specific info on the matter as of yet, The Verge reports.
The agreement also involves some financial terms, yet Microsoft did not disclose further details on this. This is the second name change that Microsoft has to perform to one of its products, after it stopped using the Metro term for Windows 8’s interface following a similar European legal dispute.

If you somehow fit that description or situation (most of you will on some level), then well, we have a deal for you. I get $3 and $5 a month for Xbox just for searching bing in a year,that’s a free XB1 game, they have other offers. I bought office for word, power point, and excel, so I consider the OneDrive space free to me. However, Dropbox will stop syncing the files in your account if your usage is now over your new quota. In this case, you’ll probably want to upgrade your account to ensure all of your files are syncing again. Since that time I have been very keen to get my hands on the product and give it a good test.
I mean, hey, Greece alone is a beacon of sensible governance and highly effective legislation. This means that new files added to your Dropbox won’t sync to other computers or be available online until the amount of space used in your Dropbox drops below the amount of available space in your account.
And since I use a Windows Phone and an Android phone it’s easy to max out the number of daily searches.
Apart from that we have seen that free Storage has been offered through various offers too, from time to time. The OneDrive user can store and share photos, videos, documents and more – anywhere, on any device.
This is possible because of Smart Files which syncs the metadata of the files and their hierarchy instead of actual files. Thus you can remove them from your device in case of shortage of space which is a premium in such devices. It includes JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C#, PHP, Ruby, PowerShell scripts, Python , .sql files and many other code files. Code files inbrowser will have features like tab completion, syntax highlighting, line numbers,completion suggestions, IntelliSense, Find & Replace, ‘diff’ to track changes. And, with the free Office Online (earlier called Office Web Apps) in your browser, you can easily create, edit, share and simultaneously collaborate on your documents and even track changes keeping the document formatting.
OneNote is one of the most convenient and powerful ways to capture notes – or just about anything be it web clippings, drawing, handwriting recognition or audio capture.
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He is actively associated with various Microsoft online communities, forums, Newsgroups and has been actively involved in Beta testing various Microsoft products and bug submissions.
You have to download everything from start to your PC which makes the former (old) OneDrive folder useless.
Also I have 30gb storage on OD due to my Office 365 subscription I guess and may be due to Bing rewards as well. Google works by means of a synchronised folder.It is also worthhighlighting the differences between the Personal OneDrive and OneDrive For Businesses.

Tthe latter uses SharePoint for storage, which adds version control but imposes restrictions on file types that can be stored.
It also changes the content of certain file types – mainly Office documents but also some web files. In many people’s opinion this means that the Personal offering is significantly better than the For Business offering. What does matter is how poor OneDrive is for Media Sharing compared to Google, Apple, Yahoo! Also, Google Drive is simply on a different playing field when it comes the types of files it allows you to view on it. When this happened the syncing stops and the resources of the affected PC are consumed by Google Drive. This is complete bullshit!Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
They are more secure, reliable and Free of course.Windows Live Sky DriveWindows Live Sky drive is the most popular cloud based data backup service provided by Microsoft. Windows Live Sky Drive provides a unique web link to each folder so that you can mail that link to anyone you wish to.The files and folders can be accessed from any web connected device like a Home PC or a Smartphone. You can avail this feature by creating an account in Windows Live Sky Drive.Did you read my Article on How to Get 25GB Storage for Free on SkyDrive? Google DriveGoogle Drive is the latest entrant in this field and we must say that Google Drive is one competitor that is here to stay in Online data backup an storage services. The premium storage is quite cost-effective and should encourage the users to go for it.In fact, Google Docs now redirects to Google Drive as all those Google users who have already applied for Google Drive service have got their Docs section, transformed into Drive section.
All their existing Google documents are now stored in Google Drive.DropboxDrop Box is another popular web service that has been in the business of online data storage and backup for quite some time now. It also provides free remote data backups for users up to 2GB [Up to 18 GB if you refer new users to Dropbox, 500 MB extra per referral] and it also provides file syncing between your PC, Mac or Mobile. With the arrival of Google Drive, they are surely going to have to bump up their free storage quota up to 5GB.IDrive ClassicIDrive Classic is another web services that provides online backup solutions to end users. You can try this service by visiting the iDrive Classic website.HumyoHumyo is another online storage and backup service, tough less popular compared to its BIG rivals. Humyo divides the storage space into two partitions each of 5GB; one partition is for storing media files like pictures, music, videos and another partition for storing files of non-media types such as documents. To avail their services, visit Humyo website.BinfireBinfire also provides fast and secure online data backup facility. It also provides the feature to create folders and share with their friends and family like Windows Live Sky Drive.Local Internet Service Providers (ISP)Many of the United States and United Kingdom internet service providers (ISP) are also providing a facility to have remote data backups, many of them offering free storage up to 2GB, as a part of internet package to their customers.
Now am using Google Drive, Dropbox and will surely try out the other services.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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