Verizon’s public cloud, which we've already heard is to use Oracle's Database, is going to offer a storage service based on HDS’s Content Platform. The two suppliers have announced an agreement to develop a software-defined storage solution using HCP and HCP Anywhere. Verizon is huge, with, for example, 100 million retail connections on its wireless network in the USA. HCP is an scalable, object-based storage system with data being deduplicated and compressed. HDS EVP for global solutions strategy and development, John Mansfield, joined Considine in the canned quote department: “File sharing is a key part of every business and HCP Anywhere solves the problems of complexity, security, and data migration for the enterprise.

Verizon’s public cloud was announced in October last year, when we wrote: “the cloud will offer an object store, a block store, and a compute service with finer levels of selection for memory sizes on instances than Amazon. This is a good win for HDS, providing a showcase for HCP and a boost for object storage technology. This guide is designed to assist prospective All Flash Array buyers evaluate the different options. 77 Energy uses Okta to automate provisioning and deprovisioning tasks, so IT can focus on identifying and deploying business solutions. This vendor-agnostic guide will help you avoid the pitfalls and choose a solution that really works for your company.

For decades, the limitations of spinning disks have held back data center efficiency and constricted architecture decision-making.
It features Amazon S3 cloud application support and the tagging of files with custom metadata from multiple users and applications. It could grow, if Verizon is successful with its cloudy efforts, into a multi-petabyte object data store.

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