Many nonprofits have an information technology infrastructure that has developed over time.
This entry was posted in Steve Stern and tagged cloud, Google, IT, nonprofits, services, strategy by Guest Blogger. As part of another new project, Google has announced a unique and interesting format to print anything that’s connected to the web for the upcoming Chrome OS, and possibly any other platform, your iPad and Android included. Say you had a PC running Chrome OS, and you wanted to print a Google document you’ve been working on. What this would allow a user to do is not only print a document, but bypass the driver issues that will be presented within the new Chrome OS, which would hinder sales as well as products that could be connected to your Chrome OS PC. The second issue raised is being comfortable knowing that not only what you do in a Chrome OS PC is in the cloud (technically meaning at the mercy of Google) but having to print the paper that you were working on from the cloud, will now be sent to the cloud again, only to be sent back to the user’s printer.
As a Google Cloud Interconnect Service Provider, Console Network Solutions can now connect its network infrastructure directly to Google and provide enterprise grade connectivity to Google Cloud Platform and the next generation of cloud computing. Connecting via Console Network Solutions over GCI links can improve the consistency and reliability of a business’ cloud connections, by offering connectivity options that provide guaranteed bandwidth between the customer and Google’s edge location. Google Cloud Platform is an impeccable tool for content and application developers around the globe and a valuable tool for enterprises.
Google Cloud Platform enables developers and enterprises to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure with the choice of computing, storage and application services for web, mobile as well as backend solutions. Console Network Solutions has been acting as a connectivity solution provider for us for several years. With their comprehensive support, the company representatives continue to meet our high expectations with regards to timely and accurate communication and execution. Most recently, Console Network Solutions was able to deliver one of our migration projects, an Internet Exchange fiber link, within a very short timescale indeed.
In summary, we have no hesitation in recommending the services of Console Network Solutions.
Other integrated features include the capability to share documents without having to attach them in Gmail, enhanced accessibility of photo and video files between Drive and the Google Plus social platform, the ability to view over 30 file types without additional software, and (of course) robust search capabilities.
One of the disadvantages for mobile users is Drive’s exclusive availability on Android.
For users of Google’s other services, Drive may be a strong and inexpensive enhancement to their user experience. According to a recent report from the WSJ, Google Drive is close to launch and we could possibly see the service launch within the next few months, although no specific details of a launch date have been revealed. The Google Drive service is reported to be a free service, although there are no details on how much free storage space Google will offer, and we presume that they will offer a premium version as well.

It will probably come with integration to a range of Google services, like Google Docs, Gmail and more, although we haven’t as yet heard ay specific details about how Google drive will work.
Dropbox is currently one of the most popular cloud storage services available, Apple also has their iCloud service, although it is less of a pure file storage service and is more integrated into their iOS. It will be interesting to see what Google Drive is like when the service launches, whether or not Google will be able to compete with the likes of Dropbox remains to be seen. It would be phenomenal if Google came out with 100GB and an easy interface similar to Dropbox’s. OK, just to be a nerd, I figured it would take the 64GB drive to double in size 4 times to get to 1TB. La infraestructura mas potente del mundo ahora a disposicion de las empresas: Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform provee servicios integrales de cloud computing para desarrollar aplicaciones, almacenar datos y realizar mineria de datos en la infraestructura de Google.
Google App Engine es una plataforma como servicio (PaaS) que utiliza tecnologias populares (Python, Java, php, Go) para desarrollar y albergar aplicaciones en la misma infraestructura usada por Google. Escala automaticamente: App Engine adapta tus instancias automaticamente para responder a aumentos de trafico o a periodos de minimas peticiones. Google Compute Engine: Infraestructura como Servicio (IaaS) para ejecutar cargas de computacion de gran escala en maquinas virtuales Linux hosteadas en la infraestructura de Google. Computacion mas rapida: Usa centros de datos “world class” que ofrecen rendimiento inigualado para tus necesidades de procesamiento. Crece eficientemente: Escala facilmente a decenas de miles de nucleos en una infraestructura disenada para la computacion a gran escala.
Infraestructura fiable: La probada infraestructura de Google provee almacenamiento robusto y de alta disponibilidad para tus datos criticos. Google Cloud Datastore es una base de datos No-SQL totalmente gestionada, para guardar datos no relacionales. Analiza “Big Data” en la nube utilizando SQL y obten en segundos potentes conclusiones en tiempo real. Fiable y Seguro: Total tranquilidad gracias a la replicacion automatica en multiples centros de datos. Increiblemente rapido: Ejecuta peticiones SQL en conjuntos de datos de varios Terabytes, en segundos. Lumity can present Google’s cloud solution to your leadership and help you develop an information technology strategy that improves your operations and your bottom line. And if it proves successful, you can definitely expect that many of these drivers could have cloud variations of them, turning Chrome OS and Google’s various web-based products into true cloud-based computing.

Google has released the code and documentation to developers, as part of the open-source Chromium Project for further analysis and development. Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) enables enterprises to connect their on-premises network, data center, or any other network resource to Google via Console’s global, high-speed network infrastructure to Google’s network edge. The connections to Google are built with redundant links, which further increases the reliability of the solution.
During this time, we have found Console Network Solutions to be a committed and reliable partner who is able to deliver solutions even within tight deadlines. Aprovecha la escala, eficiencia y experiencia desarrolladas por Google a los largo de su historia. Google Cloud Datastore escala automaticamente en funcion del numero de usuarios y transacciones, asi como peticiones robustas. Utiliza un servicio totalmente gestionado para mantener y administrar tus bases de datos, concentrandote en desarrollar tus aplicaciones y no en la gestion de las bases de datos. Utiliza un servicio de analisis de datos sin preocuparte por el despliegue y mantenimiento de servidores.
Google also has personal and shared calendars, personal and shared contacts, and dozens of other services. Unlike Google, Lumity’s services are not free, but because Lumity is also a 501(c)(3), our rates are well below those of our for-profit competitors.
Google delivers them to you via your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Thunderbird, Safari, etc.) or native apps on your smartphone or tablet. You won’t have to pay for the electricity, software licenses, and hardware replacements. Once this link is established to Google’s servers, you could print a web page or document from your computer (or iPad), even across the globe, to the appropriate printer which is supposedly decided on user settings. You can get a free Google Voice number and have it ring multiple phones.  Voice messages are automatically transcribed and emailed to you as text, plus you can download the message as an mp3 file. If Moore holds, we’d have 6 years until we get a 1TB Thumb Drive (or MicroSD for that matter).

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