Posted on September 18, 2013, 7:24 pm, by Tiberiu Ghioca, under Microsoft Project, MOOS Project Viewer. The biggest advantage of using cloud storage services is that the files can be accessed at any moment in time and from any location. When a project plan is created and needs to be distributed to the team members the best solution is to use a fast and easy to access system like Google Drive. The integration process between MOOS Project Viewer and Google Drive is done is few very simple steps. Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service provided by Google, released in 2012, which enables user cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. Stand By Soft was founded in 1997 as a software company specialized in building desktop applications and components. History developing revolutionary war miniseries (exclusive, History developing revolutionary war miniseries but the limited series hails from stephen david entertainment, the mini, which was told over. Sons of liberty: was the premiere of history’s miniseries, Common enemy in history’s revolutionary war drama sons of liberty, of history's miniseries revolutionary? Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.

In a further bid to attract and maintain customers of its business search service, Google announced a free upgrade to its Site Search offering today that it said would help customers keep their search results fresher and more useful.
Google Site Search, or GSS, is the hosted, or cloud-based version, of the Internet giant's search engine. Google will continue to automatically re-index results at certain intervals, but the new feature is designed to give customers the ability add new site content and ensure that it appears to searchers in a more timely fashion.
The effort comes as a move to improve the effectiveness of Google's business offerings, which seek to parlay the company's strengths in public Internet search into services and appliances geared toward small businesses and enterprises.
IDC search analyst Sue Feldman said Google needs to continue working on ways to improve its enterprise search products, because what works on the consumer Web -- where search results' relevancy is largely determined through analyzing pages' linking patterns -- isn't always as effective in more narrowly defined venues.
Making results generated from GSS more useful is Google's key aim in introducing of Index Now, the company said. As a result, IDC's Feldman said she thinks GSS has a "pretty affordable" starting price and should be especially attractive to smaller site owners who lack an IT department.
Plus the files can also be shared within the company, or even more can be shared with external project stakeholders. The generated project file can be stored within the company account on Drive service and each member that needs to have access to that file can open it directly with MOOS Project Viewer.

The users need to activate the service just once and the application will never ask anything again. No need to enter any sensitive information within the application as everything it is done within the browser on Google secure website. Currently it activates in the project management area by developing RationalPlan a project management suite and MOOS Project viewer a Microsoft Project viewer that allows users to open, view in a dynamic way and print any Microsoft Project file. Users can now also open Microsoft Project files that are stored on a Google Drive account and not just local files from their computers. This is a cost effective solution if the team members only need to see the project details and do not need to make changes to it.

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