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CloudXplorer is an intuitive program, created for the quick management of Azure cloud storage accounts. CloudXplorer is a reliable desktop client that allows you to easily manage the contents of your cloud storage account.
The application allows you to configure one or several profiles, each associated with one of the supported services. Once connected to can access the file structure in the cloud storage and easily manage the contents. CloudXplorer allows you to create a list of favorite subfolders in the cloud storage account, for quick access and enables you to sort the files by name, date, size or type. CloudXplorer features a powerful searching engine, which uses two alternative methods for finding the desired file: depth search or the pattern search.
Mercury Browser e un browser web per dispositivi mobili, gia presente per dispositivi iOS dove ha un discreto successo nel mondo Apple, e si presenta con un’interfaccia grafica elegante ma oltre ad essere bello graficamente e anche veloce, paragonabile anche a Chrome. Con Mercury Browser avrete una navigazione veloce grazie ad alcune soluzioni tecniche che permettono di spingere alla massima velocita la navigazione web su mobile, navigare e cercare pagine web non sara piu un problema. La personalizzazione tramite i plugin, la possibilita di cambiare User Agent, supporto alle Gesture e molto altro fanno si che Mercury Brower sia tra i migliori browser per Android. Per quanto riguarda la sicurezza, Mercury ha anche la modalita privata, accesso tramite passcode, pulizia temporanei e cookie.
Plugins – Useful Reader, Translate, Dropbox, Ad block help you surfing the internet with comfort. User Agent – By changing User Agent, Mercury browser can spoof website’s severs to provide you desktop-style webpages.

Private Mode – Enable Private Mode will stop Mercury from recording your browsing history and cookies. Search in Page – Search in Page will highlight words you are searching in current page.
Brightness Control – You can manually change brightness or leave this matter to Mercury’s smart Auto-Brightness.
Amo la mia terra, la mia donna e tutto cio che e TECNOLOGICO in particolare la Telefonia ed Android.
Amo tutti gli Sport ma la Corsa e la mia valvola di sfogo dove stacco la spina da tutto tranne che dal mio Smartphone che mi segue anche durante gli Allenamenti.
The data is also effected whenever powerful Virus attacks your device thereby performing hard reset which cleans everything on your mobile.
The program allows you to connect to one of the supported accounts, then view its contents, manage content types or control the cache.
The supported services include Amazon S3, Azure Blobs, Azure Blobs devstorage, Azure Files and Google Storage. You need to authenticate to each of the accounts you create, to gain access to the file list. You may download or upload files to the cloud, as well as create new folders or delete the existing ones. The Attributes menu allows you to define the content types, by associating each type to an extension.
Inoltre e possibile personalizzare il tuo Speed ??Dial e andare direttamente alle pagine preferite con un tap dalla home principale.
By exporting vCard to Device SDcard Before we start to Backup process lets us know what vCard is.

VCard is a file format mainly for Contacts which can be useful in restoring the contacts from it at any prescribed time. Open the Contacts, and press the menu key which gives access to various options as shown below. All the Import options are shown at the top while the export options are present at bottom. You have successfully created the Backup of all your contacts which are stored in Device SDcard.
We have successfully completed the Backup of your contacts, now its time to restore it back. Related: How to Backup SMS and Restore on Android Phone- Download Best SMS Backup App How to Backup and Restore Call Logs on Android Phone- Quick Guide 2. Super Backup is an Android app responsible for backing up not only contacts but also Apps, SMS, Call Logs, Calenders and Bookmarks.
Check below Video guide on how to backup contacts, SMS, Apps, Call logs, bookmarks, etc., using Super Backup app. Sync your Contacts with Google Account: You can Backup the Contacts easily by Sync with Google Account.
Any queries while restore and backup process, lets a known in the comment section as we will try our best to help you out.
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