But I have a confession to make: I need way more storage for all my photos and am reluctant to fork out five bucks a month in exchange for just 200 gigs of iCloud storage.
High Quality: takes advantage of unlimited storage but downscales photos to 16MP and re-encodes videos to 1080p.
The big difference here is that iCloud Photo Library automatically keeps all your photos and videos in the original, high-resolution version backed up in the cloud. Again, the free unlimited tier in Google Photos downscales your photos and videos, unless you find the basic 15GB free tier sufficient for your photo needs, or bite the bullet and purchase storage upgrades to store photos in their full resolution. Regular cameras: Recommended for phones or point-and-shoot cameras that are 16 megapixels (MP) or less. DSLR cameras: Recommended if you take photos with a DSLR camera and want to maintain the exact original quality. For starters, images larger than sixteen megapixels get downscaled to sixteen megapixels. “If the camera takes photos with a resolution higher than 16 MP, then photos will be downsized to 16 MP,” the FAQ states. That caveat may not be of great concern to folks interested in using Google Photos as a backup archive of photos taken with their iPhone.
So what if I can “print good-quality 16 MP photos in sizes up to 24 inches x 16 inches, which is larger than typical printing sizes” if the unlimited tier won’t store my originals in the cloud without rescaling them? If you own a DSLR—or have a smartphone with a crazy good camera that has more than sixteen megapixels—you probably want to maintain the exact original quality of your snaps, right?
You’ll have to upgrade your storage once you fill up that 15GB free bucket, and you know you will. Photo: JPEG, WEBP, GIF, CRW, CR2, NEF, DNG, ORF, RAF, ARW, PEF, SRW, RW2, BMP, ICO and TIFF. It can be slow at times, there are no advanced feature and Apple has created it as a way to push you into buying their overpriced iCloud storage upgrades. It would be a fair and reasonable thing to do as Apple would let everyone back up their devices in the cloud without running out of cloud storage space. This is an edge case, most people take pics with their smartphones and those pictures are no where close to 16 mp. After reading this post I really wanted to find the actual difference in quality between flickr and google photos. Yea that one hard drive you have vs the multitude of those in cloud services, is more reliable. There are no companies that have sent me, or you, information via email because Google or Apple sold them your email address. Groupon actually bought tons of users emails, etc and started their business on that model. What u should do is use it for urself… Use both simultaneously at first and c which is better. As a guy who anxiously waited for the new Photos app since its WWDC 2014 announcement and then as a guy who is in the process of totally committing to the Photos app now, this announcement gives me hope that Apple will be forced to lower their storage prices. It really surprises me as well how many people Dont know how to properly use iCloud Photos, like you lol.
When iCloud Photo Library is enabled, and optimize space mode is ON, thumbnails of all your photos are downloaded to your phone, (taking few mb of space).
And when you use this optimized space and then backup your photos to Google photos, will google save the optimizied versions or the original full sized versions which are in the icloud?
Got to this article trying to find out why, but my 60fps 1080p videos made with my iPhone 6 Plus do not play in 60fps if they have been stored in Google Photos, not even downloading.
Google will of course be cataloging, saving and monetizing data related to the images you upload.
Other fine print lets us know that you also license Google to use your uploaded photos for anything.

Jeff, It might be worth noting that you could set different devices to upload at different qualities. U get 3 times more free storage space (15 GB vs 5 GB) to store original unaltered photos too. Yet u stupidly came out with one flippant loony unsubstantiated statement that the i-Crap service is better value?!? After that then try to wrap your brain around what free-unlimited-storage-for-everything-else-up-to-16 megapixel-photos means.
We recently made available the Beta release of Google Cloud Monitoring, a new service based on Stackdriver that allows customers to gain insight into the performance, capacity and uptime of their applications. Today, we’re making a new export feature available in beta, that allows customers to export their Google App Engine logs to a Google BigQuery dataset as well as to a Google Cloud Storage bucket. Export to BigQuery – in the export configuration page, you can chose to stream logs to BigQuery by using a predefined dataset (or adding a new dataset) to export logs. Once you check the box to “Stream App Engine Logs to BigQuery” and hit “Done” you have enabled the export. Now you can use the full power of BigQuery to analyze the logs and gain insights on things like traffic, errors, latency, cost, etc. Export to Google Cloud Storage – in the export configuration page, you can chose to export logs to Cloud Storage by using a pre-defined storage bucket (or adding a new bucket) to store logs.
Once you check the box to “Stream App Engine Logs to Cloud Storage” and hit “Done”, you have enabled the export. Cloud Storage allows users to archive logs based on custom archival needs to help meet business or compliance requirements. Customers are already gaining benefit from using BigQuery for logs analysis, one of whom is Wix. If you’re a current Google Cloud Platform user, this Cloud Logging export feature is available to you at no additional charge. On March 11 Google announced a new game changing service for Cloud Storage System for companies. L'esame sostenuto e brillantemente superato da Flavio Castelli ha testato le seguenti competenze. I mean, who wouldn’t want a sleek photo service across iOS, Android and the web that came with truly unlimited storage, right? The trade off: no longer do you get unlimited free storage but only fifteen gigabytes of free storage available in your Google Account and shared with other services like Drive and Gmail.
But I think iCloud Photo Library still a better value for money in the long run than Google Photos.
If you ask me, the company should either bump up that laughable 5GB free storage tier to at least fifteen gigs (preferably more) or match your device’s on-board storage with a free iCloud upgrade. If your information or anyone you know is not important make a list of email addresses and names and send them to me. Advertisement is the number 1 business in the world and once our eyes see something the job is done. Photos stored into shared albums are scaled down versions and recompressed for smaller filesize…. I just hope it doesn’t have the same problem as google plus where you have to leave the app open to let it finish uploading.
Google is providing a superior service, so they’ll have my pics until someone else brings the heat with a new option. Your comparison shows clearly that if u want original unaltered photo storage, Google offers way more storage capacity per dollar, way more features, way more format options, way more speed etc. Which somehow u fail to comprehend is almost as much as the 20 GB that u hv to pay to get on your i-Crap service.

Combined with Google Cloud Logging, Google Cloud Platform provides our customers with a powerful set of operational tools.
The export configuration UI can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon, next to the filter dropdowns. You can now visit BigQuery under “Big Data” in the developers console to view, manage, and analyze logs in BigQuery. You can now visit Cloud Storage under “Storage” in the developers console to manage the archived logs. We get a large volume of syslog data that we send to BigQuery to get insights on system health state and error rates.
This nearline cloud storage system can be created by creating separate separate storage bucket. Questa qualifica e pensata per sviluppatori e sistemisti professionisti, e serve ad attestare la capacita di creare e distribuire applicazioni che utilizzano Google Cloud Storage, nonche di saper configurare e mantenere le risorse messe a disposizione da Big G. The information window in the left for the image from flickr and the image from google photos is on the right. It’s just a collection of past interests in the form of websites visited and links clicked. Some things that are private are truly valuable, but usually that’s not the case, especially as it relates to Internet traffic. Valuable information is any information that can be monetized and email addresses and names are easily monetized by Google. Which little secret here is to put them into shared albums and delete them from camera roll (which don’t have to be shared with anyone) and you have your FREE and UNLIMITED storage of all your photos.
The bearded hipster, the asian girl, the obligatory in your face black guy, the girl with the big glasses and of course the mixed bag of races in the background. I think this is a huge advantage over iCloud Photo Library, as people with DSLRs often import pictures from their memory card to their computers anyway. We generate time series data and integrate it with Google Cloud Monitoring to monitor system performance and business metrics. The data will be slightly lower availability and slightly higher latency (typically just a few seconds) is an acceptable trade-off for lowered storage costs.
This services will be most effective for companies who want to store their most infrequent accessible data into cloud storage for long live. Professionals are going to better know and understand the differences and caveats of Google Photo’s and chose accordingly. This makes the iCloud Photo Library trick an even worse choice than just leaving the pictures on your phone. Apple is collecting tons of data on its users and providing it as anonymous data to third parties.
Storing corporate data that is not frequently accessed by employees or customers is the main focus of this service and technology analysts are considering this service as a game changer of Cloud storage service among the cloud computing industry.
Personally, I just transfer pictures to my Mac a few times a week and delete them off the phone.
Chances are they’d rather have companies subscribed into their tools based on their data set than give up the data set where it can be replicated and shared between organizations.

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