Cloud storage was considered as the most confusing sophisticated technology but more data saving is done through online storage than traditional USBs and hard drivers. Box, it is the famous enterprise cloud service launched by Aaron Levine at his young age and funded by Marc Cuban.
Dropbox, it is the well-known and well established cloud storage services for professionals as well as consumers. IDrive, it might sound as a set up for Apple iPhone but in reality it is the best android cloud app for data backup online. Sky Drive, this application permits users to store files and access from any smartphone on the go. Google Drive, it is a perfect combination of productive platform and cloud storage service. Mostly, Amazon CloudDrive supports uploading photographs, apparently the future is endless. Verizon Cloud, it was launched by Verizon which is a Dropbox-like application especially for android devices that allows users to access their files and takes backup in the cloud. SugarSync, it is the simple and best way to search, access and share photos, documents, music and videos.
Cubby, this application provides some place to store vital documents, photos and movies for all its users.
With the help of SpiderOak, you can access sync and share files anywhere from your mobile in a safe and secure way. Carbonite, initially developed by photo storage, it is a backup solution online offers unlimited storage for different types of files.
Ubuntu One Files, this service gives 5GB of storage free for storing photos, files and music. Handle, this application was powered by Huddle and it is considered as more than just to store the files. When it comes to the Storage Space on our Mobile Devices it’s always an never ending issue. Google Drive welcomes you with 5GB of free cloud storage space which can used to store all your data at one location and get accessed to it anytime from anywhere. Box is an OneCloud Ecosystem of App which has been designed very effectively in protecting your data and its security on the Cloud. Ubuntu One App allows protection of your data’s keeping them secure and allowing you to managing them directly from your Android and iOS devices.
Try all the Cloud Storage Apps for Android and the Cloud Storage Apps for iOS devices and choose your best out of the list.
Mohammed Siadath Ali is a computer geek who has a good knowledge on programming & Codes and is the Designer And creator of His Blog - TechBuzzes.
Mohammed Siadath Ali is a Passionate Technology blogger, who has been blogging on Software's And Technology as a hobby since months. The best cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad that helps in accessing files from anywhere, can take back up, share and even collaborate. If you use Google Docs on your PC then it is a mandatory app as it permits you to view the work and make some modifications from your iPhone.
Verizon launches latest Dropbox-like app for all the iOS devices that permits users to copy and access files in cloud.
SugarSync, it is an easy way to search, access and share documents, files, photos, songs and movies. All the vital documents can be easily accessed by the users wherever they go and can share them with friends. Box, this app handles file sharing perfectly by permitting users to log in and select files on your system same as you attach files to email.
Dropbox, it is considered as the daddy of all cloud tools as it assists millions of users to store files in the cloud securely. Most of them might be familiar with Google Drive as it is the leading cloud storage online, there are numerous applications that do similar functions.
This app is especially targeted on business but you can even sign up for person accounts which start at 5GB of free storage.
All the app users can flip through photo albums, share and edit vital documents and attachments can be emailed right from their Dropbox. Mainly, the app is used to back up contents that are directly stored on your phone like photos, contacts, calendar appointments and more for restoring easily. This app manages files, share photos and files effectively or even view all the recently used documents.
You can access 5GB cloud storage for free to keep collaborated with data just on fingertips and get connected to it around the clock. With the help of Google Drive, you can access documents, photos, videos and some vital files. Users can preserve some purchased e-books or videos to access any device, providing them an extra option along with their Amazon account.
Users can backup photos from camera roll, take notes, listen to music files and email things to colleagues and friends with the help of Zip Cloud. File sharing, versioning and the ability to have perfectly synchronized automated backup are some of the most appealing features of this application. Users can backup music, videos, photos, text messages and documents by making use of Verizon Cloud.

This application provides some appealing features such as file download, file upload and sharing. Also, you can share some big files and folders by making use of public links and send then through Facebook, email, Twitter or even SMS.
Easily, administrators can sect access protocols by defining which smartphone devices have access to cloud storage files with the help of this app. The Mega application permits users to browse files, upload files, download files, create folders, search and more. This app will not permit any personal information to get disclosed from site and maintains backup content in a simple and easy access manner.
You can select some nickname while taking online backup after downloading this application. Also, images can be auto-uploaded from other photo applications such as Instagram and can be saved on to one personal cloud of Ubuntu automatically. This storage app is especially designed with an intention to provide instant access to workspace of Huddle instantly.
Android devices lets you expand the memory of your device with an external memory card which i known as SD card. Because the space is never sufficient to store all the Apps, Games and our Favorite Multimedia files, etc… Even though we have purchased External Card’s or contain an inbuilt Storage space in GB’s, Day-by-Day it gets filled up so quickly that you wouldn’t even know you have reached the limit and is forced to remove your data.
You can upload all your data’s and your documents can be easily created & edited directly on Google Drive. All you get is 5GB Free cloud storage to keep collaborated with all your data on your fingertips and be connected to it 24×7.
Whenever you click a Picture on your mobile it will directly be uploaded on the Ubuntu One cloud storage, such that when you click millions of picture on your Device, all your pictures are secure on cloud and even the space on your device is saved because it’s always available on cloud whenever you need it. He is an MCA(Master Of Computer Applications) Graduate From Esteemed University in Chennai.. There is wide range of options while selecting cloud storage apps so pick the best one that suits your needs. This app is on the top in the cloud storage app list for iPhone as it provides unlimited storage space.
Users can send public links through Facebook, Email, SMS or Twitter to big folders and files. Users can share files, upload photos, add videos, manage files or can check out recently used documents on their mobile.
It is a simple platform and usage is very easy and it is the best choice if you do not download other software piece that syncs your files automatically. The main reason for the Dropbox success is its accessibility – usage is incredibly easy and available on different platforms.
Like most of other providers, users will be offered some 5 GB of free cloud space with Dropbox. The shift to cloud storage is moving from files on hard drive to saving apps and photos from mobile devices. All the app users will have the ability to share files and folders with the other Box members and set up links to share things externally. Basic IDrive users can enjoy up to 5GB of free storage and can upgrade to personal as well as business accounts up to more than 100GB of storage space. Make the files available offline so that you can check them when you are not online or if there is no internet connection.
The hassles faced with external hard drives, flash drives along with some portable devices are outdated using JustCloud.
The best thing about this app is it provides free storage up to 15GB as a referral to both.
You can upload multiple files simultaneously and stream music, when you are using other apps on your device.
Vital documents can be accessed while on the go and can share cubby folders with others easily. You need not worry about working on multiple documents as you can find file synchronization and management technology permitting users to sync and share capabilities instantly. You can assign the whole day’s work in a perfectly organized manner and permit each and everyone to collaborate with the help of this application.
The alternate solution apart from storing it on your Computer is storing those data’s on Cloud.
It’s the best place to have all your personal data’s to be very secure with 2 Step verification process. Unlike every storage app even OpenDrive always you to instantly edit the docs and make necessary changes when ever required. And that is one of the main reason behind starting his Technology Blog TechBuzzes - where he has started blogging about the Latest Technology on Software's and providing high information to the Users. It is considered as the best cloud storage app as complete data can be effectively synchronized with all your devices. The best thing about this app is it provides some free storage up to 15 GB per referral to both.
Some best cloud storage apps for smartphones supporting different platforms like android and iOS are presented below. The service perfectly works as computer backup so any file type saved virtually is stored in IDrive.

Make sure to know that .mp3 music files bought from Amazon will not be counted towards storage limitations for data. This app comes with 14 days of free trial as well as 3 package options such as Unlimited Plan – Unlimited GB, Premium Plan – 250GB AND Home Plan – 75GB. This is the best cloud storage app for android as well as iOS users as there is no limitation for referral. This app provides free cloud storage up to 5GB, and it is a must have app for all the smartphones. Also, the cloud storage app permits administrator to block or erase users or docs that create potential threat to company. Once connected to web, backups can be perfectly scheduled and automatic changes are set for in there is any change to the existing file or while adding new files. There are many Cloud Storage Apps available for android which can be used to store & access all your Android Device data from cloud. The best feature of Dropbox is that you can access all your files from any device & share it with anyone.
You never have to worry about you data lost from your device its always available on your Google Drive cloud. With Box you can ultimately do all the things which you wouldn’t have image doing right from your device. You can scan documents, view PDF’s and maintain the entire vital information safe in Google Drive. This application is especially developed to meet business needs and it provides high level of control, security and function for all its users.
This application can be easily downloaded on various platforms such as android, MacOS, iOS and Windows.
Cloud Storage makes it possible for the user to upload and save your gigabytes of data on an online source. Users are given up to 15GB of cloud storage for free by installing Google Drive application. We get you the list of excellent Cloud Storage Apps for Android in 2013, which can be used to store all your data’s on cloud. Marking up documents, secure file transfer and notes are the exclusive features available for all the business users.
DropboxDropbox is one of the many  cloud storage applications for android device out there. Thus, works projects can be perfectly accessed across different group of users who can see notes or edits left for them.
You can simultaneously store and view documents, pictures any videos etc as well on your PCs and on android device. The business plans comes with much storage space by starting at the rate of $15 per every month. When you download and install Dropbox on your device, it will ask you to connect to the computer.
You can upload your pictures and videos with your android device and they can be stored on the cloud.
If you love the working of your Dropbox, you can upgrade to a premium account to enjoy extra benefits from it. Its the same like Dropbox like you can backup your photos, videos documents and files to your cloud storage. Although many people may think that this is the only Microsoft product on our list, this is no ordinary cloud-storage application. Because OneDrive is made specifically for windows devices, you just don’to need to download any additional software on your windows PC or mobile. OneDrive helps in managing and shares your personal files, as well as professional ones.  To be able to use OneDrive for Android, you’ll need to have a Microsoft account.
For example You are busy in some other work you can always let others edit a file, you can always invite them to edit it for you. If you are a true lover of android devices, you must have a device  with at least Ice Cream Sandwich, or above.
Google DriveThe most recommended and final choice to store all your documents and files on the cloud is obviously the Google Drive. Google made android, meaning that the most compatible cloud storage application for android  devices is this.You can easily find your backed up files using the search icon.
Google Drive’s Material Designed UI lets the user to seemingly scroll down between the photos videos or any other files stored on cloud storage.Just like Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive also allows the user 15 GB of cloud storage.
If you want to be more organized you should make folders.Most of the cloud storage application s require an internet connection to view your saved documents but Google Drive allows the user to view the saved documents in offline mode. You can easily view your recently backed up files.While you can directly backup your photos documents or files from your android device, there is a desktop application available for   you to sync all of your documents seamlessly. As now you know that Dropbox is only specified for backing up of your files and restoring them, but Google Drive and OneDrive lets you edit the files and utilize them with specific applications like Word,Excel and power point.
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